This week’s twin flame story from Jamie differs slightly from others we’ve shared. While in an agreed-on separation from their twin flame, they spend time with a soulmate instead… but their twin flame connection is still there.

Oh my gosh, guys! :smiley: I have been separated for several months now and kind of have an agreement with my TF that we will spend time working to love ourselves.

But I have spent the weekend with what I can only describe as my soulmate. There for my positive vibes and energy and to teach me something but not the same as my TF. :dizzy:

So, I’m having a great time with this person, who’s not my twin flame, but rather my best friend and we have chemistry. We’re super happy together, making plans and exploring a new city hand in hand. :earth_americas:

But even all this time together, you know what’s crazy? :sweat_smile: I still think of my twin flame. Our connection was so intense and transformative, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before or since. :sparkles:

It makes every other relationship or time like this just seem boring.

Dreams about my twin flame keep popping up, even when I feel like I’ve moved on a bit more. And the universe is just like, “Nope, not gonna let you forget!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I keep seeing signs and synchronicities anytime I remotely think of them.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, for real! :roller_coaster: Sometimes I feel guilty for spending time with this soulmate but I think that this is what I need to do right now and we’ve both agreed just to wait and see what happens.

The universe is not making it easy!

I’m trying my best to focus on my own life, my work, and this time with them but these darn synchronicities just keep dragging me back into the twin flame cycle! :cyclone: Is it just me, or can this twin flame stuff be a real pain sometimes? :joy:

All I can do is trust the journey and appreciate the love and growth I’ve experienced in both relationships. And who knows, maybe the universe has a plan for us all, right? :star2: Just gotta keep the faith and enjoy the ride! :rainbow:

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