Should I try and explain this to my twin flame? They are not very open to their spiritual side and I am afraid it will scare them off.

Have you ever held a precious thing in your hand, afraid that it might slip through your fingers? That’s the feeling, isn’t it? Trying to express your love to your twin flame. It’s the emotion so raw, so pure, but you’re worried that trying to explain it might cause the spell to break?

Firstly, this is perfectly normal.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the more spiritually aware twin. The one tasked with making this decision about when and how to try and explain what a twin flame is to them.

Secondly, don’t do this.

telling your twin flame
Definitely not how you should text your twin flame.

On the one hand, we have this raging desire to just throw it out there and hope they get it. Maybe it would speed things up if they just understood.

On the other hand, we grapple with the need to shield the sacredness of our twin flame journey. There’s an inherent vulnerability in our emotions, fragile like a fledgling bird, unable to withstand external influence if not nurtured properly.

And what if they don’t understand? Don’t agree? What if it makes things worse?

Should You Tell Them?

On some level, they already know.

But this does not mean they’re ready to hear about it in the 3D.

It’s incredibly hard to give a blanket answer here because it comes down to understanding their timing and readiness as well as your own. Timing, my friend, is everything.

Just like you, they’re on their own journey. They have their own work to do, their own confusions, their own hurt and pain. Don’t fall into that trap of thinking that a runner ‘has it easy’.

If you feel they’re not very open to their spiritual side yet, well, that’s okay. Not everyone wakes up to their spiritual journey at the same time. Sometimes, it takes a little more life experience and a little more introspection before they’re ready to delve into the deep end.

Part of this is about learning to understand your own journey. Seeing the subtle cues that are specific to you and your mirror soul. Sometimes, the universe might be trying to tell you that it’s the right time by sending you number syncs or spelling it out in a reading.

When Is the Right Time?

That’s the million-dollar question. When is the right time to tell your twin flame about your feelings?

There’s no definitive calendar date, no secret signal, and no guideline etched in stone. The right time is when you feel they’re beginning to question, when they’re beginning to seek answers to the big questions when they’re curious, open, and willing to explore their spiritual side.

Be careful here. You need to be honest with yourself about whether they’re actually open to the idea of you just want them to be.

Even if they’re open to the concept, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to accept the profound depth of a twin flame connection. They may need time to process, to come to terms with the idea. Be prepared for this.

How Do You Tell Them?

Let’s say you’ve gauged the timing, and you feel they’re ready to hear about it. Here’s how you can do it:

Approach it as a Conversation, Not a Revelation

Start gently.

Instead of hitting them with an “I think we’re twin flames” text out of the blue, bring up the concept of spirituality, soul connections, and twin flames in a conversation.

See how they respond. If they seem open to the idea, continue the dialogue.

Don’t panic if they dismiss it right away. Most runners are less spiritually open in the beginning and sometimes it takes some patience. As you continue to further your own spiritual journey, they’ll mirror this energy and start to become open to it themselves.

Use Analogies They Understand

Explain the concept of twin flames using analogies that they can relate to.

For instance, if they’re into movies, use examples from films that depict deep soul connections. Make it as relatable and understandable as possible. I’m going to include a Star Wars example here. Yes, this is speaking from experience, as my own twin is really into it (and got me into the whole franchise).

So forgive the geekiness. But it’s useful.

Okay, remember in ‘Star Wars’ when Luke and Leia discover they’re siblings? Even before they knew, there was this unexplainable, intense connection between them. They just felt drawn to each other, right? And they could sense each other’s emotions, their distress, even if they were light-years apart. Now, this is just a movie, and they were brother and sister, but stay with me.

Imagine a connection like that, but instead of being siblings, it’s two halves of the same soul. You share this bond that’s so intense and so deep; it’s like you’re drawn together by some unseen force. It’s almost as if you’re two bodies, but one soul. That’s kind of what a twin flame is like.

But here’s the thing. Just like Luke and Leia had their separate journeys—Luke becoming a Jedi and Leia a General—twin flames often have to go through their own individual paths, their own growth, and struggles. And even though it’s tough, it’s all part of their journey towards becoming who they’re truly meant to be.

Remember, the key is to use a reference that your twin flame can easily relate to. Find something that resonates with them, that they understand and enjoy.

Be Honest and Vulnerable

Open up about your feelings. Be honest about your emotions and your spiritual journey. It’s okay to show your vulnerability. It’s not a weakness. It’s a strength. It shows them you trust them with your deepest truths.

If you’re not ready to do this, then it’s likely you’re not ready to tell them yet.

Remember, this isn’t about convincing them. This isn’t about you needing them to understand or accept it immediately. This is about expressing your truth and letting them process it in their own time.

And remember, they might not respond the way you hope or expect. You need to be prepared for this and ready to let them process.

Give Them Space

After you’ve shared your feelings and introduced the concept of twin flames, it’s important to give them space.

Don’t push for acceptance or understanding. It’s a lot to process, so let them take their time. You may have been thinking about this for months or even years, but for them, it’s all new. And that’s okay. Be patient.

Always remember, they may not react positively initially. If they’re skeptical, doubtful, or even afraid, that’s perfectly normal. Remember your own awakening. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, was it?

If they need space, give it to them. If they need time, be patient. If they need reassurance, be there for them.

Let them experience this revelation at their own pace. You’ve done your part. You’ve expressed your feelings honestly. Now it’s time to let them digest it.

Remember to Breathe and Trust the Process

This is easier said than done, I know. But trust me, it’s important.

Once you’ve shared your feelings, you might feel vulnerable, nervous or even scared. You might start overanalyzing their reactions, their words, their silence. You might worry that you’ve messed up, that you’ve scared them off.

Don’t let the fear take over. Remind yourself to breathe. Remind yourself that this is part of the journey. It’s part of your growth and their growth too.

It might feel like a leap of faith, but remember, you’re not alone in this. They’re your twin flame. On a soul level, they feel this connection too. Trust that. Trust them. And most importantly, trust yourself.

In the end, it’s about being true to your feelings, being honest with your twin flame, and being patient with their process. Remember, everyone’s journey is unique. Everyone’s path to understanding is different. You can’t control how they’ll react, but you can control how you express your truth. You’ve done your part, and that’s all you can do.

So, remember to breathe. Remember to trust. Remember to be patient. And remember to love. Because that’s what this journey is all about, isn’t it? Love.

I hope this helps, my friend. Keep going, keep growing, keep loving. We’re all on this journey together, and you’re doing amazing. Remember, no one has all the answers. We’re all just doing our best, learning as we go, and that’s all we can do.

Experiences From Real Twin Flames Telling Their Twin

After this went out in the collective newsletter, we received stories from people who told their twin. We share a lot of twin flame stories but these were a little short to include by themselves, so we added them here:

Reading this guide truly resonated with me. It had always been difficult to express my feelings to my twin flame as I was unsure of their spiritual openness. I approached them gradually with the idea… and it surprised me how open he was to it. There were mixed feelings at first, but they began to understand the concept gradually. It made things a lot easier after that.


I was so scared to share my feelings with my twin flame. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand or worse, that they would reject the concept entirely. But I took the leap, with your guide as my map. I’ll never regret it as it moved us so much further ahead.


As a spiritual person, it is hard to watch my twin flame struggle with the spiritual side of our connection. I floated the idea a few times and I can see it is becoming better… but he is still closed off. The right time will come.


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