When you’re going through a difficult phase of your twin flame journey, you could wonder why the Universe keeps twin flames apart. It’s never easy to deal with these phases. 

But the Universe is actually working to bring you and your twin flame closer. The divine and the Universe are sending you support and guidance to make progress on your twin flame journey

The Universe Is Not Keeping You And Your Twin Flame Apart

Let’s just be clear here: the divine and the Universe would never keep you and your twin flame apart. That’s why twin flames always come back, after all: because they’re never truly kept apart. 

During some stages of your twin flame journey, you are in a 3D separation phase. That’s true. But it’s important for you to acknowledge that your twin flame journey is a deeply spiritual experience. Only part of it unfolds in the 3D reality. 

An unbreakable bond links your souls. They stay that way until you achieve your divine union and then the merging phase. So you and your twin flame are never apart. It’s essential you focus on that truth

Part of the reason why the 3D segment of the twin flame journey is so difficult is our inability to perceive ourselves and our twin flames as we truly are: together in spirit. The more you focus on the idea that you’re apart from your twin flame, the more you manifest obstacles and challenges on your way toward divine union!

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Why Does It Seem Like Twin Flames Are Kept Apart?

You’re a mighty spiritual warrior at heart. That’s a fact. But it’s also a fact that while you’re in your 3D human experience, you are only human. 

As a human being, you will experience a wide array of feelings. Some of those are lower vibrational feelings like fear, frustration, discouragement, loneliness, abandonment and hopelessness. 

It’s perfectly understandable that you’re feeling frustrated, discouraged, or sometimes unmotivated to keep working on achieving your divine union

You’re going to experience these lower vibrational feelings and phases of your personal and spiritual journey of growth and development. They tend to be driven by the fear of the unknown and issues with surrendering to your sacred destiny and the divine plan.

When you’re doing your personal best to promote progress with your twin flame journey, it can feel daunting not to see that many 3D signs of progress with or toward your twin flame journey. 

In a sense, feeling like the Universe is keeping you and your twin flame apart can be a sign that you are working on your spiritual and flame ascension. You’re trying your hardest to grow and evolve, and that’s the best you can do. 

But it takes two to tango on the twin flame journey. Your progress at this point may not be the same as your twin flame’s progress. They’re also trying their best, trust that. Deep down, you know that to be true. You’re just not quite there yet. 

You’ve just hit a plateau on your journey toward your divine union. Sometimes, it can seem like the Universe is conspiring to keep you apart, particularly when you and your twin flame are in a no-contact phase of your separation

It’s a bit like a kid reaching up to something that’s on the table. If you haven’t grown enough to be able to reach it, it can seem like the Universe is keeping that thing away from you. In fact, the Universe provides abundance: the table, the thing that’s on it, your body in which you’re having your 3D human experience of growth in, your ability to grow and evolve enough to be able to reach that thing, and so on. 

In fact, the Universe may also be giving you signs that your twin flame is communicating with you, even when you’re in a 3D no-contact separation phase. You’re just focusing on the fact that you’re not in a harmonious twin flame relationship right now. But that’s only a temporary situation.

When you’re dealing with frustration because of the lack of 3D progress, you can feel powerless. It’s important to realize you’re never powerless

What To Do If It Seems Like The Universe Is Keeping You Apart

When you start to feel like the Universe is keeping you and your twin flame apart, it’s important you approach this moment by working on a few key points. 

1. Remind Yourself That You And Your Twin Flame Have An Unbreakable Bond 

You and your twin flame are connected by an infinite and unbreakable soul tie. Trust in that truth. Allow it to transform your perception of your current 3D experiences.

However difficult this phase of your twin flame journey might be, it’s only a phase.

2. Remember That You Were Literally Born To Make Progress Toward Divine Union 

It’s tough to deal with some of the phases of the journey. That’s why your 3D human experience leads you to achieve your divine union: you persevere, grow, develop, expand, and ascend. 

Where there’s a will, there will always be some way to manifest your goals. You were both literally born to fulfill your sacred destinies of achieving divine union

3. Surrender To The Truth That You’re NEVER Apart From Your Twin Flame  

Part of the process of achieving your divine union is shifting focus from the 3D to the 5D and higher dimensions. Your 3D vessels might be temporarily away from each other. But in the spiritual realm, you and your twin flame are NEVER apart

Being together is not a goal that you need to bend this reality to achieve. Being together IS your reality in the spiritual realm. You’re simply working on allowing that reality to manifest on the 3D plane of existence. 

4. Work On Your Spiritual Growth And Development 

When you’re dealing with these feelings, it’s time to focus on working on your spiritual growth and development. We’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help you out with that. 
Don’t be too hard on yourself and on your twin flame. Making progress toward your divine union is a process. It takes strength, time, and commitment. Trust the truth that you’re getting there! It’s only a matter of divine timing.

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