With the intricate dance of souls that defines twin flame relationships, does the concept of infidelity even have a place? Or does this spiritual connection transcend such earthly indiscretions?

Beliefs here do vary. We’re going to approach it as we always do – relying on what we see happening throughout the collective we speak to daily. Trying to remain unbiased and focused on furthering your path.

Normal Labels Don’t Apply

Twin flame relationships are not your typical… anything.

They are not based on mere physical attraction or shared interests. Not to say these things are not there, but you are not in each other lives because you happened to swipe right on Tinder.

The true purpose of twin flames is far, far deeper. This profound connection is unlike any conventional relationship, and it’s important to understand this distinction.

And this is where things get… difficult when we talk about cheating.

We always talk about this idea of twin flame separation. When your twin flame isn’t (yet) ready to accept the level of connection between the two of you, it’s possible they’ll be with a soulmate or karmic instead.

Or what if they were already with someone when you met? Does it still count as cheating?

The water can get murky. Quickly.

If you’re asking whether your twin flame might spend time with someone else or sleep with them? The answer is yes, absolutely. But it’s hard to apply ‘normal’ labels on things that break the mold of what we consider ‘normal’.

The main thing to remember is this does not mean your path won’t end in union. A twin flame runner isn’t trying to hurt you or sabotage your path. If we look at how they feel, it’s often that they’re acting in a kind of spiritual self-defense.

Why a Twin Flame Runner Might ‘Cheat’

This is far from an exhaustive list, but some common patterns do start emerging about why your twin flame runner would spend time with someone else, whether we consider that cheating or not.

  • Fear of Intensity: The depth of a twin flame connection can be overwhelming, leading them to seek solace in a less intense relationship.
  • Unresolved Karma: They may have unresolved karma with another soul that needs to be addressed before they can fully commit to their twin flame.
  • Self-Doubt: Doubts about their own worthiness of such a profound connection can push them towards other relationships.
  • Lack of Awareness: They might not fully understand the nature of the twin flame relationship and mistake it for a typical romantic connection.
  • Spiritual Immaturity: If they are not spiritually mature enough to handle the twin flame connection, they might seek comfort in a more conventional relationship.
  • Running from Pain: The twin flame connection can bring up deep-seated pain and issues that need healing. They might ‘cheat’ to avoid facing this pain.
  • Denial of Connection: They might deny the depth of the twin flame connection and try to prove it by engaging with others.
  • Fear of Abandonment: If they have a fear of being abandoned, they might ‘cheat’ as a self-protective measure.
  • Testing the Connection: They might engage with others to test the strength and authenticity of the twin flame connection.
  • Resistance to Change: The twin flame connection often requires personal transformation. They might ‘cheat’ to resist this change and maintain their current lifestyle.

Most of these stem from the fact that they’re simply not ready to accept the path you share together. This doesn’t mean it won’t happen and it certainly doesn’t mean you just sit on your hands and wait.

Take control of your path. Help your twin flame to see you’re meant to be together and get them ready for union with our twin flame unification blueprint.

Warning: Don’t Fall Into This Trap

I know we immediately put a lot of people off when we say something like this. And for those of you who already know this is your twin flame, then this won’t apply. But it’s important to at least think about this.

We’ve talked a lot about why twin flames are different and why you might not want to cheat it in the same way.

However, just remember that it’s perfectly possible for a false twin flame to be cheating on you, and they’d love for you to believe they’re the real thing. Trying to tell the difference between a twin flame vs a narcissist only becomes easy in retrospect.

It’s entirely possible that your real twin flame cheats on you in the earlier stages. Or that you cheat on them.

But be open to the reality that breakups are hard, and it’s also easy to prescribe the ‘twin flame’ label to a relationship you’re still hurting from.

Not sure what applies to you? Continue your journey (carefully) or use external guidance on working out if this is your real twin flame or not.

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