Hi guys, hope you are all doing well and I big thank you for all you do.

I may have moved too fast over weekend. I contact my twin and we spent night together. The energy was intoxicating hence why I made contact… But he initiated the physical meet up. I was touch and go… I bite my tongue a few times as was trying for it to go as smooth as possible.

Sunday morning he came at me with some very domineering energy. He left, I continue to hope and believe in new beginnings. All the energy was swarming and positive and felt I was doing right thing.

Contact in 3D today and was ok but iffy… Then he turned arsehole again and I politely stood up for myself and haven’t heard anything.

My twin can actually be very soul crushing in his words. Please help! Does sleeping with him make things better or worse? I’m at my wits end after 7 separations.

First, I applaud you for standing up for yourself if his energy isn’t resonating with you. It’s often tempting to cower a bit when we’d rather keep physical contact going, but that’s not where true healing is done.

We have covered twin flame sex before (and this is worth understanding), but while we refer to it as a catalyst for self-realization, we’re really talking about that initial period where it wakes you up that this is something… different.

Whether it’s a good idea to keep sleeping with them when you are otherwise separated… is tricky.

I certainly understand the appeal. Keeping that connection alive and enjoying the temporary time together. They’re certainly going to experience something. But it’s also almost always a bad idea to spend time together when you’re not ready for union.

It’s kind of like trying to cover a chest cavity with a band-aid. It might feel good and look pretty for a moment, but it’s often obvious that there’s no real healing going on.

This is not a hard-set rule. It might work for some, but not the majority. Whether or not it’s working for you… is hard to say. I don’t know where you currently are and what else is going on to further your path.

Not wanting to be entirely unhelpful, I’ve asked other members of the collective for their advice:

  • While sleeping together brings you physically closer and feels good at the time, it’s not a solution to the deeper issues. If your twin’s words are often soul-crushing, it sounds like you’re not ready to spend time like this together.
  • It seems like you both are stuck in a cycle, given the number of separations. Sleeping with him might have provided temporary relief but doesn’t seem to have resolved the underlying problems. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but you’re maybe putting too much reliance on these meetups and less on other areas of your journey.
  • Physical intimacy can sometimes complicate things, especially if the emotional part of the relationship is not stable yet.
  • Don’t do it. It just is not worth trying to rush things and it will backfire in the short term.
  • It’s tough to say definitively whether sleeping with him makes things better or worse. It really depends on the dynamics of your relationship and whether you both are ready to work on the issues that keep causing separations.
  • It’s possible that sleeping with him could have made things more complicated. In any case, it sounds like underlying problems need to be addressed.

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