A situation that far too many of the collective will be used to. Staring at old phone messages or (if you’re still in contact) trying to figure out just what combination of words will get them to understand that you’re supposed to be together.

Yes, this is technically one of the common twin flame mistakes, but it’s also completely understandable.

Separation can be brutally painful. If messaging on your phone is your main way of communicating at the moment, it’s a hard lifeline to give up.

Please remember the twin flame journey is a deeply spiritual process. The road to union involves a healing process for both you and your twin flame and probably isn’t going to happen with a single text message.

However, any slight bit of friction we can remove from separation can only make the rest of it easier. So let’s talk about texting.

Should You Text Your Twin Flame During Separation?

It’s probably alright to text your twin flame for the majority of the collective, with a few exceptions.

Here’s where opinions will start to vary.

Some people will tell you never to text them. Never pay them any attention at all. Delete their number and go scorched Earth on their social media. Yikes.

Other people will tell you just to text as much and as often as you want. You are twin flames; what’s the worst that can happen? Also… yikes.

My twin flame advice is based on what I see across thousands of journies at all sorts of different stages. I don’t believe you should go to either the extreme of having to completely cut them out or blowing up their phones.

The twin flame journey is incredibly unique, which means there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

If you’re completely unable to further your journey when you’re talking to them, maybe cutting them off is the right thing for now. If a few messages throughout the day help you and it isn’t triggering soul shock for your twin, fantastic.

I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with being in 3D contact with your twin during separation. I also don’t think you should just text whatever you want, whenever (although that depends on your specific situation).

Let your intuition guide you. If you’re really not sure, you could try with a few light messages and see how they respond.

What to Text Your Twin Flame

Sometimes trying to figure out what you should message is worse than staring at a blank screen when your essay is due tomorrow. Where do you even begin?

Some incredibly popular videos like this talk about what to say and how to use text messaging to draw someone to you and keep them paying attention.

That’s exactly what the story in the video is about (which you can watch here).

That ‘texting system’ is incredibly popular for normal dating (for people who are not twin flames), and, again, here is where advice differs.

Some people will say that ‘normal’ dating advice does not apply to the twin flame journey. I’d agree with that. Comparing twin flames to a normal relationship is like comparing a toothpick to an old redwood.

But that’s not to say we can’t use some of the same practices to help smooth over the twin flame journey. Especially if they’re not yet awakened to your spiritual connection.

Twin flame runners often don’t understand the level of connection, so they’re trying to frame things in a way that makes sense to them. A more familiar 3D approach could lessen their soul shock and make it a little easier on them.

I’m definitely not saying you should text your twin flame some cheesy chat-up line. (Unless they’d find that kind of thing funny). But I think immediately writing off dating advice that works for millions of people might just make things harder than we need to.

I can’t give you a magic text message that is going to immediately make your twin flame understand the connection and come rushing into your arms, but maybe we can remove a little 3D friction which can get the ball rolling.

The Rough Cliff Notes

I can’t unpack everything from that video, but for a rough idea:

  1. Capture His Attention in the 3D: If your twin flame is closed to the spiritual side of your journey, they might be actively avoiding being drawn into your energy. First, we want to capture their attention without startling them and causing soul shock (so we don’t make the separation even harder).
  2. Reciprocal Energy Exchange: The more attention and energy you direct towards your twin flame, the more you’ll find yourself tuned into them. This reciprocity can strengthen the spiritual connection and amplify the emotional feelings – which they can gradually become more open to.
  3. Use Psychological Triggers: Engage curiosity, cliffhangers, and incomplete information as spiritual tools to stimulate your twin flame’s interest. These “Attention Hooks” can help anchor your presence in their mind and encourage them to continue the conversation.
  4. Create a Positive Energy Loop: Use these Attention Hooks to trigger feelings of love, infatuation, and even obsession in the 3D. This not only makes him think about you but also makes him want to see you, creating a positive cycle and making communication flow easily.
  5. Evoke Their Desire to Contact You: Once you create a positive flow of energy to your messages, it doesn’t become an obligation or background noise for the rest of their life. Your messages become an integral part of their day. Your goal is to slide the conversation in seamlessly and not have it be a chore for either of you.

You can see the full thing (and the story of the person who came up with it) here.

And Remember

No matter if you’re texting your twin flame or not. You are always in constant communication through your unspoken bond. That never changes.

I know how useless that can feel at times when you’d rather be standing with them talking (which is why I wrote about useless advice in the how to speed up twin flame union guide) but the more you can learn to work with these telepathic messages (we’ve covered twin flame telepathy here) the more you can help guide both yourself and your twin.

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