This week’s energy revolves around shadows, inner child issues, traumas, and your healing journey, dear collective. It could be a triggering week for both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

Don’t let that get you down, though! Discovery is a step toward healing, and healing is a much needed step toward divine union.

On December 11, there’s a Mercury – Venus sextile. Divine Feminine energies in particular are likely to become more open and willing to make themselves vulnerable by sharing.

You find it easier to talk about what it is you want, don’t want, and what is truly bothering you or making you feel stuck. Once things are aired out, you can start to heal and overcome whatever issues have been bothering you, your twin, or your twin flame relationship.

On the same date, there’s a Venus – Lilith sextile. These open discussions going on this week can finally bring to light some of the deeper causes behind the issues themselves.

Unhealed shadows, inner child issues, traumas, or even karmic debts can now start to come to light in your conscious awareness. Unpleasant things you’ve been hiding from your divine counterpart could also come to light.

It might be uncomfortable to see your secrets being discovered or shared. But this is your divine counterpart finding things out, and they’re going to support and guide you toward healing and overcoming those blockages. And you will do the same for them.

On the 12th, there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a great time to start a new manifestation process. Things are likely to get going. You can finally see some progress in achieving your goals.

On the 14th, there’s a Sun – North Node retrograde trine. Everything going on this week helps you and your twin flame realize what’s been holding back the progress in your connection.

The Mercury retrograde – Lilith trine of the 15th can cause even more epiphanies and realizations. This process can become very triggering, particularly for twin flames who haven’t done much healing until now.

You could feel overwhelmed by the depths and width of issues you start to become aware of. On the same date, there’s a Mars – Chiron retrograde trine. It might make Divine Masculines feel overwhelmed by what comes to light or by what they have to do as a result.

On the 17th, there’s a Sun – Neptune square. Your intuition may not be firing as well at this time. Don’t panic about that. This is a time better suited for contemplation and analysis.

Make the most of this energy to truly look within and into your connection. Once you map out more of the obstacles, you’ll have an easier job of overcoming and releasing them when the time is right.

Ride the energetic waves safely, dear collective. Blessings and may the stars guide you well!

If you’d like to dive deeper, you can find this month’s forecast for each individual sign here. We’ll go sign by sign with a detailed look at the month, allowing you to add specific context and celestial guidance for the journey to union.

You can also use our twin flame birth chart calculator for a look at your unique natal chart and what it can tell us about your twin flame path.

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Remember: Just like using any other tool (like twin flame readings or twin flame numerology), you should take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Let your intuition guide you on the important parts of your journey at this moment.

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