Let me paint a picture. You’ve told your twin flame how you feel. They’ve reacted in a completely overblown way, they’re completely unaware of the connection, and now… they’re denying their feelings.

You’ll often be reminded that twin flames are always connected on some level.

This is entirely true. It’s also incredibly unhelpful when you’re dealing with the pain and anguish of the runner denying the connection that seems so obvious to you. So why do they do it, and what can you do to help them understand?

Reasons the Twin Flame Runner Denies Their Feelings

  1. Unprepared for the Spiritual Connection: Despite feeling a strong connection with you, your twin might be entirely closed off and unaware of your spiritual connection. They might be trying to frame the bond in a way that makes sense to them, and you don’t fit into their normal understanding of normal relationships.
  2. Fear of Causing Pain: They might be afraid of hurting you. If they’ve been hurt in the past, they might fear that getting involved with you could lead to similar pain and heartbreak. On the higher level, they might be worried about experiencing soul shock if they know you still have work to do while apart.
  3. External Pressure: Society places a lot of pressure on us to act in a certain way. A twin flame relationship rarely fits into the norm, and a lot of runners face scrutiny from people who don’t understand this kind of bond.
  4. Involvement with Another: Your twin might be involved with a false twin flame or just a normal relationship. This can cause them to deny their feelings for you because of their understanding of how this kind of relationship should work. It might help to understand the different types of connections.
  5. Overwhelmed by Intensity: The connection between twin flames can be overwhelming, especially for the less spiritually aware twin. They might deny their feelings because they’re struggling to process the depth and intensity of their emotions. They genuinely might not understand their own feelings yet.
  6. They Know They Need to Heal: While they might be denying their feelings at the moment, this would actually be a great sign for union in the near future. They might know they need to focus on their personal growth and be actively working on readying themselves for union (whether or not they even know it themselves).
  7. Lack of Self-Love: A step before that is if they know they’re not ready for a connection yet. If they’re struggling with self-esteem or self-love, they might find it hard to believe that they’re worthy of such a profound connection with you.
  8. Fear of Losing Friendship: This can be an interesting one for twin flames. If you two are close friends, they might not understand the depth of the connection and be scared of the idea of losing you if things go wrong. They still need to understand that there is more to your connection.
  9. Fear of Change: The less spiritually aware twin can react to change by actively trying to avoid it. Their higher self can see the positive aspects of potential change, but in the 3D they might rally against it and denying their feelings is part of that.
  10. Denial of True Self: If they’re not living authentically or are denying aspects of their true self, they are likely to deny their feelings for you.
  11. Self-Doubt: They might doubt their feelings and question whether their feelings are real. This self-doubt could lead them to deny their feelings for you. This can be a fairly common one when the runner is not open to spiritual practices. They’ll experience something but not be able to frame it in a way that makes sense, so they try and deny all of it.
  12. Fear of Rejection: They might fear you won’t reciprocate their feelings, leading them to deny their feelings to protect themselves from rejection. This can happen even if you make it clear that you want them. That little voice in their head thinks you’ll change your mind the moment they open up.
  13. Past Trauma: If they’ve experienced trauma in their past relationships, they might hesitate to open up and express their feelings. This can be especially problematic if they’ve met a false twin flame who triggered some real wounds they need to deal with.
twin flame separation

How to Get a Twin Flame Runner to Stop Denying Their Feelings

  1. Embrace Unity: I mean more than just wishing you were both together. Really embracing unity means being deeply open yourself to the idea that you and your twin flame are one. Look beyond the simple romantic side of the connection. Let go of rigid perceptions and judgments around gender, age, race, and social background. You can’t expect them to understand the connection if you don’t yourself.
  2. Communicate Openly: Open communication can help alleviate their fears and help them understand your level of connection. This can be through texting your twin flame (if you’re speaking in the 3D) or through your telepathic bond.
  3. Guide Them (Gently): Whether you use our sessions & tools or you already have your own practice for this, focusing on your unspoken bond can allow you to guide them to a deeper understanding of your connection here in the 3D.
  4. Be Patient: I’m not saying you should just sit around and hope for them to suddenly accept your connection. You can and should work on speeding up the twin flame journey, but that doesn’t mean you can force things on them before they are ready. You need to give them space to do the work and help them along the path to get there.
  5. Understand Your Own Energies: Learn to recognize and accept the masculine and feminine energies within you. You are more than just what society expects you to be. This balance is essential for harmony and unity in your twin flame relationship.
  6. Explore Your Beliefs: Reflect on your beliefs about the opposite sex, relationships and yourself. If there’s negativity and fear, it can create distance in your relationship. Clear these negative beliefs to create a more harmonious connection and further your path to union.
  7. Practice Forgiveness: Forgiveness is a powerful tool for releasing conflict and opening up to love. This means learning to forgive them, others in your life and yourself.
  8. Look At the Big Picture. I never think you should completely forget your journey, but don’t get too focused on whether or not they accept their feelings right at this moment. Focus on your own development and they’ll mirror the same healing and work regardless of how they currently feel.
  9. Heal Past Traumas: If past traumas are causing your twin flame to deny their feelings, encourage them to seek healing. This could involve therapy, meditation, or other healing practices.

Remember, every twin flame journey is unique, and these strategies may not apply to every situation. Always listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you and your relationship.

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