There can be many signs of twin flames missing each other. Each journey is unique, and your experience of it is particular to your and your twin’s situation. 

But many journeys experience similar situations or scenarios. If you don’t experience the signs we mention, it doesn’t mean your twin flame doesn’t miss you! It just means they are missing you and conveying that through different signs. 

Do Twin Flames Always Miss Each Other?

Twin flames always miss each other, definitely. It’s impossible not to miss each other. You’re the same soul, living your 3D experiences in separate bodies. 

Your bodies long to become one. Your souls long to become one. And that’s the basis of your human experience at every turn. 

You might wonder, do both twin flames know? The truth is that it depends on the spiritual progress you’ve each made. 

On a consciously unaware level, yes, you both always miss each other. But one or both of you might not be consciously aware of it at the beginning of your spiritual journeys. 

Signs Of Twin Flames Missing Each Other 

Maybe you don’t see these particular signs. Deep down, you know your twin misses you anyway. Your intuition is surely telling you so. Follow that since it’s your best guide on this journey.

These signs can come through, particularly when you’re in a no-contact situation. It’s a temporary situation, but it’s very difficult to process and release. 

You can accelerate the progress by working on yourself and on your bond. If you’d like some help with that, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help you out.

You Have Spiritual And Astral Travel Encounters

twin flame astral travel

Spiritual and astral travel encounters are very frequent in the twin flame journey. These encounters happen as a direct result of you and your twin flame missing each other. 

These types of encounters or interactions can be tougher to detect. If you’re not that spiritually advanced yet, you and your twin flame might be consciously aware of these interactions. 

But your energies harmonize through these interactions, whether you’re consciously aware of them or not. That leads to making progress with each of your spiritual journeys and with your twin flame journey as well. 

Some of the subtler signs that these encounters have been happening can be sensations of deja vu. When you and your twin finally connect, or when you run into energies you’ve experienced in the spiritual or astral travel dimensions, you’ll get an instant feeling of knowing that energy

These signs that you miss each other tend to be a gateway toward clearer or more consciously aware signs. 

This has been the longest separation to date. 6 months no contact. I was dating another guy but wasn’t happy i just couldn’t ever get my tf out of my head so I broke off with him and was really wishing my tf would just come back at least let me know he was ok !!

And Boom …. I got a phone call and he was here within half hr. For those of you out there believe that it will all work out in timing. Cuz it truly does!! The past few days have been heaven for my heart! Trust in the universe. I asked him did he ever think of me his reply was ….. when didnt I? 💕

You Have Romantic Or Erotic Dreams 

It should be no secret by now that twin flame connections have intense sensual and romantic energy exchanges

These energy exchanges happen constantly. They go on in the background of your 3D lives from the very moment you enter them all the way into leaving them and beyond. 

One of the ways that 3D reality interprets those exchanges is through romantic or erotic dreams. They are signs that your twin’s soul is yearning for you, whether they’re consciously aware of it or not. 

When your energy exchanges aren’t super intense, the dreams are likely to be more romantic in nature. As the energy of the bond intensifies, they are very likely to turn pretty hot. 

These dreams feel different from any other romantic or erotic dreams. The partner in the dream is someone who you may not recognize by looks, but they would feel incredibly familiar to you. Their energy will feel like home

Of course, if you’ve already made 3D contact with your twin, it’s easier to tell who you’re dreaming about. Since your souls are mirroring the energy, the dreams are likely a sign that they miss you while you also miss them.

This is (unsurprisingly) one of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually too.

You Feel Called To Go Particular Places

This might be a sign that it’s harder to pick up on. We feel called to various places at various times throughout our lives, right? But as a twin flame, when you feel a powerful urge, feeling, or sensation, it’s rarely as simple as that.

Your soul picks up on your twin flame’s energy. When you’re not in 3D contact, your soul longs for that energy. It’s going to pick up on it like a radar. And when it does, it will direct you to follow that energy trace. 

It can mean you’ll feel the sudden and intense urge to go to a particular place. Your twin may or may not be there right then. But they were there recently enough for their energy to be very present there. 

What’s calling you to their energy is the fact that you miss them, and they miss you. It’s a mirrored feeling of missing each other that grows in intensity. 

You Feel Overwhelming Sadness Or Longing Without Knowing Why 

This might be one of the signs that seems the most obvious. But at the same time, these feelings are very present in our 3D experiences. So it can be difficult to tell why you’re feeling this way. 

Maybe you’ve just gone through or remembered a painful experience. You’ll feel sad and a sense of longing for a peaceful, satisfying, relaxing state of mind. But as a twin flame, that’s your twin’s energy. And you’re longing for it because they feel your distress and long to be by your side to support and comfort you.  

When you feel an overwhelming sense of sadness or longing with no obvious reason, it’s coming from your twin. They need you by their side and miss your energy and the joy and comfort it brings them. 

You Want To Watch Specific Movies, Shows, Or Listen To Songs 

twin flame signs

When you and your twin miss each other, you’ll gravitate to specific movies, shows, or songs. They can be your favorites as a couple or simply those you truly feel called to or identify with. 

These might be your twin’s favorites if they’re not yours. Or they contain synchronistic messages and signs. And they’re communicating the fact that you and your twin miss each other

Whether you’re in a twin flame relationship breakup or haven’t become a couple or made 3D contact yet, these types of content can convey messages very easily. And your flame intuition is going to receive them. 

You Spot Universal Synchronicities Constantly

Ever glanced at the clock to see it’s 11:11 or 3:33? These aren’t merely coincidences. These twin flame numbers are the universe’s way of hinting at the deep-seated connection between you and your twin flame.

When these patterns repeatedly show themselves, especially during moments you’re thinking of them or longing for their presence, it’s a clear indicator that the same sentiments are mirrored by your twin.

Physical Sensations Resonate Within You

Have you ever felt an unexplained warmth or tingling, especially around your heart area? Perhaps a comforting touch on your hand or a soft breeze past your ear when indoors? This isn’t merely your imagination playing tricks.

These sensations are palpable manifestations of your twin flame’s longing. Their energy can often manifest in these gentle reminders, letting you know they’re with you in spirit, if not in body.

Emotional Tides That Rise and Fall

Imagine this: Out of nowhere, a wave of euphoria sweeps over you, only to be followed by a shadow of melancholy.

These intense emotional currents might not always be yours. Given the profound connection you share, they could be reflections of your twin flame’s feelings, resonating within you because they miss you just as much as you miss them.

Coming Across Mementos Of Shared Memories

Stumbling upon a forgotten trinket they gifted you, or even a photo you’d tucked away, can be more than mere happenstance.

When objects tied to fond memories with your twin flame resurface unexpectedly, the universe might hint at the longing both of you feel. It’s a gentle nudge, a reminder that they’re thinking of you and their energy is calling out to yours.

Hearing Their Whisper or Sensing Their Aura

In the quiet moments of reflection, you might catch the familiar cadence of their voice or even sense their comforting presence near you.

This isn’t just a fleeting memory. It’s a spiritual communion, a testament to the bond that ties twin flames together. Even miles apart, their spirit finds a way to reassure you, to let you know that they, too, are yearning for that shared connection.

Experiencing Echoed Thoughts and Emotions

Have you ever had a thought or emotion, only to learn later that your twin flame felt the exact same way at the same moment? This isn’t mere serendipity.

It’s the mirrored souls resonating in tandem, an affirmation of the profound connection you share. These instances serve as intimate reminders of the ever-present bond, telling you that the longing is mutual and that in the vast expanse of the universe, two souls are calling out to each other.

In the dance of twin flames, remember that these signs are subtle harmonies, delicate notes that craft the symphony of your shared journey. The universe often communicates in whispers, and in those silent moments, your intuition is the melody that guides you.

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