If you’re going through a rough patch, you might be dealing with twin flame pain before union. It can be frustrating, confusing and… well. Painful.

And this is twin flame pain. So we’re talking emotional, physical and spiritual. It’s perfectly normal to wonder why it’s going on. But the more pressing question might be: what can you do about it

A quick reminder here. It doesn’t do you or your mirror soul any good if you ignore a medical issue. If in doubt, seek a medical professional.

Why Do You Feel Pain Before Union? 

Dealing with twin flame pain before divine union could come across as counterintuitive. After all, you’re getting closer to your divine union. That should mean many, if not most, of your issues should be resolved already, right?

First of all, you need to confirm that you are getting closer to your divine union. You might be experiencing twin flame pain because there’s still significant work to be done to make progress. 

Ask your higher self, your twin’s higher self, your spiritual team, your higher power, and the Universe for confirmation that you are getting close to your divine union. That confirmation can come in the form of twin flame synchronicities before union

Once you’ve confirmed you’re close to union, the reasons can start to become clearer. Despite having made a lot of progress, something is holding you or your twin back from making more progress.

twin flame union

Sometimes, the reasons can be somewhat easier to pinpoint. If you and your twin are in a twin flame relationship, they might be apparent in your interaction or in your day-to-day lives. You might both be aware of those issues, in fact. 

But some reasons can be harder to zero in on. They can be subtler like karmic debts still looming over one or both of you or over your twin flame bond. 

If the potential reasons aren’t so easy to identify, don’t worry. Getting worked up over it or falling prey to anxiety or insecurities won’t help your progress toward divine union. In fact, they’ll only stall you all the more. 

The fact you’re experiencing pain can lower your frequency. Any additional lower vibe feelings can affect your progress toward divine union. Protect the progress you’ve made so far. Focus on moving forward with working on yourself, your twin, and your bond. 

Looking over your shoulder won’t necessarily help you identify the causes or even resolve them. Ask your spiritual team for support and guidance on finding the causes, but don’t become too concerned about it. 

By working on yourselves and on your bond, you will resolve any pending issues or unhealed aspects. Trust your bond and your amazing power to grow and evolve. 

Manage Your Pain In 5 Steps 

You’ve surely dealt with a lot of pain as part of your twin flame journey. It’s an inherent part of the growth process. There’s a reason why the saying goes: “growing pains”. 

As twin flames, you’ve been dealing with different types of growing pains for numerous lifetimes. It’s an unfortunate aspect of your growth process, but it toughens you up lifetime after lifetime. Many things hurt during separation in particular, even when you see signs of twin flames missing each other

Even though it’s difficult to experience, you’re more than able to deal with it. Trust yourself, your twin, and your bond to deal with it. But don’t let the pain hold you back from working on making progress. Keep working hard! 

While you do, there are a few steps you can take to manage the pain and keep going forward. 

twin flame meditation

1. Focus On Your Self Love Practice 

Unconditional self-love is a powerful aspect of your twin flame unconditional love. By loving yourself, you love your twin and vice versa. 

When you’re dealing with pain or issues pop up, it’s time to double down on your self-love practice. Take even better care of yourself and shower yourself with the highest vibe of your unconditional love. 

2. Fortify Your Inner Balance 

The best thing you can do for the balance of your bond is to work on your inner balance. That’s going to encourage your twin’s inner balance and the balance of your twin flame bond.  

However intense the storms coming your way might be, you can always rely on your inner balance. It’s a safe harbor for yourself and your divine counterpart, no matter what comes your way.

3. Frequent Energy Cleansings And Shielding 

As twin flames, you have an extra sensitive energetic field. It’s because your souls vibrate at a higher frequency, which makes them stronger but also more susceptible to being affected by more things around. 

Spiritual hygiene is all the more important for you and your twin. When you’re dealing with turbulent energies like pain, it’s essential to focus on doing cleansings and shielding more frequently than usual. 

Outside lower vibes or the occasional lower vibe situation or feeling you’re dealing with individually or as a couple won’t ruin your progress. But they can stall it for a while or slow you down for a bit. Please don’t give them the chance. 

Protect yourselves and your connection through cleansings and shielding. You can do that with the help of crystals, smudging, or specific rituals and practices.

4. More Spiritual Practices 

One way to manage any pain or difficulty you’re dealing with in your twin flame bond is to do more spiritual practices

Things like meditation, yoga, affirmations, subliminals, frequency-specific music, or others can help ground your energy and promote healing and recovery after any issues you’re dealing with. 

5. Manifest Harmony In Your Twin Flame Bond 

You can always rely on the balance and harmony in your bond to weather any storms. When you’re dealing with issues, it’s a safe bet to count on the harmony of your twin flame bond. 

If you’re dealing with pain and other issues before union, focus all the more on manifesting even more harmony in your twin flame connection

You’ve gotten to this point because your energies are already harmonizing. By manifesting more harmony, you’re supporting the progress that you’re already making. 

This is an excellent time to work on your strengthening your bond. Try the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to strengthen your connection and achieve your divine union.

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