A look ahead for the twin flame collective ❤️💙💜

In the extended reading today, we’re looking at how you can harmonize with the higher frequencies coming your way! You can unlock the extended readings (as well as our blueprint to reaching union, access to the community and more right here.

Welcome to your Twinflame Collective reading. Let’s dive into the energies swirling around you and see what’s unfolding.

As I shuffled the cards, a phrase echoed in my mind: ‘Free at last, at last.’

This resonated deeply when the Nine of Pentacles appeared at the bottom of the deck, followed by the Queen of Cups. It’s clear that a significant shift is happening.

You’ve been through a storm, and it’s been rough.

I felt a chill run down my spine as I tapped into this energy. Your journey has been laden with emotional, spiritual, and material hardships. It’s been a path of trauma, grief, and a sense of powerlessness. But despite these tumultuous seas, you’ve grown tremendously. Like Rocky running up those steps, you’ve trained hard in the face of adversity.

Now, you’re at a turning point. Achievements and results from your hard work are starting to manifest. This is a time of emotional new beginnings, higher vibrational offers, and potential connections. But there’s a catch – you’re hesitant to embrace this new chapter. It’s like you’re standing at the edge of a new dawn, yet the night’s shadows still linger. You’re asking yourself, “After all these blows, can I really trust these blessings?”

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way.

But remember, if you’re too scared to open up, the universe might take it as a sign to hold back its gifts. Imagine if these blessings are genuine, and you let suspicion push them away. You’ve been a warrior, dealing with life’s hardest blows. So, what’s one more challenge if this turns out to be another one? But what if it’s not? What if it’s the break you’ve been waiting for?

Spirit advises you to ‘Take the Lead.’

Tap into the power of your collective, your soul tribe, and your spiritual guides. Look forward, not back. Let go of the past where you didn’t wear the crown and step into a future where you do. It’s not just about receiving blessings; it’s about sharing them and uplifting others. Extend a hand to those who are where you once were.

In the extended reading, I’ll explore how these energies specifically play out for the feminine and masculine in the collective. If you decide to join me there, great. If not, I’m sending you waves of unconditional love and support.

Remember, it’s time to embrace the new chapter that’s opening up for you. Let go of the past and step into your power.

The universe is aligning to bring you blessings – it’s up to you to welcome them with open arms. You’ve got this!

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Blessed be!

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