A look ahead for the twin flame collective โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

In the extended reading today we’re looking at how you can release negative karmic baggage. You can unlock the extended readings (and our blueprint to union) here.

Welcome to your Twin Flame Collective reading. In this session, we’ve explored the energies the collective is currently dealing with and what’s coming their way. The major cards pulled from the deck are the Seven of Wands and the Ten of Swords. This signals a transformative period full of endings and the promise of new beginnings.

Key Energies

The Seven of Wands

This card often points to someone holding their ground, defending their views, and showing resilience.

The Ten of Swords

This card implies a major energy of endings in various life situations. It could indicate emotional or physical defeat, but it also signifies the end of a difficult period.

The Main Themes

Manifestation and Choices

One, or both, of the twins have been focused on manifesting something deeply desiredโ€”this could be a relationship, a new career, or even a pregnancy. This is a major point for making choices, and these choices will naturally lead to some things falling away as new energies enter your life.


The major obstacle here is emotional blockage. As the manifestation gains momentum, there is difficulty in letting go of what needs to be released. This could be due to regret, guilt, or deep-seated insecurities.

Advice from Spirit

Sadness and Isolation

The advice card pulled is one of learning from past situations and frequencies. You’re being guided to release lower frequencies and embrace the new energies entering your life.

Awaiting Results

This confirms that as you graduate to higher frequencies, you are on the brink of receiving major blessings.

Important Takeaways

  1. This is a time of major life shifts. Whether youโ€™re trying to manifest a new relationship, job, or some other deeply held desire, understand that some things will naturally have to fall away for new opportunities to emerge.
  2. Letting go is hard but necessary. The emotional struggle to release old energies, relationships, or situations can be daunting. However, this is part of the journey.
  3. Endings bring new beginnings. Though this period may involve considerable emotional labor and may seem overwhelming, the Ten of Swords suggests that the end of this chapter will usher in new, brighter beginnings.
  4. You’re not alone in this journey. The collective energy suggests that this is a shared experience. It’s okay to feel vulnerable and seek support.
  5. Spiritual growth awaits. Despite the inherent difficulties, the journey promises a path to higher frequencies and greater fulfillment.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into how these energies are affecting the divine feminine and divine masculine, join me in the extended reading. Whether or not you continue, I send you the highest vibes of unconditional love and support.

Take courage and move forward; great blessings are on the horizon.

In the extended reading today we’re looking at how you can release negative karmic baggage. You can unlock the extended readings (and our blueprint to union) here.

Blessed be!

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