This twin flame story comes from Tiffany, a Twin Flame Collective Pro member of the community. The way she explains some of her experiences and things she has learned along the journey so far might really help someone.

2019 the HOT and STEAMY dreams started.

I was constantly dreaming of my high school boyfriend while laying beside my husband. These dreams were so incredibly hot that I’d wake up out of breath.

Every time I’d think, what the hell was that all about?? I hadn’t seen him since we hooked up a couple of times in university which was 25 years ago.

He started following me on Instagram a couple of years earlier and he’d like my posts and I’d like his but I never once thought of him. Then one day he posted a story of his son which I thought was so precious so I put a heart on it.

That one heart started a 13-month texting journey that was so incredibly intense and powerful. He told me how much he loved my podcast and was so proud of me for the work I was doing to help myself and others.

The sexual chemistry between us was mind-blowing. We couldn’t stop talking and sexting.

I had never heard of twin flames but remember googling “why can’t I forget about this person” and a whole page of links came up talking about twin flames. I still doubted and discounted it.

Then one day I said to the universe, if he is my twin flame, show me three separate roses before the end of the day. Well, let’s just say I got my three roses within 12 hours. I’ll attach one of the photos that might make you laugh (shown on the forum)! From then on, I have gone between doubt and belief no less than a million times. I am the classic overthinker so the universe is probably EXHAUSTED dealing with me!!

This was when I started to open my eyes that my 18-year marriage was not healthy. My husband and I had very little emotional and intimate connection left but I was coasting and let myself believe that this is what happens in marriage. We were roommates taking care of our kids. That’s it.

My twin reminded me that I had turned off that part of myself that wants to be emotionally and intimately connected to someone. Even if that someone is MYSELF.

I tried for years with my husband to rebuild our connection, so many times. It would get better for a short period of time and then go back to the status quo. Then in October 2021, my brother passed away from a fentanyl drug overdose.

His death rocked my world like nothing else. Why? Well, while all of this was going on (above) I was also going through my own INTENSE spiritual awakening and I knew my brother was going to pass and the signs and synchronicities started coming at me like rapid fire.

His death reminded me that life is so incredibly short and with my spiritual awakening well underway, I also began to understand that this time with my husband was reaching its end.

He was a part of my story but didn’t need to be with me until the last chapter. We have now separated and I’m so happy to say we are on great terms and really doing our best as co-parents.

As for my twin, in early 2022 I put my feelings out there for him…every single thing. And he replied back saying he didn’t feel the same. We didn’t speak until January 1st of this year when I sent him a Happy New Year message.

We are talking again but it’s not back to the hot and steamy stuff but I’m really ok with that. I know he is working through some of his own stuff and giving him the space he needs. I send him love through my meditations and dreams and know he feels it.

I also feel his deep love and respect for me and that keeps me going on the hard days. And there are MANY where I miss him so much that breathing sometimes hurts. The guttural crying I have experienced in the past 3 years has been…INTENSE.

I’m so grateful for this community to know that I’m not ALONE. The twin flame journey is hard and beautiful at the same time.

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