Subliminals for twin flames are powerful tools to make progress toward your twin flame union. 

Subliminal messages are easy to use. They work to uplift your frequency and promote progress on your twin flame journey. They are similar to twin flame guided meditations, but they work more passively. Allowing them to play in the background of your consciousness.

You can find our twin flame specific subliminals in the twin flame unification blueprint. Including a guide on how to use them and our audio recordings to play in the background.

What Are Subliminals For Twin Flames? 

Subliminal messages are powerful affirmations. They are very powerful as affirmations in and of themselves. And you can use them that way too.

But the true power of subliminals comes from using them while you sleep, meditate, or even when you relax. 

How Do Subliminals Work? 

What makes them subliminal is the fact that you’re going to use them during a very receptive state of mind. You play the recording of these affirmations in the background as you sleep, relax, or meditate. 

What this spiritual tool does is combine the power of affirmations with the power of being in your most receptive state of mind. 

While you sleep or meditate, your mind, heart, and, most importantly, your energy are at their most open and receptive. The seed planted by the affirmations you hear during these receptive states becomes very strong through repetition.

You can also listen to them while you work, for instance, if you feel called to do that. After you’ve invested your mindful energy into them initially, they become stronger and stronger the more you use them. 

What Exactly Can I Use Subliminals For?

You can benefit from using subliminals for pretty much anything and everything related to your twin flame journey

They are very useful during particularly difficult points of your journey, like the separation phase. 

They can be particularly powerful at a point when your twin flame isn’t yet consciously aware of their flame destiny. Subliminals can also play a powerful role in supporting your runner twin to get out of that running phase and start to embrace your reunion.

You can use subliminals to get over a rough patch like a twin flame relationship blockage or even a no-contact phase. 

At this point, these powerful affirmations can help you communicate with your twin at the energetic level. If they’re being closed off to your messages in the 3D or in your dreams, you can communicate your message better via your energy link by boosting it with subliminals. 

It puts you in a better position to broadcast your message. At the same time, it puts them in a more receptive position when it comes to receiving it.

But you can benefit from their high frequencies during positive or pleasant parts of the journey too. 

When you’re on your reunion journey, it might be tempting to feel like things are finally on track. You could even be tempted to lay back and relax now that it’s finally coming together. 

Remember that this process means you’re still vulnerable to outside lower vibes and malicious intentions! And when you’re at a particularly important phase, like a reunion, you can be even more vulnerable to outside influences. 

Subliminals can play a powerful role in boosting your connection’s defenses against outside influences of lower vibes. 

Even if you’re going through a more rewarding part of the journey, you’re still not at the divine union stage. It’s great you’ve gotten to this awesome point, of course! But the work is not done yet

By introducing the right subliminals for your particular situation, you can navigate that energy quicker, smoother, and make it easier to move on to the next frequency.

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How Do You Use Them?

You can listen to any of our audio in any you want – but we do have some suggestions on making the most of them.

Active audios like guided meditations are best done when you have some time for yourself. Time you can set aside in your practice space and be mindful with your meditation.

Even if you have never tried meditation before.

Our guided meditations do the hard work for you. All you need to do is find some time and space for yourself and follow our voices.

Passive audio like the subliminal messages can be done without you needing to actually pay attention. Just leave them playing in the background and let them sink into the subconscious mind.

Most people simply leave them playing while they sleep.

Simply click the play button and sit back!

Listening Tips

For best results – follow your intuition but there are a couple of quick tips you can start with.

  • Be consistent! Ideally, one session a day (first thing in the morning or just before going to bed, for example), but if life is hectic, try for at least 2-3 a week. The more consistent you can be, the better the results.
  • Listen at a low volume. Don’t deafen yourself! For the guided meditations make sure you can comfortably hear the voice but some of the subliminals have very quiet voices. This is intentional. You don’t need to be consciously aware of the voices.
  • Use headphones. You don’t need to use headphones, but you’ll likely see better results with them. Some tracks use binaural tones to boost effectiveness, and this works far better with headphones.

Can I Use Subliminals Together With Other Tools? 

twin flame manifestation

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend you use as many tools as you feel called to

When it comes to your twin flame journey, it’s all about following your intuition. Sometimes you’ll feel more called to use particular tools to manifest your twin flame. Other times, you’ll lean more toward using others or go back and forth. 

That’s perfectly normal. As you make progress on your twin flame journey, you shift through different frequencies and potential timelines. At various points along the way, your energy is going to vibe more with one or another tool. 

The important thing is that you build your own divine union kit. The more tools you experiment with and try out, the easier it becomes for you to make progress with your flame journey. 

Also, consider the fact that introducing spiritual tools into your soul bond’s energy means introducing them to your twin flame’s soul as well! 

They might not be consciously aware of it right now, maybe, but you’ve planted the seed of knowledge and wisdom in their soul when you planted it in yours.

Your souls are constantly exchanging energy and information. As your twin flame becomes more consciously aware of your bond and of their destiny to achieve union, the more these tools will come to the surface of their awareness. 

In fact, you might lean more toward one tool or another exactly because your twin already likes or is using that type of spiritual tool. It may or may not be for the particular purpose of achieving divine union, though. 

But you are very likely to both gravitate toward the same tools at similar times because of your flame energy cord. 

So follow that deep gut feeling that’s calling to you. Your flame intuition and energy cord grow stronger the more you embrace them. Follow their calling. By doing that, you also support and guide your twin to do the same. 

It’s a natural part of the process of your energies harmonizing. And that brings you closer to your divine union.

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