Soul contracts and twin flames go hand in hand. The basis of the twin flame journey is the flame soul contract between the twins. 

But the flame soul contract is not the only type of soul contract that twin flames are part of. Throughout their numerous human experiences, twin flames activate, resolve, and release numerous soul contracts

Why Do Twin Flames Have Multiple Types Of Soul Contracts? 

Twin flames are part of different soul contracts because of a few core reasons. These reasons connect to what it means to be a twin flame and what life purpose it entails. 

On an individual level, the reasons why you’re part of different soul contracts depend on your particular situation. Use your intuition to pinpoint the reasons why you’re part of specific soul contracts.

Twin Flame Spiritual Love

Twin Flames Are Highly Spiritual Souls

Twin flame souls vibrate at higher frequencies than others. You are very spiritual souls, even if you haven’t experienced your spiritual and flame awakening yet. It’s all about the energy signature of your soul. 

That makes other souls gravitate toward you. There’s a massive amount of wisdom and knowledge within your reach whenever you’re ready to tap into it. Souls sense that and are magnetized toward you. 

In spiritual terms, your soul works pretty much like a spiritual guiding light

Mirror Souls Have Numerous Past Lives

Many souls go through a number of human experiences. But twin flames are sure to accumulate past lives until the point they reach divine union frequency and then merge. Until that point, you’re sure to dive into a 3D experience again and again and twin flame past lives can get… interesting.

That means you interact and connect with numerous souls throughout your numerous lifetimes. You could potentially interact with huge numbers of souls. The more contact you have with souls, the more soul contracts you can activate

Twins Radiate The Healing Energy Of Unconditional Love 

You’ve probably noticed already that souls tend to gravitate toward you. It’s because your soul vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. That’s true even if you haven’t achieved divine union frequency. 

Unconditional love is part of your soul’s energy signature. It’s one of the most healing vibes in the 3D

That’s why it attracts souls and soul contracts to you. They seek the healing that your mere presence can help support and guide them toward. 

Type Of Soul Contracts For Twin Flames

Based on the nature of their purpose, we can talk about three main types of soul contracts for twin flames.

Flame Soul Contracts 

The main soul contract in your twin flame journey is your twin flame contract, of course. It’s based on your twin flame soul tie or energy cord. 

Your flame soul contract tends to be based on you and your twin completing each other in order to fulfill your life purpose. When you’re not harmonizing well, this contract becomes deeply triggering

Twin flame soul contracts are unbreakable and essentially endless. They reach their completion point when you achieve your divine union. Until then, your flame soul contract is still in full effect. 

Soulmate Soul Contracts 

It’s very likely you’ll connect to more than one soulmate during your 3D human experiences as a twin flame on your way toward achieving divine union. 

These soul contracts are mutually supportive and beneficial. They tend to be based on similarities that come up during a particular segment of your 3D experience. These soul contracts are temporary, breakable, and revolve around learning particular lessons or achieving particular frequencies

Once you and your soulmate have helped each other to grow up to a point, your paths tend to veer away from each other so you can each follow your journeys. It can really help to try and understand the difference between twin flames and soulmates.

Karmic Soul Contracts 

In the sense that they’re based on resolving karmic debts, all soul contracts have a karmic component to them. 

In the twin flame community, karmic partners or karmic soul contracts tend to refer to the lower-vibe lessons that you should have already learned by the time you interact with your twin. 

But in essence, all connections that are meant to teach you something have a karmic aspect to them. In fact, your twin flame connection also comes with a karmic debt.

How Do Soul Contracts Affect The Twin Flame Journey? 

Depending on their nature, soul contracts can have different effects on the twin flame journey. 

The ultimate goal of these soul contracts is to support and guide you toward achieving your divine union. But they fulfill that role in slightly different ways. 

Your flame soul contract is the main engine of growth and development. It triggers you to expand your consciousness and connect to your higher self and your twin’s higher self as part of your flame ascension process.

Soulmate soul contracts can act as a supportive presence that helps you fulfill your goal of making progress toward your divine union with your mirror soul. 

Karmic soul contracts push you to learn some lessons and heal some wounds, shadows, and inner child issues in order to raise your frequency. In that regard, all soul contracts can act as a karmic connection. It means they help you learn lessons.  

The soul contracts you and your twin flame activate are meant to support, guide, and inspire you to achieve your individual life purposes and your sacred mission of achieving divine union

The blueprints you choose to resolve through those contracts resolve as much karmic debt as possible. That’s how you accelerate your divine union

These soul contracts blend and intertwine so you can make the most of your twin flame relationship and ascend. If you’ve gotten to that stage already, these other soul contracts will support your progress toward divine union. 

If you’ve gotten to the twin flame relationship phase and want extra help to make progress, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint. These resources can help you get your connection (back) on track toward divine union. 

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