When twin flames break up, it usually doesn’t last. Let’s just state the obvious from the get-go. It’s highly unlikely that you and your twin flame will manage to stay apart for too long after a break up.

Your twin flame connection is unbreakable. Your souls are connected through your soul cord. You go through lifetimes of work on your bond until you achieve divine union and then merge. 

During these numerous lifetimes, you’ll work on various twin flame relationship blueprints. Many of them will include one or more breakups. 

The better questions might be why the break up happens and what it means.

Why Do Twin Flames Break Up?

We’ve all gone through a moment of wishing that the twin flame relationship would be a picture-perfect journey toward happily ever after. It’s something you’re going to wish for the more challenging your current phase is, in fact.

Outsiders of the collective might event: “Do Twin Flames Fight And Argue? Surely no!” But oh, how they do! And neither of us would have it any other way when we consider the grander scheme of things.

When you consider the break up from a spiritual point of view, it’s part of your twin flame separation phase. In fact, if you consider the flame couple dynamics at play, the break up is a sign that you’ve made a lot of progress on your journey toward divine union

Seems a bit counter-intuitive, right? But think about it: the very fact you’ve gotten into a twin flame relationship means you’ve made a lot of progress on your journey. 

You’ve connected in the 3D. You got over various obstacles and challenges to get together. And you have gotten to the point of an authentic enough connection that you speak your truths decisively enough to get into a break up about the difference of opinion. 

It might not seem that way at first glance. But when you consider things from a higher point of view, twin flames break up precisely because they’ve worked through a lot of issues that were holding them back. But there is still work to be done, or you’d be in perfect harmony and a mere step away from your divine union and merging. 

What Does Twin Flame Break Up Mean?

twin flame breakup

The fact that you and your twin flame are going through a break up means two things. You’ve made enough progress to get to this point of your journey, so congrats! It’s no small thing! And there’s still some work to be done to reach your divine union frequency. 

How wonderful it would be to have everything resolved by the time you get into the relationship, right? But it rarely happens that way. Each twin flame journey is unique, but some things tend to be part of more journeys. 

The twin flame relationships that have better odds at being true smooth sailing are the ones right before the actual spiritual divine union. That’s the point when the two souls have been working on their union frequency for numerous lifetimes, and they’re ready to harmonize to achieve their merging.

But until that point, every twin flame relationship is a divine union work in progress. When it happens, you just have to focus on what’s truly important and under your control: your spiritual growth and development

By working on yourself, you resolve the issues of the relationship from within your souls outward toward your 3D relationship. You approach the deep issues causing the tensions by healing and releasing those frequencies.   

Of course, by doing that, you do your part of the work. You plant the seed of those solutions, clearings, and healings into your twin flame energy cord. It’s there, within reach for your twin flame to make use of when they’re ready.

If you’d like some help with that, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help you out. 

But it’s up to your twin flame to do their own part of the work. Even though you might be further along on your path of growth, development, and ascension, you can’t do the work for them. When they’re ready to grow and heal, they will. 

What Happens After The Break Up? 

Even though there aren’t any rules to twin flame dynamics, there are some common traits between numerous experiences. Don’t take these things to be some sort of checklist, though. 

No Contact Is Likely To Happen And Unlikely To Last For Too Long

It’s no secret that twin flame relationships are very intense. They’re very triggering, by divine design in a way. It’s why they support so much amazing growth and development. 

Twin flame arguments and break ups can be quite dramatic. Cutting words might fly. Twins could be very reactive and feel everything going on at an almost debilitatingly profound level. 

That’s why twins tend to need time apart to heal after a break up. They might need to heal from what happened, from what was said or done to them, but also from what they’ve said or done. 

At the same time, being apart from your twin is always extremely difficult. And if you’ve been close enough to be in a relationship, it’s pure torture to be apart from them. 

So even if the no contact situation shows up, it tends to melt away. And often, it melts away sooner rather than later. 

If you are in a no-contact situation following a physical breakup you might consider our free twin flame reading tool or our tool to channel a message from your twin flame.

Reconciliations Could Come In Somewhat Quickly But Might Not Last The First Time Around

One of the traits that many twin flame relationships present is their on-and-off nature. Not in a toxic or abusive way, though! 

It’s terribly hard to stay away from your twin. Even when you had solid reasons to break up, even if you didn’t truly resolve them, you’re not very likely to be able to stay away for too long. 

Unfortunately, that tends to mean you might get back together a few times before you can actually work on the core issues and release those frequencies holding back your connections’ progress. But the good news is the only true way you can resolve them is to interact and play out your relationship blueprint

Whatever phase you’re going through, know it’s important to go through it and learn the lessons coming your way. Focus on growing. 

Surrender to the fact that you were literally born to work on achieving your divine union. Know that you’ll get there. It’s only a matter of divine timing.

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