The twin flame community is constantly talking about how we’re always connected at the higher levels. We can absolutely use this connection to communicate, share energy and help guide each other.

But we can also use that connection to connect to your twin flame, drive their desire for you physically, and have a little fun in the process.

Most of us have experienced sex with a ‘normal’ connection by the time we meet our twin flame. Which is how we know just how different it is. With normal (for lack of a better word) sex, you’ll both have fun individually, and hopefully, your partner does too.

With twin flames, you both share in each other’s orgasm.

Your bodies, minds and souls connect.

twin flame kama sutra

And it’s not just when you’re together you can experience this feeling. Sometimes, we hear about a spontaneous climax, which happens when your twin flame has an orgasm (sometimes when thinking about you), and that energy travels your shared bond and… hits you.

Sometimes, when you’re not expecting it.

But we don’t have to just wait for this to happen. You might have heard of the Kama Sutra. Probably in the context of the sex positions with your partner.

Join your twin flame in our remote guided Kama Sutura experiences, these on-demand guided sessions are available to Twin Flame Collective Pro members.

Personal Exploration & Shared Experience

The ancient wisdom of the Kama Sutra is not just about physical positions; it’s a comprehensive guide to living and loving that emphasizes the spiritual and physical union.

(Does that sound familiar to anyone here?)

By engaging in these Kama Sutra practices, you can deeply explore personal desires, boundaries, and the physical self. This self-awareness can be energetically communicated to your twin flame, enhancing intimacy, even from afar.

We can mindfully drive their physical senses wild and feel their presence with you, no matter how far apart you currently are.

By knowing yourself better, you create a stronger, more profound connection with your mirror soul, allowing both to feel more aligned and synchronized during shared moments.

Fun & Union

I don’t know if there are any members of the community who are strangers to the idea of masturbating over their twin flame. The sheer number of stories we’ve heard about what can happen during these sessions is… intense.

But there’s more than just the physical enjoyment here.

Introducing the elements of tantric energy can help tighten that bond between you and your mirror soul. Almost forcing this sexual energy straight through your shared connection and driving their desire for you.

Aside from the usual reasons you would enjoy the experience – connecting in this way with your twin flame goes far beyond the fun factor.

It can help accelerate our ego death and lower the walls both with your twin flame and within yourself. The experience can be entirely transformative, both physically and spiritually.

Your ability to freely share energy together will be more noticeable. You might feel younger, more empowered and your sheer ability to manifest any kind of change in your life can be heightened.

This experience is the physical manifestation of your soul coming home. Reconnecting with the other part of itself.

It’s a safe place where you can be yourself… with yourself.

This opens the doors entirely open to exploration, play, and lowering the defenses you would normally have with someone else.

Guided Remote Sessions

twin flame masturbate

Remember that your twin flame is not just your most compatible other. You are basically in the arms of yourself when you share intimate moments with your twin flame.

You are both two parts of the same soul.

So while any kind of masturbation can help connect you in this way, our guided sessions take you through specific sessions surronding Kama Sutra poses to reach out and connect with both your higher self and your mirror soul.

Holistic Integration

The Kama Sutra integrates physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of relationships.

And we’re constantly telling people not to simply focus on the physical part of the connection.

Its poses and practices are designed to improve body awareness and control, which can lead to better self-understanding and emotional clarity. For twin flames, such holistic practice can refine your ability to tune into each other’s energy and emotions, even from a distance.

Then we can use that energy to steer you both closer.

Energetic Alignment

Many Kama Sutra poses focus on aligning and balancing the body’s energy centers or chakras.

This alignment can foster a deeper internal harmony, to help you resonate energetically with your twin. Twin flames focusing on their personal energetic health can enhance their mutual connection, with a spiritual link that mirrors their physical interaction.

Plus It’s Just Fun

I know not everything on the twin flame journey is a garden of roses. Emotional hurt, confusion and pain is a common part of physical separation.

But working with this kind of energy is just plain… fun.

Any kind of mindful, sexual experience can help bring you closer with your twin flame but if you’d like to join our specially tailored guided sessions to connect with your twin flame in this way you can find them in Twin Flame Collective Pro.

It should go without saying – but those sessions are quite definitely NSFW.

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