If you’ve heard anyone talk about twin flames, you’ve heard about twin flame telepathy. If you’re lucky enough, you might have even experienced it yourself. But what is it, and (most importantly) how can you use it to communicate with your own twin?

Telepathy between twin flames is a manifestation of your connection at the higher levels.

What is Twin Flame Telepathy?

It happens at both the higher dimension (5D) and here at the physical level (3D). Every twin flame couple is in constant contact through this connection on the 5D with thoughts, emotions, energy and quite literally everything passing between them constantly.

Telepathy can give you confirmation that this is the real deal, it can give you comfort during separation by allowing you to still talk, and, ultimately, it can lead both of you to union.

It’s an especially useful tool when your twin flame is spiritually closed off, as it allows the more spiritually aware half of the soul to guide the other.

In the 3D, telepathy manifests a little differently and isn’t always the same for everyone. Some of the common patterns we see in the collective are:

  • Their voice is in your head. No matter how physically far apart you are, they’ll randomly show up with their opinion on whatever it is you happen to be doing. Even something as mundane as picking out a show on Netflix. “Oh, don’t choose that show. It’s awful. It won’t be your thing at all”.
  • Energies out of nowhere. It isn’t always their voice. Your emotions travel between the two of you and this can be especially noticeable when your mirror soul is experiencing something… intense. You can be walking down the street minding your own business, and all of a sudden, you are hit with a wave of whatever emotion they’re feeling.
  • Shared dreams: You might see your twin flame in your dreams, experience the same dream scenarios, or have a strong emotional connection in your dreams. The themes and messages conveyed in these dreams can provide insights into what each of you is thinking. It’s also a way to spend time together when it isn’t possible in the 3D.
  • Channeling Practice: From Tarot cards and automatic writing to tools to channel your twin flame, you can intentionally seek a message.
  • Signs and Syncs: This is where lines start to blur a little. As a collective, we often talk about the signs and syncs you see (twin flame number patterns being one of the most common), and these signs can be sent from different sources, but they’re also a potential manifestation of your twin trying to send you a message.

This is very far from an exhaustive list. This connection between the two of you is entirely personal, but let your intuition guide you on what messages are really coming from your twin.

How to Use Twin Flame Telepathy

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Remember! There is a school of thought that says we shouldn’t be trying to connect with your twin flame like this, and it just happens naturally. So if you don’t want to do this actively, I can respect that.

But I think we should be embracing whatever practices of the journey speak to us, which can be one of the most useful ways to steer a separation.

Learning to use it consciously and intentionally can take some practice, however.

  1. Not to toot our own horn, but we have several tools to connect and channel with your twin and work with your telepathy in the Union Blueprint for Twin Flame Collective Pro members.
  2. Develop self-awareness and Mindfulness: The first step to using this telepathic connection is to develop a keen sense of self-awareness. You need to be aware of your own thoughts and emotions, so you can differentiate them from those of your twin flame. Start with some twin flame journal prompts and try to build that into meaningful daily practice.
  3. Active Practice: There are several ways to channel messages from your twin. You could use a specific approach like our automatic writing session or using a twin flame reading, but sometimes a simple mediation session is all it takes. Allow the background noise of the modern day to fade away and tune into their voice.
  4. Tune into your twin: Just like tuning into a radio station, you need to adjust your internal frequency to match your twin’s. This means matching their vibration or taking part in cleansing work to heighten their vibration to match your own. Our reiki sessions can focus on this, but most energy work will do. Let your intuition guide you.
  5. Send energy: Once you’re familiar with their energy and can recognize it, start sending your energy back to them. This could be in the form of thoughts, feelings, or intentions. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just focus on sending love and positive energy. Specific messages tend to be harder if they are less spiritually aware, so keep it simple to begin with.

Using telepathy to communicate with your twin flame is not just about sending and receiving messages. It’s also an opportunity for healing and growth. As twin flames mirror each other, the telepathic connection can bring up unhealed wounds and prepare you both for union.

Does the Twin Flame Runner Experience Telepathy?

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We’ve seen twin flame stories where runners talk about “feeling you are with me” or “hearing your voice“. Often a runner is less spiritually aware, so just assumes this is them struggling to move on, but it’s such a common trend that they definitely experience it.

But we need to remember how the twin flame runner feels. In fact, that’s important for every chaser whether you want to use telepathy or not.

It’s likely they experience this communication very differently and try to rationalize it in a way that suits their worldview (and how they understand relationships). They often try and bury these messages, but they’re still there.

Sometimes these unresolved issues rear up through this telepathic communication and taking control of your telepathy can help guide this conversation.

Twin Flame Telepathy Signs During Separation

If you’re not sure if you’ve experienced this connection, you’re looking for it, or maybe you’re looking for confirmation that this is the real deal, there are some signs you can look out for.

Remember! Signs on the twin flame journey are guidelines at best. The journey is incredibly unique, so don’t look at them as a roadmap of your journey so much as some interesting sights you might happen to see.

  1. Sudden Emotional Shifts: If you suddenly feel a wave of emotions that doesn’t seem to be tied to anything happening in your immediate situation, it might be emotions coming from your twin flame. These could be feelings of happiness, sadness, anxiety, excitement, or any other intense emotion.
  2. Random Thoughts: You might find yourself having thoughts that don’t seem to align with your current mental or emotional state. These thoughts could actually be coming from your twin flame.
  3. Dreams About Your Twin Flame: One of the most common signs of twin flame telepathy during separation is dreaming about your twin flame. These dreams might involve direct interaction with them, or they may be present in some form in the dream scenario.
  4. Physical Sensations: You might experience physical sensations like a tingling feeling, a sense of warmth, or a sudden chill, which could be energy or emotions coming from your twin flame.
  5. Hearing Their Voice: Some people report hearing their twin flame’s voice in their mind. This could be as clear as an audible voice or more subtle, like the impression of their tone or way of speaking.
  6. Seeing Signs and Synchronicities: You might notice repeating numbers, like 11:11, which is often associated with twin flames. Or you may encounter things that have a significant meaning to your relationship, like their favorite song playing on the radio at a significant moment or seeing something that reminds you strongly of them.
  7. Feeling Their Presence: Even though you’re physically separated, you might have a strong sense of their presence. This could manifest as a feeling of being watched, a sense of comfort, or simply an unexplainable awareness of them.
  8. Intuition or Gut Feelings: You might have strong intuitions or gut feelings related to your twin flame. For example, you might “know” when they’re struggling or feeling particularly happy or content.

Trust your intuition and experiences when understanding your telepathic connection with your twin flame.

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