Twin flame physical attraction is a powerful experience. It’s unlike any other type of attraction you’ve ever felt.

Similar to when we talked about twin flame sex, there’s something almost ineffable about the attraction that you feel for each other. Even the less spiritually aware twin in the earlier stages is going to notice that something is different here.

What Makes Flame Attraction So Special?

The basis of this physical attraction is not actually physical. It might be surprising to contemplate for people who are newer to spiritual connections and soul contracts. 

The true core of your attraction to your twin flame is your soul bond. You crave each other’s essence and energy at your soul’s level.

The craving takes the form of physical attraction even before you actually connect in the 3D. It’s very likely you’ll find yourself gravitating toward a particular type of partner without being sure why. 

That type is most likely going to make much more sense once you and your twin make 3D contact. Don’t be surprised if you realize that all of those things you kept responding to are, in fact, traits your twin has during this human experience. 

You’ll have a mental picture of your twin even before you connect. In many cases, that’s going to be more intuitive and not consciously aware at the beginning of your journey. 

You will respond to those traits again and again, even when you meet them when dealing with other people. But the level of response is going to be entirely different once you connect with your twin flame. 

You and your mirrored soul have been sharing the flame of passion for numerous twin flame past lives. The intensity of your attraction is intensified by all your previous lives spent yearning and burning for each other. 

And while in some lifetimes you end up consuming your twin flame relationship, in some, you don’t. It depends on the blueprint you’ve decided to activate and work on for that lifetime.

So, in some cases, you have pent-up tension from this lifetime and previous ones. That makes the attraction all the hotter and more explosive. 

twin flames together

Do Both Twins Feel The Twin Flame Physical Attraction? 

Let’s cut to the chase: Yes! Both twin flames feel the intense physical attraction.

The question is not whether or not you both feel it. Your souls yearn for each other from the moment you enter your 3D experience each and every time. And your souls yearn for each other every moment in between human experiences. 

The only thing that may or may not be present is the conscious awareness each of you has at a particular point in time. 

The twin that’s more spiritually evolved is going to gain conscious awareness of what they feel sooner. The other one is very likely to yearn for something without being so sure what it is. 

You might find that your physical attraction for your twin transfers or expands to other areas of your human experience. That stands before and after you’ve made 3D contact.

One of you might yearn for the other without being aware of it. But your instincts are always sharp, even before your flames awaken. And your instincts will pick up on contexts, situations, and even locations that relate to your twin’s energy. 

For instance, you might find yourself inexplicably attracted to settings, places, activities, foods, or beverages that you don’t personally relate to. These things are very likely connected to your twin’s energy during this lifetime. 

Your energy is picking up on your energy and making physical connections where it can. Your twin’s preferences and tastes come through your soul bond. Your soul picks up on them and directs you toward that frequency. 

Once you make 3D contact, all of those things you were called to will start to make sense. It’s one of the reasons you find you have so much in common with your twin as soon as you meet. You’ve been gravitating to what your twin gravitates toward your whole life. 

Signs Of Twin Flame Physical Attraction

If you are consciously aware of your twin flame bond, the signs will be easier to pick up on and understand. But if you or your twin isn’t consciously aware yet, sometimes it might be tougher to see the signs. 

What we’ll mention here are some examples. They could apply to your situation or not. If they don’t, don’t take that to mean that you’re not twin flames or that they don’t feel the attraction. 

Follow your intuition and trust your gut feeling. Situations and journeys are all unique. Trust your flame intuition and your soul’s wisdom at every step. 

1. You feel energized and lively in specific places, situations, or while doing particular things 

When your physical attraction takes the wheel, it will call you to visit places and get into situations or activities. They have the same or very similar energy to what your twin is doing, visiting, or seeing. 

2. You feel drawn to things that aren’t necessarily your taste or personal preference 

Maybe you find yourself getting things you don’t usually like. It could be anything, from clothes to decorative items, to foods and beverages. 

Once you give them a try, you’ll most likely enjoy them. You might even wonder why you hadn’t tried those things before. 

It’s your twin’s energy that’s attracting you toward these things. And you’ll enjoy them because you have so much in common that you tend to enjoy the same things. 

3. You gravitate toward specific places at particular times  

If your twin has a habit of visiting specific places or types of places, you’ll feel pulled to visit them, too. You’ll be attracted to these spots. And if you notice it happens at particular times, it’s likely your twin has the same or a very similar habit. 

All of these signs are meant to help you and your twin make 3D contact sooner rather than later. Or, if you’ve made contact, they are meant to support and guide you toward getting closer and making progress toward your twin flame union.

If you’d like to start working on making progress with your journey, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint. It’s a set of tools meant to support and guide your progress on the journey toward divine union.

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