Your twin flame soul tie is the basis of your twin flame connection. It’s also called the twin flame energy cord. This is an unbreakable and everlasting energetic connection that is part of your soul and of your twin flame’s soul. 

There’s only one way that your twin flame soul tie can come to an end. It’s not by cord-cutting, in case you’re wondering. The only way your soul tie comes to an end is for you and your twin flame to reach divine union

Through your divine union, your soul tie ends in the sense that it becomes an integral part of the new soul formed by the merging of your flames

What Makes The Flame Soul Tie So Strong?

The flame soul tie can be misunderstood sometimes. It’s a bit different from other soul ties that you can run into. 

For instance, between you and the various soulmates you’ll encounter during this lifetime or any other, there are soulmate-soul ties. These soul ties act like threads in a spider’s web of energy. 

They are a point of connection between souls, which links those souls throughout lifetimes. 

As the souls grow and evolve, those soul ties can become stronger or weaker, depending on the karmic debt they have included. 

As you and your soulmates overcome certain frequencies, those soul ties can dissolve because they have served their purpose. Similarly, as you ascend, you activate other soulmate soul ties meant to help you and your soulmates at those particular frequencies.  

These soul ties act like threads in a web. You weave your human experience by making and graduating from these soul ties. 

But your flame soul tie is very different. Though it is a form of a soul tie, it’s not a connection between souls in the sense that it exists outside of the souls. This soul tie is an organic part of each of those two souls

Can You Break Your Flame Soul Tie?

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Let’s be very clear here: you can never break your twin flame soul tie. It’s not possible any more than it is possible to break off bits and pieces of your soul voluntarily. But you can harm it, sure.

The notion of cutting cords has been around the spiritual community for a while. Some believe that any and all soul ties can be broken by using one’s free will and some concentrated efforts via rituals or practices. 

It’s a false belief. You can’t break the connection of your soul to your twin flame’s soul any more than you can break the connection between your soul and your higher power. 

You can put your consciously aware interaction on hold. You can try to ignore it or go against what it calls for via your intuition. You can go against the wisdom and guidance it offers you. 

Sure. You can do all of that. There’s not much wisdom in doing those things, but you can do them. Breaking the energy cord or soul ties, though, is simply not possible

What you can break are false flame soul ties. In fact, cutting cords with a false twin flame will make your life much better. And it supports you in making progress on your twin flame journey and achieving your authentic divine union.

Your twin flame soul tie or energy cord exists as long as your souls exist in this separate form. It’s never actually broken. It simply changes when you reach divine union and then merge. 

But if you try to break it, you will harm it and your soul as a result. It won’t break, but it will set back your twin flame connection by who knows how many frequencies. 

That’s not going to make it any easier to put up with your separation phase. And that’s the phase when most people feel tempted to try to break the soul tie. 

The urgent need and triggering nature of your separation won’t lessen by trying to break the soul tie. If anything, it will intensify the low vibe feelings and patterns because you’ll cut away some of the progress your bond made

So if you take some time to think about it, trying to cut the cord simply prolongs your journey and makes it tougher. It’s a form of self-sabotage

How Does The Soul Tie Influence Your Twin Flame Journey?

Your flame soul tie or flame energy cord is a key part of your twin flame journey

It’s the connection that survives throughout lifetimes of 3D experiences. It’s the place where you deposit the numerous lessons you learn throughout your lifetimes. It acts as a source of comfort and support during your separation phase. 

It vibrates with joy and intensity when you and your twin flame make more contact. It fortifies your bond and empowers your twin flame relationship while you work on your connection blueprints. 

When you and your twin flame are growing apart from each other, your soul tie becomes tense and more stressed. It signals that one or both of you are going in the wrong direction when it comes to your destinies and your highest good. 

Your soul tie is an integral part of your twin flame relationship. It assists you as you work on resolving karmic debts and learning lessons. If you need some help with working on your twin flame relationship, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help you out.

The soul tie acts as a motivator to make progress on your journey. The more you grow on a spiritual level, the more you can interact with all of its treasures in a consciously aware manner. 

If your soul tie starts to feel uncomfortable or even painful, it’s an important warning sign. Look deep within your soul and try to find out what’s causing the distress. If it’s not your distress, then it’s your twin flame’s distress. 

When that happens, lean into your unconditional love and support. Ask your higher self, your twin’s higher self, your spiritual team, and your higher power for support and guidance. Don’t panic. This is all part of the process. You’re doing great work! Keep making progress by growing and developing your spirit. 

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