A look ahead for the twin flame collective β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œ

In the extended reading today, we’re looking at how you can overcome the challenges in your path to union. You can unlock the extended readings (as well as our blueprint to reaching union, access to the community and more right here.

Let’s delve into the energies approaching the collective. Interestingly, the Wheel of Fortune and Justice cards suggest a significant focus on destiny and fairness within the collective’s journey.

For many, there’s a sense of unfulfilled desires from the past, possibly involving a third party outside of the twin flame connection. This could indicate a committed relationship with someone who is not your twin flame, potentially involving children or significant others who may soon transition to an ex-partner. Such transitions point to a time of conflict and decision-making, especially regarding family dynamics and long-term commitments.

The collective seems to be in the midst of intense personal growth, dealing with the masculine and feminine energies within, and contemplating next steps in life. This is a part of the journey where both twins are facing conflicts in their 3D life, questioning the purpose behind their relationships, separations, and the familial structures they have built.

Despite the turmoil, progress is being made. The movement towards “calmer, smoother waters” is evident, even amidst the distractions and the emotional labor involved in resolving conflicts. Particularly for those with children, there’s a shift towards becoming better co-parents, reducing strife, and lessening tensions.

Conflicts, possibly around child support, are finding resolution, suggesting that tensions are healing and obstacles are being overcome. This progress is contributing to personal growth, embracing new perspectives, and exploring new directions in life.

The advice from Spirit emphasizes the importance of confronting inner shadows and childhood issues to manifest the Divine Union. By resolving these internal struggles, you’ll be better equipped to handle external challenges. The key message here is to release what no longer serves you and maintain forward momentum, embracing change and growth.

In the extended reading, we will examine how these energies specifically affect the divine feminine and masculine. Join me there for deeper insights, or carry with you the unconditional love and support being sent your way until next time.

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Blessed be!

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