I’m going to speak very carefully here.

We’ve said (many times) that a lot of the twin flame journey is down to your personal beliefs. I’ve spoken to many people who have differing beliefs on everything from where twin flames come from, why they’re here, what the journey entails, and (ultimately) what union looks like.

Sometimes, this becomes toxic.

Disclaimer: The documentary (and some of the resulting discussion from the community) has been highly negative and this is not an ad or endorsement for their service.

Disclaimer: No member of Twin Flame Collective was part of TFU. We’re not speaking from experience here, just sharing the findings of that documentary and the members of the community who went through it themselves.

This said, we do not suggest using them as part of your twin flame journey.

The documentary was… definitely less than flattering to Twin Flame Universe and looked at some… definitely questionable practices. But I’m not here to tell you what they did was right or wrong.

This community has some immense power to do good in the world. For themselves and for those around them. Nobody here at Twin Flame Collective thinks we should squander that potential by arguing the minor details.

It’s perfectly okay if we believe different things.

And that brings us to a recent documentary that came out on Amazon Prime. Escaping Twin Flame Universe. And now a second on Netflix called Escaping Twin Flames.

Journalist Alice Hines delves into the world of Twin Flames Universe, an online group run by the captivating couple Jeff and Shaleia Divine. Their promise is to match members with their perfect partner, but after talking to former participants who describe the extreme lengths they have taken in order to claim their ‘twin flame,’ Alice soon discovers that the promise of true love comes at a price.

Was This a Twin Flame Documentary?

Honestly this documentary reflects negatively entirely on the practices of TFU, rather than the concept of twin flame. I’m sure there are other twin flame guides who are much more credible, careful, and kind.

The documentary was not a documentary on the idea of twin flames or the spiritual journey.

It did a pretty good job of skimming over the details, but the focus of the show wasn’t really on the idea of the twin flame journey. It was focused on a single website in particular and the actions of those creators.

Sadly, this doesn’t stop people from tarring everyone with the same brush, and we’ve already started to come under fire for operating a cult ourselves despite being an email newsletter and (hopefully) a source of spiritual positivity.

If this is (somehow) your first experience of twin flames, we have covered more about the purpose and meaning of twin flames before. Again, some people disagree about the smaller details, but the documentary itself glosses over the basic idea.

What is Twin Flames Universe?

And why did the documentary focus on them?

A website that goes back a few years offering twin flames advice. Potentially, it might have helped some people, but (unfortunately) the community discussion seems to indicate this was not the case.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the things we saw in the documentary:

  • Ex-members refer to the group as cult-like.
  • Members were persuaded to change genders to provide ‘success stories’.
  • Courses charged members thousands of dollars.
  • Some members were encouraged out of their dreams to work for the website for free.
  • One of the creators identified himself as the second coming of Christ.

In the community discussion since the documentary was released, some of the stories and opinions have gotten even darker.

Note: These are not our opinions but those of the community with more experience with TFU. We don’t believe anyone should be charging a high price tag like this for spiritual work or claim access to a divine without evidence, but we try not to judge others for their choices.

TFU denies these claims and says that the allegations and documentaries are coordinated attempts at damaging them by disgruntled members.

Monetary Gain & Claims

It didn’t surprise me at all, this is exactly what I saw in their group. Exactly the same story/vibe to me – fake stories, manipulation, gaslighting, blame/abuse etc. This is definitely not okay at any level and I can’t stress enough how important it is to trust yourself. Nobody can know better what’s right or wrong for you than you yourself. People please be careful, if it feels wrong, chances are that it is wrong.

This sentiment was mirrored by a lot of other people. Their experience with the group was less than positive.

It can get *very* expensive, $200->$1000 per month to watch hours of additional past videos of the two leaders. They monetize their channels and remonetize everything they have done in the past as well. The videos with Jeff’s childhood friend who Jeff and Shaleia lived with post college when Jeff told him that he was really good at drawing out people’s childhood trauma’s. He claimed that he had just cured someone of Multiple Sclerosis in a 20 minute online chat by doing so. He planned to start an online healing business, $20 for a headache all the way up to terminal cancer cures.

As someone with a background as a liberal minister, I’m especially concerned that they teach that the two of them have a unique direct channel to God/The Divine Mother. No matter what revelation, intuition, or personal experience anyone else has about their own life, they teach that they know best and if they say people can’t question them, they will claim “you are going against God’s revelation out of selfishness and cowardice” and many other aggressively shaming statements. Spiritualities in which a person literally puts themselves between God and those within the movement should be entered with great caution, all the more so if they profit from insisting that only the revelation they receive is the truth.

This is where Twin Flame Universe (TFU) differs from groups like ourselves or anyone trying to actively help twin flames on their journey. Whether they’re financially benefiting from it or not, I’d be wary of anyone who claims some esoteric ability to do something you cannot.

They apparently were shaming people when their connections didn’t work out, charging exorbitant amounts to bebin their programs, they are majorly profiting off of peoples desperation and just over all shady people.

Charging for Twin Flame Advice

There was a moment in the documentary where the owner is flaunting expensive sports cars and a mansion-like house.

Opinions differ here, but (to be clear) we’re not opposed to people charging for the work they put in.

Taking our own community as an example.

We produce weekly twin flame forecasts, twin flame readings and several guides a week to help people on their journey. Not to mention the extra tools we build, maintain and the cost of hosting and promoting the community.

The team who work on Twin Flame Collective works hard and constantly to keep producing tools and advice, and we do pay them for the time and effort they put in. Because, make no mistake, it’s hard work to produce this much content so consistently.

At the time of writing, Twin Flame Collective costs us a lot more than it generates. It’s a passion project and certainly isn’t buying us sports cars.

There are coaching services out there (like TFU) that charge thousands of dollars and make claims guaranteeing union with your twin flame.

You’ll never see us do this.

That’s not to say we’re condemning anyone who offers this kind of thing or anyone who uses a service like this.

We just don’t believe anyone can promise union in this lifetime. We do our best to help, guide and support, but we don’t claim to have special access to a divine being of any kind, and we don’t think anyone can guarantee union.

We also don’t believe in charging high sums which is why our own Twin Flame Collective Pro membership is priced accordingly (and doesn’t increase even as we add more content).

TFU still (at the time of writing) charges thousands of dollars to individuals who are struggling on the journey to union or trying to find their twin flame. We’re not going to say that’s wrong, but it isn’t what we would choose to do, and it is something you should be aware of.

And you should always question someone’s motives when there’s financial gain. That goes for us, too.

We provide a lot of advice several times a week, entirely free (and we don’t plan for that to change). You shouldn’t feel pressured to join pro or work with any of our sponsors unless it resonates with you.

The documentary shows that TFU aren’t really interested in helping people and have some terrible guidance. It makes me ill thinking that people are still paying them money and giving up their time to them, when they really have no expertise or knowledge. His laughing at people when they break down is one of the cruelest, most transparently hateful things I’ve ever seen a so-called spiritual leader do.

Making People Change Gender

In order to show successful stories, it seems like they started to play matchmaker within their own community and tell people they were each other’s twin flames.

Sometimes, this meant going through a gender change to fit the heterosexual nature of their new partner. It doesn’t look great, and definitely isn’t a healthy part of the journey to be forced to do something that doesn’t resonate with you.

I’m not going to comment too much on this. The stories from the documentary were damning enough, and the owners of TFU didn’t respond to the documentary to provide any evidence that this was taken out of context.

They have begun legal action against several former members, saying that they’ve made false claims, but we can only go on what we see.

Have We Missed Something?

Is there a part of this story we’re not aware of? Do you have experience with TFU (either positive or negative)? Please reply to our newsletter and let us know what your experience was.

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