When we first started the Twin Flame Collective newsletter, one of the first columns was about journaling for twin flames. It was titled Why You Should 100% be Journaling as a Twin Flame.

And I stand by that number.

Journaling is often dismissed as just writing in a diary, but it’s about so much more. It can help you be clear on your feelings (and your twin’s), figure out what your next steps are, get to know yourself better and it can help you overcome the blocks holding you back from union.

Everyone seems to have a slightly different experience with it. Some find the practice calming, while others are motivated by it. I find, similar to meditation, that it provides a sort of barrier between my emotions and the outside world. It gives me a moment to pause and understand how I truly feel.

You don’t need expensive tools, years of practice or intricate artwork bullet journals like these:

But what might help you is a few twin flame journal prompts to help get you started.

Why is Journaling So Important

A twin flame is so divinely capable of bringing about change, but it’s often hard to know where to begin. We’ve talked about fluff advice vs useful advice for twin flames, and if you’re completely stuck, this can be one of the easiest ways to just get started.

It can bring some real change to your life, in and out of your twin flame journey.

Example Journal Prompts for Twin Flames

If you don’t know how to start using these – scroll a little further down, and we’ll talk about how to start journaling. As with everything in your twin flame journey, let your intuition guide you. You can follow these prompts in order or choose the ones that speak to you.

  • What am I grateful for on this journey (even during a difficult separation)
  • What can I do to actively take control of my healing and further this path?
  • What is my twin thinking about? (You could combine this with automatic writing)
  • What could I start doing immediately to start loving myself more?
  • What synchronicities am I seeing? What is the universe trying to tell me?
  • What lessons am I learning from this twin flame connection?
  • What three things do I admire about my twin flame? What do I think they admire in me?
  • What three things do I dislike about my twin? What are these things showing me about the way I see myself?
  • How do I feel when I’m with my twin flame versus when we’re apart?
  • How does my twin flame reflect my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do I learn when we are separated?
  • What past wounds or triggers have surfaced since meeting my twin flame?
  • What are my biggest fears about this journey? How can I address them?
  • How could I support my twin flame in their growth and healing?
  • How does this journey help me understand my life’s purpose?
  • How do I maintain my individuality while also fostering this deep connection?
  • What are my expectations from this journey?
  • What role does patience play in my twin flame journey?

How to Start Journaling (As a Twin Flame)

There are loads of guides out there on how to start journaling. And it’s not like there is really a right or wrong here. I’ll include a video on how to generally get started (if you’re going from scratch), but I do have some advice specific to the twin flame journey.

Probably the best advice I can give is to try not to spend your time entirely focused on your twin flame journey.

I know this is much easier said than done.

The journey can feel all-consuming. I know exactly what my early attempts at journaling during the twin flame journey were like (a lot of focus on external things like texting your twin flame during separation).

And I’m not saying to completely block them out and pretend that this part of your life doesn’t exist. But take a step back from it. Look at the broader parts of your life as well and when you do write about the journey, be truthful and honest with yourself about it.

Journaling is not about mindlessly writing in a diary. It’s a powerful tool that can help you process your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, ultimately fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and your twin flame journey.

The Tools

You can use a phone or tablet, but I prefer having a specific physical journal for my practice. It helps me stay mindful and focused on my journaling.

You can use any notebook you have lying around but, like any spiritual practice, treat your journal with respect. Use something you like and keep it from becoming dog-eared and ruined. I use this leather journal with a heart.

You obviously don’t need something this elaborate, but let your intuition guide you toward what is right for you. You can find thousands of journals on Amazon from a simple blank book to specific guided journals for shadow work or specific spiritual practices.

Personally, I prefer a blank or lined journal so I can use the prompts that speak to me at that moment, but there are specific guided journals for twin flames as well.

If you decide to get a journal through one of our links, Amazon pays us a small commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but does help keep the Twin Flame Collective newsletter free.

The Practice

  • Set your intention before you begin writing. This might be the biggest thing to go from mindless diary writing to truly furthering your path to union. Your intention could be to gain clarity, promote healing, or deepen your connection with your twin flame.
  • Write often. Consistency is key with journaling. Set aside just five minutes a day, and with a little practice, you’ll never want to quit.
  • Be honest and open. You’re not writing for anyone else. Nobody judges your grammar or your thoughts. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic in your writing. This is just for you.
  • Reflect on your personal growth. Don’t just focus on the negatives and the hardships. Look at the lessons learned and how far you’ve come.
  • Use prompts if stuck. You can use prompts specific to the twin flame journey or something more general.

You can expand your journal in any way you want. In the Twin Flame Collective newsletter, we often feature artwork and poetry people take from their journals. You can include your own creations (intuition often speaks to us through creativity) or something external like a twin flame drawing.

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