This week brings some powerful energy for twin flames and especially Divine Masculines, dear collective.

The August 21 Sun-North Node (retrograde) trine brings in spiritual clarity. You can experience an awakening, especially as a Divine Masculine. It’s becoming clearer what your life purpose is and what fulfills your soul.

On the 22nd, there’s a Venus (retrograde)-Jupiter square. Divine Feminines might feel discouraged or lose their motivation. If you were hoping for some lucky breaks in your twin flame journey, they’re not coming through yet.

Also on the 22nd, there’s a Mars-Neptune (retrograde) opposition. Some Divine Masculines could experience issues in connecting to their spiritual teams and higher selves.

This might be a moment when you feel like you’re sort of flying blind when it comes to your twin flame journey. It might be a trying time that can test your resolve to keep going.

On August 23, the Sun enters Virgo. It brings renewed curiosity and an analytical approach to the whole experience. You’re determined to find out more and understand things better.

It may prove to be tougher to reach the information you’re looking for, though. That’s because on August 23 Mercury goes retrograde. If you do find the information, you might lose it or not make sense of it as quickly as usual.

August 25 brings in the energy of the Mars-Pluto (retrograde) trine. Even though you gain new insight, you might be reluctant to act on it. This could be a time when you’re not so sure you want to change your life too drastically.

Divine Masculines in particular could start to show signs of being stuck in their ways.

August 27 brings in the energy of two events. The Sun-Saturn (retrograde) opposition can bring to light some unhealed shadows and inner child issues still holding you back.

Karmic debts, partners, or patterns of behavior could become clearer or come to light. This is not the best time to start working on releasing that karma. But the knowledge and understanding is going to be very helpful when you feel prepared to start working on healing.

Then there’s Mars entering Libra also on the 27th. This is a point when Divine Masculines in particular and the twin flame collective can gain clarity regarding their soul contracts.

Some of these contracts are karmic in nature and need to be released. The information sinks in deeper and helps you make connections that you might not have made until now.

All of the insight that can come in might prove to be triggering for some twins. It can be overwhelming to see things from a new point of view.

You could feel overwhelmed by the clarity of what you need to do. You might be surprised by just how much you need and want to change things.

Don’t rush to act before you feel prepared. Ground yourself and fortify your inner balance. Your spiritual team, higher self, and twin’s higher self are by your side, offering you support and guidance through these steps ahead.

It might seem like an uphill battle sometimes. But don’t let that discourage you, dear soul. You’re a force of nature! You just have to allow that side of you to come out.

Ride the energetic waves safely, dear collective. Blessings and may the stars guide you well!

If you’d like to dive deeper, you can find August’s forecast for each individual sign here. We’ll go sign by sign with a detailed look at the month, allowing you to add specific context and celestial guidance for the journey to union.

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