This twin flame story comes from Ele on the forum, at a different stage to some of our previous stories and a unique situation with her karmic actually trying to give her to her twin flame at one point.

I was in a relationship with my karmic partner for 8 years before I met my twin flame. For 8 years, we tried having a baby, but it just didn’t happen for us.

Long story short, I moved to Canada with my karmic partner in 2021. This was when I met my twin flame at my workplace. I know I’m meant to come to a foreign country to meet him.

At work, we were just strangers. But then I needed to perform work that would allow me to go on a trip. It always happened that he is the designated driver for all my trips.

The universe’s way of bringing us closer. We were just good friends and co-workers for 5 months, we didn’t know about the connection yet. Until my karmic partner decided to fulfill his wild dreams (asking my twin flame) to come over to our apartment on Friday night so the 3 of us can hang out together. It started with just karaoke sessions of the 3 of us after having dinner. Talking and chatting. My karmic partner is sort of trying to give me to my twin.

I overheard their conversations on 3 different occasions where my karmic would say to him, “Look at her, she’s so beautiful and intelligent”.

Until that one night, my twin flame’s 3rd visit to our apartment. My karmic left us 2, but we didn’t do anything. We just hang out in the living room. I sort of say to him “can I see your hands?”

He handed me his hands as I was drawn to his hairy arms. I didn’t know exactly how it happened, but we held hands, and then the magnetic energy hit us both. I said, “Oh my God, did you feel that?” he just nodded.

Instant recognition, that feeling that we knew each other forever. After that recognition, we always take breaks at work together, regardless if it’s a 15-minute break or a 30-minute lunch break. We love being together, and we were so inseparable.

My karmic partner and I broke up as he admitted he only did that because he was doing self-sabotage. He wanted a spark in our 8-year relationship to save it. However, I broke up with him because in my mind, “If you love me, how can you offer me to another person?”

I know it was his role to play for me and my twin flame to recognize each other. He left me alone to go back to my home country. He dated three different women in 3 months. However, during that time. My twin and I were getting closer till I moved in with him a month later (March)

The Blessing… By April of that year, my twin and I got pregnant with our daughter. It was a miracle for me, I thought, I’m no longer able to conceive, but it just happened.

The Separation… However, because of my ego and pride, and a lot has happened in our lives, I got laid off, and my twin did as well. We had a huge misunderstanding that caused us to break up.

I left him to be alone as I got hurt by his words, and he got hurt by my actions. The first separation was when I was only 4 months pregnant, then we saw each other again after 3 months, another separation in November because I transferred from his province (Eastern part of the country) to the West just to run away from him.

However, we met again a week after I gave birth in January. He visited me and the baby a week after I gave birth to our daughter. I blamed myself for running away from him. I should have been more patient with him, now that I think about it.

Karmic Issue… My karmic can’t let go of his attachment and sort of get between us. He uses my 14-year-old son as his excuse, as we both co-parent my son. Every time I would tell him just to let me and my twin be, he would try to manipulate me.

The entire time I was separated from my twin, it felt like a part of me is dying. Never a day goes by that I don’t think about him. We still communicate every day. 2 weeks ago, he messaged me saying he is moving on and is dating another lady. It hit me hard. I said, I have to make a decision, I can’t be in misery forever. I talked to my karmic and told him I was ending everything between us as I can’t bridge the gap caused by his self-sabotage.

He said he understands but won’t let me leave the house. He offered financial security and a family dynamic between him, my teenager and the baby, but there is this space in my heart all the time.

I’m no longer the same person I used to be.

I told my twin about what I did, and he sort of told me that he is only testing the water, not sure if he will date that lady. I told him when I’m out of my karmic relationship, I will focus on myself, my son and the baby. I am not looking forward to dating again.

Last week when we had a FaceTime, I told him I acknowledged our connection and that it’s the only cure for the bleeding heart. I don’t know if he is doing the same thing, but since then, he told me he is on the same page as I am. We are set to meet next week for five days with our daughter.

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