How many lifetimes do you envision together when you look at your twin? For most of us, the answer is many. We feel that no matter who we were in past lifetimes, we always find our way back to each other.

For twin flames, you know intrinsically that you have spent many lives together before this one. It makes sense, as you have a united karmic purpose. Although you need to build independence before you can meet, once the union is formed, you realize that what you have been working on individually comes alive in the presence of your twin.

A dream, a goal, a vision – there’s something you’re meant to experience over and over, lifetime after lifetime until you truly become one in the cosmos together.

Do Your Past Lives Together Matter?

Some schools of thought suggest you don’t need to worry about your past experiences together outside of this life. Maybe there’s something to that. Staying mindful and present on your path allows you to focus on healing and progressing your path.

But there’s an old cliché that applies here.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

Understanding your past connections together can give you an insight into your current path and your future together.

Getting Insight Into Your Past Lives

One way to help us understand karmic debt that we carry throughout lifetimes is by studying the nodes in astrology (and you can find yours here). The nodes are a pair of astrological points known as the North Node and the South Node that exist opposite each other in one’s chart. The idea is that your North Node is what you are karmically working towards in this lifetime. It’s a point of growth. The South Node is what you have previously mastered in your lifetimes but no longer serves you in this life. It’s a point of release. 

We can learn a lot from knowing our twin flame’s South Node sign specifically because it hints at what they were up to in a past life. The sign of their South Node tells us what they learned together with you last time around.

You can get your own natal chart here (if you don’t already have one) and we can use these nodes to get some insight into your past connections together:

The Nodes in Past Lives

Aries / Libra 

Recall that the nodes are opposites astrologically, so someone born with a Libra South Node will have a North Node in Aries. The past life of an Aries North Node/Libra South Node was centered around partnership. If they seem like the ideal partner in this life, it’s because they have mastered the art of being made for you over several lifetimes. This is someone who marries young and stays with that person their entire life.

The odds are that person they married was you! Just remember that their goal in this life is to nurture independence, so more than likely, they will be the runner in your twin flame dynamic. 

The past life of a Libra North Node/Aries South Node was all about individuality. They might have been hard to keep committed because of their fierce independence. They could have been warriors or Politicians or CEOs.

Either way, they did it on their own. They are meant to nurture their twin flame relationship with you in this life. Remember, though, they’re used to being independent, and a relationship is out of their comfort zone. Growth isn’t always comfortable. Discomfort and tension are part of your soul journey together, so be patient and know that loving you is how they become their best selves. 

Taurus / Scorpio

In a past life, a Taurus North Node/Scorpio North Node was all too familiar with the doom and gloom. This placement has the vibes of being a Medieval peasant in a past life. In any case, not the easiest life to have. In this life, a partner with this aspect has been given a break to enjoy the finer things in life, including their relationship with you.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships, Taurus’s sign is known for indulging in the beautiful and sensual. They will want to share the luxuries of life with you. Go ahead and let them, as this promotes their personal growth, which is part of your shared journey. 

Someone with a Scorpio North Node and Taurus South Node stirs the feeling of royalty in a past life. Someone who was surrounded by wealth and opulence and beauty. This partner is used to things being peaceful and easy in past lives.

Not so much in this life. For a Scorpio North Node, the theme of this life is transformation and change. Their life is intense, and they’re bringing you with them. But change helps them grow, so try and grow with them as they go through different phases.

Gemini / Sagittarius

If a person’s North Node is in Gemini and their South Node is in Sagittarius, they have lived countless lives, gathering stories of grand expeditions to distant lands. With this aspect, you can imagine you have traveled together to other dimensions in past lives, seeing every wonder in the galaxy. In this life, Gemini North Node is still interested in making magic.

They grow when making you laugh, giving you advice, or just rambling about whatever’s on their mind. The way to make them feel loved is to listen and affirm their charm. 

When your twin flame’s North Node is in Sagittarius and their South Node is Gemini, they’re going places, and hopefully, you’re going with them. They’ve have quite the way with words and most likely smooth-talked their way into your heart. But they’re noncommittal and anxious, which makes them perfect runner material. Don’t worry about scaring them away forever. They’re just nurturing the Sagittarian intuition they need to build in this lifetime.

Once they turn inward, they might realize what they may be losing by running from something as authentic and real as what you have together.

Cancer / Capricorn

When your twin flame has a Cancer North Node and Capricorn South Node, their past life was all about success and ambition. They climbed and moved the mountain. They shaped their own destiny and had the ability to do whatever they set their mind to. But their definition of success was about external recognition. In this life, they grow through internal validation – by building a home with you. Lazy Sundays, cuddling up together, going grocery shopping, cooking together – share the pleasures of the home with them. If marriage is ever on the table for a twin flame union, now is their lifetime to do it.

If you know your twin has a Capricorn North Node and a Cancer South Node, they have mastered the art of making you feel comfortable in past lives. They were an amazing parent or caretaker. They get to share that with you in this life, so building a home with them will come naturally. But in this life, there’s a need for external recognition.

This person needs to know that no matter what they’re doing, they are successful. Your relationship may come at the cost of their success. But comforting you is a part of their karmic duty. So after they’ve grown on their own, they may return to you as a better partner. And it’s very possible that one of the ways they define success for themselves is by being a good partner to you.

Leo / Aquarius

When you’re dealing with a Leo North Node and Aquarius South Node partner, expect someone comfortable with the strange and subversive. Maybe a brilliant scientist or revolutionary leader in a past life. They do everything according to their own rules, but a good argument convinces them. They might run at the mere idea of a twin flame union. But when they see the dynamics of your union in action, they may question what they previously believed. In this life, remind them that they are the main character of their life, and allow them to take up space.

They grow when they are their true selves, so love them just as they are.

Someone with an Aquarius North Node and Leo South Node will know exactly how to get what they want by charming a crowd. In their past life, they were the main character. The President, the Oscar winner, the rock star.

Now, they have to turn outward and serve something greater than themselves in this lifetime. They may care about a cause so much that it becomes their entire identity. You have no choice but to let them do their thing. On the plus side, they will definitely believe in twin flames and the power of your union – it’s just weird enough to make sense to them.

Virgo / Pisces

If you know that your twin flame has a Virgo North Node and Pisces South Node, they may be close to ascension. They’ve lived countless lives, gaining cosmic knowledge along the way.

They have loved you in every life and likely wanted to meet you in this life long before you physically met. They’re spiritually elevated and tuned to the collective consciousness and now have to come down to earth and serve humanity. They have the knowledge of the entire Universe to provide humanity in this life. In every twin flame union you are One, but in this one its always undeniable that you are just mirror souls.

There’s something about people with a Pisces North Node and Virgo South Node that makes them particularly dreamy and sensitive.

In this life, they’re connecting with something divine. They grow as their psychic knowledge expands. This is because, in the past, they were confined to human duties and tasks, being a servant to others, and acting out of obligation. In past lives, these people worked very hard for little thanks. Now, they experience the gift of the cosmos and want to share it with you. This type of love will transform you both to a place of unconditional acceptance, so cherish it.

Not sure which applies to you? Get your natal chart here.

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