You’re connected by an undying, unconditional, and neverending love, so why do twin flames separate? 

We’ll talk about a few main reasons why you’re likely going through a separation phase. It’s one of the most triggering phases of your journey. But it’s also one of the phases when you register quantum leaps in your spiritual growth and development

One or more of these reasons could apply to your particular situation. Or maybe none of them seem to, at least at first glance. Follow your intuition when it comes to figuring out the truth of your twin flame bond

1. Not Spiritually Awakened Yet 

You and your mirror soul are twin flames and each other’s divine counterpart from the moment you are born into this 3D reality. But you start to gain conscious awareness of that by going through your spiritual awakening first. 

One or both twin flames may not have gotten to that point yet. It’s only a matter of time if that happens. But it can be triggering to wait. 

Look on the bright side! Once you’ve had your awakening, you’re planting the seed of that energy in your twin flame bond. Your twin is exposed to that energy. It can support their own spiritual awakening as a result.

twin flame separation

2. Your Flame Bond Hasn’t Fully Activated Yet 

Maybe both of you might have gone through your spiritual awakening. But for a twin flame journey, that’s only the beginning. 

Some twin flames experience their flame ignition as soon as they go through their awakening. But in some cases, that part of the process can be a bit delayed. Again, it’s only a matter of time. 

And once one twin experiences the full activation of their flame, they are very likely to activate it within their divine counterpart’s soul as well. 

3. Unhealed Shadows, Inner Child Issues, and Wounds 

The twin flame journey is mainly a spiritual journey of healing. Both of you are dealing with intense wound energies, shadows, and inner child issues. 

And due to your mirroring, it’s likely you’re both dealing with very similar energy, possibly at similar times during your human experiences. It can make it a bit more challenging to heal some of the more intense aspects. 

There are plenty of tools you can use to support the healing in your bond. You can try crystal healing for twin flames, energy healing, therapy, yoga, meditation, affirmations, subliminals, and various other tools you feel called to. 

4. Karmic Debts Affecting You, Your Twin, And The Bond

Twin flame love lasts lifetimes. Your souls travel through time and space to connect and reconnect endlessly until you achieve your final divine union and merging phase

That also means you accumulate lifetimes of karmic debts. They’re going to be connected to your soul, your twin’s soul, and to your bond. Some you get to resolve during that or future lifetimes, some carry forward until you can heal and release them. 

5. Attachments To 3rd Parties Slowing Down The Progress 

There are different types of twin flame soul contracts. As spiritually gifted and empathic souls, in some cases you might have issues releasing some of those contracts. 

It’s particularly true in the case of souls you connect with who go through intense karmic lessons during that lifetime. It can slow down your progress until you heal those aspects of yourself that are actually keeping you stuck. 

6. You Haven’t Harmonized Your Energies Enough

Someties, the twin flame journey involves some turbulent energies and moments. Major energetic events happening in each of your lives can mess with your energy signatures

Even though you have the same core energy, your human experiences modify your frequencies as you go. That’s why you see spiritual growth and development as part of a 3D experience. 

In some cases, it can take a bit longer for your energies to get harmonized (again) after such intense events. 

7. Unbalanced Energy Dynamics 

One of the key aspects of making progress on your twin flame journey is inner balance. It supports balanced energy within you and within your twin flame bond as a result. 

As part of your spiritual growth, you both go through moments of energetic shifts. Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies shift and morph until they reach a state of balance within each of you and within your twin flame bond. 

8. Twin Flame Runner Mode Is Activated

One of the most typical forms of unbalanced energies in the bond is the runner and chaser dynamic. It’s one of the most triggering experiences, which can lead to some of the most spectacular growth. But it’s a very difficult process for both twin flames.

When the twin flame runner mode is activated, progress is stalled or put on hold for a while. Through free will, it can be put on hold for the duration of a human experience, if the twin activating it is struggling that much

You can use the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help out your runner twin as much as you can. But from a point onward, it’s up to them to do the healing and overcome their blockages

9. One Or Both Of You Are Focusing On Your Secondary Life Purposes

Twin flames are highly evolved and spiritual souls. You often have secondary life purposes which involve you doing amazing work for communities, soul tribes, causes, or various collectives and their issues. 

Sometimes, flames can become so engrossed in the work they do for others that it can temporarily distract them from the work they still need to do for themselves. 

10. You’re Not Surrendering To Your Sacred Destiny Of Achieving Divine Union 

You’re looking forward to achieving your divine union. It might seem counterintuitive that you’re not surrendering to it, right? But it happens. It’s another form of unbalanced energy dynamics

We’ve talked about this in the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint too. Sometimes flames fall into the trap of believing they need to fight to achieve divine union

Your souls are literally born into this reality to achieve it. You don’t need to fight to do anything. You need to allow it to happen. To surrender to it. 

And that can sometimes be the most difficult phase of all.

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