Whether you are just awakening to your twin flame path or you’ve been struggling with separation, looking for answers, a twin flame reading can help.

However, not all readings are the same, and there are also (potential) problems with using readings the ‘wrong’ way, which can hold you back. So I thought we’d talk about it.

What Are Twin Flame Readings?

If I had to sum it up, they’re a versatile tool to help guide your journey. A twin flame reading can help:

  • Channel a message directly from your twin flame to see what they think or feel. (Like our DM/DF messages).
  • Answer questions about your journey so far.
  • Give you insight into what might be before you both.
  • Guide you on how you can help further your path to union.

Where to Get a Twin Flame Reading

If you decide to take a reading from one of our sponsored links, we get a small comission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but does help support the Twin Flame Collective newsletter.

A little further down, we’ll look at how you can do a reading yourself (regardless of experience), but you can always get an experienced reader to do a spread for you if you prefer. Ideally, someone you resonate with and someone who understands the twin flame journey.

There’s no one-size-fits-all Tarot reader. Everyone has different beliefs about what the cards can and can’t do, and there are different beliefs about what twin flames are or are not.

Their energy, style, and the way they interpret the cards should feel right for you. But this doesn’t mean you should look for someone who gives you the answers you want to hear.

twin flame tarot spread

Do You Have Specific Questions?

When you have that burning question, you want a reader who can focus on your question, ideally within the context of the twin flame journey.

Some popular choices:

  • Our DM to DF channeled messages for twin flames focus on channeling a message into your counterpart’s thoughts and feelings.
  • We heard great things about this twin flame reader who combines a little bit of everything into her readings. An in-depth video reading, combining a couple of different tools (including the Tarot) to answer your question.
  • There are popular general Tarot readers like this who don’t specifically focus on twin flames but will understand the broad strokes at least. Useful if you want a broader look or don’t want to focus too much on your journey.
  • You might have seen services like this one advertised, and while they are focused on the twin flame journey, sometimes it’s nice to connect with a reader on a 1-1 basis. That way, when you find someone you resonate with, you know you can rely on them.
  • Maybe the Tarot isn’t your thing? Not everyone resonates with the cards, and you might prefer to let twin flame numbers guide you. These number syncs from the universe can give you the same kind of guidance and insight.
  • Finding a local reader. You’re limited to a more limited pool of people, but some prefer to see someone in person. Take your time and find someone you resonate with, not just anyone nearby. Friends or family are also fine, just as long as they understand your journey and are not biased (more on that when discussing limitations).
  • You can do it yourself (which we’ll look at a little further on).

Do You Want to Channel a Message?

twin flame tarot

If you want to focus more on what your twin flame is thinking or feeling, a reading can also help channel a message from them.

Twin flames are constantly communicating through their unspoken bond and a reading like this can help unpick messages that they’re trying to send but are getting lost along the way.

Looking for Confirmation?

twin flame drawing

Between misinformation, false twin flames and how confusing normal relationships can become (let alone twin flames!), sometimes we struggle to know if someone is our twin flame, especially for those in the earlier stages.

  • You can get a drawing of your twin flame (which often comes with a reading as well).
  • Some readers (like this one) will do a spread explicitly focused on whether or not you’ve met your twin flame already.

Guidance on the Twin Flame Journey?

When you don’t have specific questions, readings can still help keep you focused on your journey and working toward making union. Providing insights into blockages, changes and helping you figure out what you can do to move things forward.

While one-off readings can help in a pinch, we think the true strength of the Tarot shines when you let it guide you throughout the journey.

  • Shameless self-promotion, but Carla does weekly twin flame collective readings when you join the newsletter each Wednesday. She also writes weekly astrology forecasts, a great combination with the readings.
  • Danielle (who contributes to Twin Flame Collective) also does weekly twin flame readings.

Limitations of Twin Flame Readings

Remember, twin flame readings are a tool to empower the journey. Not an excuse to endlessly wallow in separation. They can help guide you, but the path you walk and the decisions you make are entirely up to you.

  1. Overdependence on Readings Instead of Taking Action: We’ve all been there. You get a twin flame reading, and it resonates so much, you can’t help but seek another one. Remember, these readings are tools to guide us, not rules to bind us. If we spend too much time seeking the ‘right’ messages, we risk becoming observers in our own journeys, instead of active participants. It’s key to take the insights and wisdom from these readings and use them to fuel your own actions and decisions.
  2. Setting Unrealistic Expectations: Readings can sometimes paint a picture that’s too rosy, leading us to expect that our twin flame journey will be free of obstacles and challenges. Most readers familiar with the journey will also look at the obstacles and work to be done. The path to union often includes bumps and turns, and that’s okay. It’s these very challenges that help us grow and deepen our connection.
  3. Not Trusting Your Own Intuition: Twin flames are incredibly in-tune with the universe and their intuition reflects that. Readings can provide clarity, comfort, and a sense of direction. But they should never replace your own intuition. Your inner voice is a powerful guide; relying too much on readings can quieten this voice. Trust yourself first and foremost.
  4. Creating Dependency on External Validation: This one is tough. It’s easy to start using readings as a crutch, especially when feeling lost or uncertain. But your journey is your own, and it’s essential to cultivate confidence in your decision-making abilities. Remember, readings can guide you, but your choices must ultimately come from within you.
  5. Ignoring the Present Moment: Here’s the thing: readings often focus on potential futures, which can lead us to overlook the beauty and lessons in our present moment. I understand the temptation to look ahead, but there’s value in embracing the here and now. Each moment is a stepping stone on your journey.
  6. Neglecting Other Aspects of Life: Our twin flame journey is a huge part of our lives, but it isn’t everything. If we get too caught up in readings, and what they might mean for our union, we may end up neglecting other important areas of our lives, like personal growth, career, or relationships with friends and family.

Benefits of Twin Flame Readings

While I wanted to talk about the limitations to make sure you’re aware of them, there’s obviously a lot of potential benefit to readings (as long as you’re using them wisely).

  1. Guidance on Your Journey: We all know that the twin flame journey can sometimes feel like a winding road with no clear direction. In such times, a reading can provide some much-needed guidance, almost like a map helping you navigate your path to union.
  2. Validation of Your Feelings and Experiences: Sometimes, you might feel alone or even crazy for experiencing the intense emotions associated with the twin flame connection. A reading can offer reassurance and validate your feelings. You’re not alone in this, and what you’re feeling is real and shared by many others.
  3. Providing Clarity: The path to union can often be shrouded in uncertainty and confusion. A twin flame reading can help clear the fog, clarifying your current situation and possible next steps. But don’t forget to balance the insights from the reading with your own intuition.
  4. Promotes Self-Awareness: A good reading can reveal things about your twin flame journey and about you as an individual. It can shine a light on aspects of yourself that you may need to work on, encouraging self-growth and self-awareness. This works incredibly well combined with twin flame journal prompts to help you check in with yourself.
  5. Encourages Healing: Some readings can pinpoint areas of emotional pain or unresolved issues, allowing you to work on healing consciously. Remember, healing is a crucial part of the journey toward union.
  6. Offers Hope and Encouragement: Let’s be honest. This journey can feel daunting at times. A positive reading can infuse you with renewed hope and the courage to continue. But remember, the journey will have its ups and downs—that’s all part of the experience.
  7. Creates Space for Reflection: A reading is more than just receiving messages—it’s an opportunity to pause, reflect, and digest these insights. This process can lead to deeper understanding and personal growth.

How to Do a Twin Flame Reading Yourself

While there’s something to be said for experience with the Tarot, it’s certainly a tool anyone can learn. You can learn to do it yourself if you’d rather not rely on someone else.

We’re working on a more in-depth guide on how to a twin flame reading yourself, but (for now) here’s a brief look at the basics.

Things to Remember

Doing a twin flame reading for yourself has advantages. You can be guided by your own intuition more, but some of the common beginner mistakes can also mislead you.

The biggest thing I see people do when they get involved in Tarot readings is to bring bias into their answers. It’s easy to read what you want into the cards, rather than what a spread tells you.

We also have the same limitations. Use readings as a tool to help empower your journey, not as a way to wallow in separation.

Get a Deck

The first step is to get yourself a deck.

If you watch our collective readings, you’ll probably have seen the Dreams of Gaia deck (available on Amazon here); we’re fans of this for oracle cards, and they can be especially beginner friendly, but the traditional Rider-Waite deck (also available on Amazon) is another common choice.

Setting Your Intention

Be clear on this before you even touch your cards.

What is the goal of your reading? Channeling a message? Getting guidance? Looking for insight?

Set your intention before you start. And I really can’t emphasize this enough. When you approach your Tarot deck with a clear mindset and an intention, your readings will be more focused and insightful.

Your intention could be something like gaining clarity about your twin flame connection, seeking advice for your current situation, or simply desiring a deeper understanding of your journey. You may even want to check in with yourself.

All these are valid reasons to do a reading.

Choosing a Spread

Once you’ve set your intention, you’ll want to choose a spread. This can seem overwhelming at first, with so many options out there. But don’t worry. We’ll make it simple. For beginners, the three-card spread is a great place to start. It’s straightforward and can give you insight into your situation’s past, present, and future.

But remember, like everything else on this journey, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Experiment with different spreads and see which one resonates with you the most.

Interpreting the Cards

Now comes the big part – interpreting the cards.

Let me assure you. It’s totally fine if you don’t have all the meanings memorized. We all start somewhere, right?

Don’t hesitate to refer to the guidebook from your deck or even search online. Over time, you’ll start to remember the meanings, and you may even develop your own interpretations.

And remember, there’s no wrong interpretation. The cards are simply a mirror for your intuition. They’re here to help you connect with your inner guidance. So, listen to what resonates with you. Trust your intuition – it’s your most powerful tool.

Stay Open-Minded and Reflect

Lastly, keep an open mind and reflect on your readings. They may not always make sense immediately. Sometimes the cards might point to aspects you haven’t considered, or future events yet to unfold. It’s okay to revisit your readings and see how they resonate with you then.

Remember, this is your journey. Take your time. Don’t rush. Embrace the process. Tarot is a wonderful tool to help you navigate your twin flame journey, and it’s something you can master with practice.

As you embark on this self-discovery, remember to be gentle with yourself. And know that you’re not alone on this journey. We’re all here, learning and growing together.

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