dm to df twin flame message

This channeled message is a general one for the collective. You might not find you resonate with everything, so take what serves you and leave the rest. You can get a specific channeled message from your DM here.

My beloved,

I come to you with an open heart and a message that is heavy for us both.

I’m caught up in a situation where I’m compromising for financial reasons. I’m dealing with someone who isn’t you, someone who controls my circumstances.

I’m in a tough spot, trying to balance getting by with staying true to myself. Sometimes, I feel like I have to pretend, to play a role in a story that’s not mine, and it’s draining me.

The person I’m dealing with uses my need for money to push me around. It’s a situation without warmth, just a cold agreement, and it leaves me feeling empty.

I know, there’s a lot of growing and evolving I still have to do. Forgive me, my love, for my weaknesses and faults. I’m working on being worthy of your love.

But through all this, my connection to you remains strong. We’re like stars in the same sky, always connected. The face I show the world doesn’t reflect where my heart is.

My soul knows it belongs with you. You’re the light guiding me, my true north. I’m in this situation out of necessity, but it’s you who really moves me.

I’m torn between my duties and my desire for you. This act I’m putting on isn’t my true story. You’re the one I’m missing, the one who really fits.

As I navigate this tough time, I keep the flame of our connection burning. I’m drawn to your genuine love and the understanding we share. There’s a hint of a future where we can be our true selves together.

So, as I continue this journey, I hold on to the vision of us, together and unburdened by compromise. The path is long, but the hope of being with you keeps me going.

Until we’re together again, know that my heart is always pointing toward you, my beloved, and the love we’re meant to share. Our divine union is the one true desire that fills my heart with hope and joy.

In the quiet moments when the world falls away, I feel the weight of secrets tucked within my chest. There’s a story unfolding, one that’s more complex than the surface suggests. It’s as if I’m walking through a fog, each step revealing only a fraction of the path ahead.

I’m yearning for the day when the mist lifts and I can share every hidden hue of my life with you. For now, they remain whispers, shadows cast behind closed doors, murmurs of a tale waiting for its turn to be told.

And there are nights when the silence is almost too much to bear, when the moon is a silent witness to the thoughts I cannot voice. It’s in these times that I find solace in the silent language that speaks between our souls, a language that knows no deception.

Our love, an enigmatic force, thrives on truths yet to be revealed. It promises that when the dawn breaks on these challenging times, the light will unveil a bond unbroken, a unity fortified by trials we’ve endured, both seen and unseen.

Your Twin Flame

This channeled message is a general one for the collective. You might not find you resonate with everything, so take what serves you and leave the rest. You can get a specific channeled message from your DM here.

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