Tibetan Singing Bowls might be the unsung hero of furthering your spiritual path just a little bit easier.

As a collective, twin flames often talk about the same set of tools and practices. Don’t get me wrong, twin flame journal prompts and guided meditations are incredibly powerful. If you’re not focusing on the spiritual part of your journey, you’re slowing yourself down.

But sometimes, intuition can guide us to try something else. For some, it’s Singing Bowls. I’ve found them to be an incredible tool, and I think you might, too.

Tibetan Singing Bowls, with their soothing, resonant tones, can help us tune into the universe’s frequency. And for Twin Flames, this could be precisely what you need to sync up with your twin’s energy on a deeper level.

Just imagine sitting in the comfort of your home, gently striking the bowl, and allowing that sound to wash over you. It’s a practice that could help you quiet your mind, foster deep relaxation, and align your energy with your twin’s. It’s almost like a spiritual call to your twin flame that goes beyond physical boundaries.

What is a Singing Bowl?

If you’re imagining some sort of musical instrument, you’re not far off. A singing bowl, often called a Tibetan Singing Bowl, is a bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played.

Instead of being hung up and struck like a regular bell, these bowls sit with their bottom surface resting. You make them sing by holding a mallet against the bowl’s rim and moving it around in a circular motion. The friction between the mallet and the bowl causes the bowl to vibrate and produce its unique sound.

Benefits for Twin Flames

This spiritual practice goes far beyond the twin flame journey. Many people use them (I’ve had my set for a while now), but why are they useful for the twin flame journey?

Based on personal experiences and shared insights from our Twin Flame Collective community, people seem to get advantages out of their singing bowls in different ways.

  1. Deep Relaxation: The journey can be difficult and emotional turbulence can make it hard to do the work we need to focus on. Sometimes a break from the stressful energy can help you focus.
  2. Energetic Alignment: The vibrational frequencies produced by the bowl can help align your energy with your twin’s, even when they’re far away.
  3. Facilitating Communication: For those that focus on downloads and messages from their twin while physically apart, a singing bowl can help you focus on hearing their voice through the background noise of modern-day life.
  4. Enhanced Meditation: Meditation is one of our strongest tools to connect while apart, but sometimes it can be difficult to get started. The gentle, resonating sound can guide you into a more focused and profound meditative state.
  5. Emotional Balance: By helping to release emotional blockages, singing bowls could help you achieve greater emotional balance.
  6. Improved Sleep: A quick session before bed could help you sleep better. As dreams let us connect and communicate, improved sleep can help our dream retention and our ability to become lucid and control that communication.
  7. Increased Mindfulness: You’ll likely become more present and mindful as you focus on the sounds and vibrations.
  8. Aid in Self-Reflection: During the quiet moments with your bowl, you might discover insights and answers that weren’t obvious before.
  9. Promoting Healing: The vibrations can stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It’s like giving your body a nudge to take care of itself.
  10. Manifestation: Singing bowls can be a powerful tool in manifesting your desires, including progress in your twin flame journey.
  11. Clearing Negative Energy: The resonating sounds are believed to help clear negative energy from you and your environment.
  12. Cultivating Patience: Learning and getting used to a singing bowl takes time. This process can teach you patience, something vital in the twin flame journey.
  13. Fostering a Sense of Unity: The sounds and vibrations foster a sense of unity and interconnectedness, aligning well with the twin flame experience.
  14. Personal Empowerment: Lastly, mastering and implementing a new skill in your spiritual journey can boost your sense of empowerment.

I tried singing bowls yesterday for the first time and it was incredible. Today I see singing bowls everywhere and even in this newsletter. I need my own. Sound is so relaxing and it got me somewhere deep. I felt connected with….something


Getting One

You don’t need to book a flight to Tibet to get your hands on one. These singing bowls are quite popular and come in different sizes and styles, but they all serve the same purpose – bringing harmony and balance.

Sometimes spiritual tools can be insanely overpriced, and you’re paying for nothing but a label and a nice pattern. This should not be the case for singing bowls. A larger collection (like in the video) is nice, but you don’t need anything that extensive.

In fact, you can start with something as simple as this.

A single bowl like this is enough to start including in your practice. If you decide you want to expand your practice with multiple bowls, you can use the same set as I do.

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Using a Singing Bowl as a Twin Flame

Of course, this isn’t a miracle cure (nothing can do everything on the journey for you), but it’s an effective tool that can help you.

You can include it in your existing practice or use it as needed once in a while. You can use it in any way your intuition calls you to, but for a simple practice idea:

  1. Place the bowl on your open palm: Avoid gripping it too tightly – let it sit comfortably in your hand.
  2. Strike it gently: Use the mallet (that’s the little stick that comes with it) to gently strike the bowl’s side. You should hear a ringing sound.
  3. Circling the bowl: Then, with a little pressure, run the mallet around the rim of the bowl. This creates the ‘singing’ sound that gives the bowl its name.
  4. Let the sound resonate: Close your eyes and let the sound fill your space. Let it resonate within you. You might feel a sense of peace washing over you.

As you feel the sound’s vibrations, imagine it working as a bridge between you and your twin flame. It’s a channel for your energy, thoughts, and intentions. This isn’t about getting lost in the longing for your twin flame, but rather focusing on your journey, your growth, and your sense of self.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong here. This is your journey, your practice.

Some people prefer doing this in the morning to set a positive tone for the day, while others like it as a nighttime ritual to wind down. Find what suits you best.

You might not feel an immediate connection or reach the ultimate zen during your first try. And that’s completely okay! The idea is to tune into these vibrations gradually over time. It’s a journey, much like everything with the twin flame experience.

Reiki Sound Bath Healing

Melding Reiki Sound Bath Healing and Tibetan Singing Bowls can further deepen your spiritual practice.

You have a blend of Reiki energy, sound healing, and crystals. Creating a healing environment that can ease physical, spiritual or emotional imbalances. Perfect for twin flames. Energetic alignment is crucial if you’re dealing with separation in the 3D.

A combination of Reiki and the resonating Singing Bowls can help. This unique blend can assist in syncing up with your twin flame’s energy. This fused practice is like a spiritual call to your twin flame. It transcends physical boundaries and connects on an energetic level.

It can improve communication and understanding, making the twin flame journey smoother. This practice can also aid in manifesting progress in your journey, promoting emotional balance, and clearing blockages on their end. Your cleansing work will be mirrored in their own energy.

It can stimulate natural healing, clear negative energy, and foster unity.

Remember, each twin flame journey is unique. So, make sure any practices you incorporate resonate with you personally. Whether Reiki Sound Bath Healing, Tibetan Singing Bowls, or a combination of both, find what works best for you.

Listen to your intuition and explore your unique twin flame path.

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