You’re very likely to run into twin flame synchronicities before union. Signs that things are moving in the right direction. That you are both almost ready.

Your higher self, your twin’s higher self, your spiritual team, your higher power, and the Universe want to convey messages of confirmation and encouragement when you’re on the right track. 

1. Songs, Poems, Movies, TV Shows

You’re very likely to start feeling like the Universe is sending you messages through everything you hear or see. Songs or poems you hear, movies or TV shows, all of them can bear messages that relate to your divine union. 

You’ll feel those lines or lyrics hitting you in a special way. They could be lines you and your twin exchanged, thoughts you had, ideas you contemplated related to your divine union. 

2. Seeing Birthday Numbers 

One of the most powerful confirmations or encouragements that come up can be seeing twin flame birthday numbers have messages. You can see your birthday numbers or those of your twin on your phone, on clocks, on screens all over, license plates, phone numbers, order numbers, or even postal codes. 

The closer you get to your divine union frequency, the more in tune you and your mirror soul are on an energetic level. Your birthday numbers are likely to come up more and more. 

You can also use the twin flame birth chart calculator to dive into the meaning of your birth numbers.

3. Spiritual, Dream, Meditation, And Astral Travel 

As a form of confirmation and encouragement, you’re likely to notice an intensification of constant contact via spiritual, dream, meditation, and astral travel interactions

These encounters are very high vibrational. When you harmonize with our divine union frequency, they’ll happen more and more until you reach a phase of constant contact at a conscious awareness level. 

Also, during these encounters, you’re likely to receive messages and guidance about how to further support your growth and development as flames and as a connection. 

4. Telepathic And Energetic Contact 

The next level of your path toward divine union is becoming constantly connected to your divine counterpart at a consciously aware level. 

Even if you’re in a twin flame relationship that’s going well, you’re unlikely to be in constant contact in the 3D with your twin flame. You have meaningful and fulfilling connections and activities outside of the relationship, too. 

But you get to the stage where you and your twin are in telepathic, emotional, and energetic contact constantly at a consciously aware level

5. Getting The Urge To Manifest Divine Union  

The more progress you make toward your divine union, the more you’ll feel encouraged to keep going. When you feel the urge to manifest your divine union more or at specific times, it’s a sign you’re making amazing progress

You are constantly manifesting your twin flame with the law of attraction, and so are they. Your souls are drawn to each other like magnets. You gravitate around your twin’s frequency and vice versa. 

Once you’ve made enough progress, you’ll become consciously aware of your manifesting process. You’ll also feel called to do your manifesting at particular times when the astral field is more favorable or during specific astrological contexts

6. Inspiration To Raise The Frequency 

When you get closer to your divine union frequency, everything in your energetic field knows and feels it. Even if you or your twin aren’t consciously aware of it at exactly the same time, your souls are always aware of it. 

You’ll both feel called and inspired to do things that raise your frequency. That’s going to ease your progress toward your union and strengthen your twin flame bond. 

It can come through in various ways. You could feel called to visit specific, very high vibe locations, for instance. Or you’ll feel drawn to high-vibe practices, rituals, and activities. Everything will seem to conspire to lead you to energetic breakthroughs, and quantum leaps in your progress

7. Breakdowns Of Barriers And Limitations

As we very well know, the twin flame journey is a highly triggering experience. It’s how it pushes you both to grow and develop yourselves until you can achieve your divine union. 

You might often feel like you’re constantly running into barriers, limitations, obstacles, and hindrances. As you’re working on healing and growing, new issues might seem to constantly come up. 

One of the signs you’re very close to your divine union is the fact that issues start to come up less and less or even not at all from a point forward. That’s because you’ve both grown, developed, and healed beyond the triggers and issues. 

8. Feeling Called To Do Regular Cleansings

Your twin flame journey involves a lot of spiritual work. You both work on healing shadows, inner child issues, traumas, and resolving karmic debts. All of these aspects and issues come in tow with lower frequencies than the ones you yearn to vibe at. 

Spiritual hygiene is an essential part of your journey. When you’ve made enough progress spiritually, you’ll start to feel the urge to do cleansings regularly

The more progress you make, the higher vibe you, your twin, and your bond are. That means your everyday 3D experiences will bring you way more and more vibes that are significantly lower to yours. 

You might think that the more progress you make, the less you’ll feel the need to do cleansings. But in fact, you’ll feel more and more called to cleanse your energetic fields. That’s how you’ll protect the progress you’ve made up to that point and fuel the next steps. 

9. Increasing Harmony In Your Twin Flame Relationship 

One of the best signs that you’re close to union is you’ll feel that your twin flame relationship is more and more harmonious

In previous phases of your journey, you could have felt like it’s a constant struggle to work as a twin flame couple and as a bond. And during that phase, you can really use the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to build up your momentum

Once you’ve made enough progress, things start to work themselves out more, in a way. You’re much more in harmony with your twin and with your divine union. The Universe could seem to conspire to make your bond work and make progress

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