Bring You and Your Twin Flame Closer

Are you on the twin flame journey?

What if you knew exactly how to move things along? What if you had someone in your corner who understood exactly what the twin flame path requires?

What if you had a whole community behind you? What if you could speed up your twin flame journey?

We know exactly how tough the journey can be. We also know what it takes to find your mirror soul, end separation and make your whole journey easier.

End Separation Now

What if you could end the separation between you and your twin flame for good?

Stop the guesswork and get our blueprint on how to actually improve your path.

Let Us Help

You and Your Twin Flame are Meant to Be Together

But that doesn't mean it will automatically happen if you just sit about and wait.

If you are physically separated from your twin (or you have yet to meet in the 3D) that means there is something you can do about it.

And we can help.

The Twin Flame Collective is made up of twin flames around the world with experience in different areas. Bringing all of this together with the community allows us to se patterns and draw upon the experience of the collective to speed up your journey.

  • Understand what is really going on and (how you can improve things).
  • Extended Tarot readings and Astrology energy updates each week.
  • Using REMOTE SEX to connect with your twin flame physically, even when you are separated. Enjoy the experiences and drive their desire.
  • Energy sessions you can join whenever you need.
  • Guided workbooks and printables.
  • Connect with others in the twin flame collective
  • Guided meditations, Subliminals and Affirmations all specific to the twin flame journey.
  • Instant 24/7 access and updates each week
  • Optional: Talk to a coach to ask questions and get help with your path 

You also help support the Twin Flame Collective itself. Helping us to continue to grow and learn together as we further twin flames around the world.

Your Roadmap to Being Together

Meeting & Attracting 

We start by magnetising your twin and drawing them toward you. Igniting their intuition and recognition. Activating the energy between you. 

Mirroring & Healing

This section is going to address some unpopular truths about the twin flame journey. They are also some of the most impactful that can really help you push your journey forward.

Connecting & Communicating

The two of you are in constant contact on the higher levels. We focus on brining this connection to the forefront giving you conscious control of it.

Twin Flame Sex (Physical & Remote)

How sex with your twin flame unlocks more than just physical fun and how you can trigger this experience remotely to have fun and (more importantly) drive their physical desire for you.

Ending Separation (and Reaching Union)

This is where most people allow their path to fall into an endless cycle of physical separation.

We focus on why you are both physically separated and what you can do about it. Making your counterpart understand the strength of the connection and act on it.

Get Weekly Guidance & Insights

Rather than generic readings, astrology & advice we focus on deep and focused advice specific to the twin flame journey.

  • What is happening with the energy between you?
  • Should you reach out?
  • When are the major shifts in twin flame energies?

Make the Right Choices

Unsure of what you should be doing? Let us help you tap into your own inner knowing. Guiding your path forward with certainty and wisdom.

Frustrated and confused by your twin’s actions? Let us help you understand what is really going on behind their words and actions.

Tired of being separated? Get real actionable advice on moving forward.

What Would You Give to Be With Your Twin Flame?

We've worked with twin flames who have turned their path around.

What is ending that separation worth to YOU?

Many coaching programmes cost thousands of dollars because they're backed by huge corportations and have expensive overheads for large stadiums. We would much rather keep our costs down and help push the entire collective forward as a whole.

Our entire pro membership is only $21. That’s $0.7 a day (Or a Starbucks Frappuccino once a week.)

I don’t know about you, but I’d choose the kind of relationship others can only dream of any day over a Starbucks Frappuccino.(Psst… you can still go have a Frappuccino with your twin flame afterward).

Pay Monthly


A simple monthly payment with access to everything for $0.7/day.

9 Monthly Payments of Only $21

  • Instant Access
  • Bright Twin Flame Unification Blueprint Videos & Guides
  • Weekly Extended Readings
  • Energy Sessions
  • Guided Workbooks
  • Guided Meditations, Subliminals and Affirmations
  • Access to Community 
  • Weekly Updates

One-Time Payment


A single one-time payment for lifetime access to everything. No subscription required.


  • One-time Payment
  • Instant Access
  • Bright Twin Flame Unification Blueprint Videos & Guides
  • Weekly Extended Readings
  • Energy Sessions
  • Guided Workbooks
  • Guided Meditations, Subliminals and Affirmations
  • Access to Community 
  • Weekly Updates

see what others have to say

The positive things I have found in this journey are the guided meditations you have here! Gems I tell you! They are divinely guided, I can tell. The amount of progress I have made in a few months is truly amazing!! ♥️

These techniques are perfect for creating our relationship.

I still can't believe the changes in him.

I am sure that one day I will see you and I will repay you for all this good energy that you give me.

Hi, I'm Meg

Coach at twin Flame collective

I'm one of the team at Twin Flame Collective. I want to help people understand the true meaning of the bond they share and how they can actively push their journey forward.

I want to see real change in the paths of students.


How Does it Work?

If you take the Do It Yourself pack, you'll get instant access to all of the blueprint material (as well as everything we add there in future). This means the guides, videos, sessions and tools all in one place. All packaged in an easy to use way.

If you would rather be paired with a coach, you'll get access to the same material but you're also paired with one of the coaches at Twin Flame Collective to help hold you accountable on your journey and help guide you.

Do You Guarantee Union?

No. Nobody should.

We will never guarantee that you're going to reach union. There are too many variables, too many things we can't possibly know and we don't believe anyone should be making promises like this.

What we do guarantee, is that we'll act in your best interests for your path.

How Does Coaching Work?

Our coaching is not a group call where your question gets lost in the crowd and you have to listen to advice that doesn't fit your situation. It's also not a live 1-1 video session because we'd have to charge a lot to be fair to the coaches time.

We use a messaging system where you can leave your coach a message in your own time (by text or video) and they'll get back to you. This means you get 1-1 support throughout the month without the cost of a coach that might normally cost hundreds of dollars an hour.

Are there refunds?

We do not provide refunds once the course or coaching has been accessed.

Partly this is to be fair to the coaches but also we want you to be mindful about starting the process of furthering your path.

Get Help With Your Path

Take advantage of the collective knowledge and stop just relying on hope that things work out.