A look ahead for the twin flame collective ❤️💙💜

In the extended reading today, we’re looking at how to overcome the tensions still between you! You can unlock the extended readings (as well as our blueprint to reaching union, access to the community and more right here.

I’m thrilled to share insights into the energies surrounding our twin flame collective.

We’re stepping into a period of profound transformation and blessings, indicated by the presence of the Queen of Swords and the Death card. This isn’t just any change – it’s a monumental shift, a kind of Quantum Leap in our twin flame journey.

Divine Union Energy is in the Air!

We’ve all been diligently working on our spiritual journeys individually. The fruits of this labor are now ripening, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Those of you who have been in separation may soon find yourselves stepping into a twin flame relationship, or if you’re already in one, expect a significant shift in frequencies.

A Blossoming Phase of Love and Spiritual Growth

Our collective is experiencing an elevated level of love, one that genuinely feels like a blessing. I’m talking butterflies in the stomach, tears of joy – it’s that intense and pure. This energy isn’t just about us; it’s transformative, impacting everything and everyone we interact with.

We’re like beacons of healing and high vibrations, uplifting our surroundings.

Overcoming Minor Conflicts with Spiritual Guidance

While this journey is overwhelmingly positive, there are some small bumps in the road. Some doubts or disagreements may arise, especially around decisions in the 3D world – think choices about names, locations, or even home decor.

But these are just minor hiccups in an otherwise solid and loving connection.

Advice from Spirit: Look Within and Seek Guidance

Our spiritual teams are closer than ever, just a step away. Whenever in doubt or facing minor conflicts, our best bet is to look within and consult our higher selves and spiritual guides.

They’re ready and eager to offer support and guidance.

Want to go further? Get an insight into their thoughts and feelings with a DM to DF channeled message or get your natal report with our twin flame birth chart calculator.

Blessed be!

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