Communication starts to improve this week in twin flame connections, dear collective. Divine Feminine energies will start to incorporate the lessons and insights coming in starting last week.

The week begins with a Venus-Pluto trine on November 6. Some of the lessons and insights that came in last week will finally start to make more sense.

You start to gain a better understanding of what you should change and when it might be a good idea to start working on those changes.

Also, on the 6th, the Moon activates Virgo. The insights and lessons you’re gaining can be analyzed and planned in detail when it comes to implementing changes. You can see things and understand them when looking at the big picture but also when zooming into great detail.

On the 7th, there’s a Mercury-Neptune retrograde trine. If one divine counterpart involved in a twin flame relationship has issues with spiritual insight and intuition, the other is ready to step in and share their own vision and understanding of things.

You might experience some doubts or blockages when it comes to communication in your twin flame connection.

But doubts can disappear as soon as the next day, on the 8th, when Venus activates Libra, which is the zodiac sign symbolizing the twin flame soul contract.

Divine Feminine energies in particular can receive energy upgrades and spiritual insights regarding their twin flame journey. You can see things clearly after a time of feeling confused or unsure.

On the 9th, the Moon activates the sign of Libra, too. Your twin flame destiny becomes clearer and you gain more confidence about following your intuition.

Also, on the 9th, there’s a Mercury-Pluto sextile. All of the insight and clarity you’ve gained recently can finally be shared and expressed in a constructive way. There’s a powerful energy of transformation that powers up your twin flame journey.

Things start to make sense now after a time of uncertainty or confusion. You see with more clarity why things have to change and what direction you should try to go in.

On the 10th, there’s a Mercury-Saturn square. Some karmic partners or behavioral patterns might come back up. It’s time to talk about them with your divine counterpart if you’re not in a no-contact type of situation.

On the 11th, the Moon activates the energy of Scorpio. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to your twin flame connection.

If you’re trying to hide secrets or things you’re ashamed of, your divine counterpart eventually ends up finding out anyway. Work on being open and vulnerable with your mirror soul. It’s the most constructive approach to your healing journey as a flame bond.

Also, on the 11th, there’s a Mars-Uranus retrograde opposition. Divine Masculines, in particular, might feel unsure about what steps to take next.

You might feel like it’s extra difficult to come up with and implement solutions to your issues as a flame couple. Don’t try to rush this process. All things get done within divine timing.

Ride the energetic waves safely, dear collective. Blessings, and may the stars guide you well!

If you’d like to dive deeper, you can find this month’s forecast for each individual sign here. We’ll go sign by sign with a detailed look at the month, allowing you to add specific context and celestial guidance for the journey to union.

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Remember: Just like using any other tool (like twin flame readings or twin flame numerology), you should take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Let your intuition guide you on the important parts of your journey at this moment.

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