During your separation phase, it can be very triggering when your twin flame seems to ignore you. But it’s important to remember that your twin flame isn’t ignoring you, but rather their spiritual calling to fulfill their destiny of achieving divine union. 

Why Is My Twin Flame Ignoring Me?

Each twin flame journey is unique. Each twin flame has a personal experience and journey through 3D life. The details of each situation and scenario are going to be different. Not all reasons will apply to all situations. 

Follow your intuition when it comes to your particular situation. In the end, there’s no better guide than your higher self, your twin’s higher self, your spiritual team, and your higher power.

twin flame separation

1. Unhealed Shadows, Inner Child Issues, Or Karmic Lessons 

One of the main reasons why your twin flame seems to ignore you is that they’re dealing with unhealed shadows, inner child issues, or karmic lessons. 

Even though it’s painful and triggering for you, they’re actually trying to protect you on an unconsciously aware level. They sense that they’re dealing with some lower vibes, even if they haven’t gone through their spiritual awakening yet. 

Their soul is trying to shield you from those lower vibes while they find their way to healing. That doesn’t really make it any easier to go through. 

2. Triggered Into Runner Mode 

When your twin flame is triggered, they can go into runner mode. It’s a very triggering experience for their divine counterpart, which can go into chaser mode as a result. But the runner and chaser dynamic is not a way forward for your twin flame connection

In fact, the runner and chaser loop is one that sets up a lot of future growth and development. It’s one of the most triggering phases of the journey. That means it’s also one of the most difficult and painful for both twin flames

The key to success is what happens when the twin flame chaser gives up. That’s because twin flames never actually give up on each other. 

All the running and chasing is happening at a more surface level, though. It could trick you into believing that you’re apart from your twin flame. But you’re never actually apart from each other. In spiritual terms, you are always connected

3. Taking A Break To Regroup Spiritually And Emotionally 

It might seem like your twin is ignoring you when in fact they’re just hitting the pause button on the journey. It’s not the same as going into full-on runner mode by actively avoiding or denying their destiny. 

Some of the phases of your twin flame journey are very difficult. Growth is never easy. Sometimes, your twin might need a bit more time to digest and incorporate some of the healing and lessons coming their way. 

Breaks are actually a good sign. They mean there is growth going on. It might not happen quite as quickly as we might like, but it is happening. 

What Can You Do If Your Twin Flame Ignores You?

twin flame signs

There’s no easy way to handle these difficult growing pains. What you can do to support your path toward divine union is to keep your eye on the prize. You’re in this to achieve divine union and merging. The issues and difficulties are just phases along the way.  

1. Respect Their Space So They Can Grow And Heal 

There’s no easy way to say this and no pleasant way to hear it. When your twin is going into apparent break or shutdown mode, the best thing you can do is to respect their space

You might wonder if you should ignore your twin flame runner right back. You’re not ignoring your twin when you respect their space. The same way your twin is not actually ignoring you when they take that space.

By allowing them space, you reduce the pressure they might be close to buckling under. That leaves them the room they need to grow and evolve past the obstacles they’re dealing with. 

2. Work On Your Growth And Development To Raise The Frequency 

You can help support and guide your twin toward overcoming their issues. One of the best things you can do is to raise the frequency of your energy

Through your energy cord, that raises their energy too. And as their energy rises, it comes easier for them to make progress on healing their own issues and overcoming them. 

Your growth is your twin’s opportunity to grow and your twin flame connection’s chance at ascension. Give yourselves that chance by doing what you can.

3. Manifest Spiritual Progress On Your Twin Flame Journey 

Manifesting progress on your journey is one of the key aspects of achieving divine union. At this point, visualize that goal as progress on the journey rather than a specific situation or scenario to be achieved. 

Depending on your twin’s reason for the hiatus, some 3D specific goals could trigger them further. Spiritual progress is the way to go. Once it happens, it will lead to all the natural phases of harmonizing with your divine union

You can work on that by applying the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to your current situation. Or, if you were in a 3D no-contact situation before this phase, apply the steps so you can address any and all situations. 

4. Focus On The Progress Being Made 

While you’re not putting pressure on your twin, it’s important you don’t put too much pressure on yourself, either. Remember, the only way to move forward on this journey is to look within with the same unconditional love you have for your divine counterpart

Focus on all the progress you’ve made so far. Allow that to encourage and uplift you. 

5. Surrender To Your Divine Union 

The surrender phase is an essential step. Remember that you’re not struggling to achieve a divine union. It’s meant to be.

It’s destined. You need to allow it to happen. To embrace your divine union manifesting in all realities, including the 3D one.  You’re not fighting to make something happen. You’re allowing something that already exists in the spiritual realm to come to pass naturally at all levels of existence.

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