It’s very likely you’re running into signs your twin flame is communicating with you far more often than you’re consciously aware of.

Sometimes, you can tell what these signs mean. Always follow your intuition when you see signs. Other times, you might need to ask for guidance to understand what signs are coming your way.  

When in doubt, get help from your higher self, your twin’s higher self, your spiritual team, your higher power and the Universe. 

If you don’t see these particular signs, that’s okay. Each twin flame journey is unique. Always follow your intuition when it comes to picking out and interpreting signs.

If you’d like a little help understanding the signs on your path (or if you’re not noticing them yet) you might want to try the twin flame calculator or a free twin flame reading for some guidance.

1. You See Signs and Synchronicities All-Around 

When your twin flame is communicating with you in person, it’s easy. Well, sometimes that’s difficult too. But it’s slightly easier than when your twin communicates with you, not in person. This can be considerably more confusing. 

One of the ways through which your twin can communicate with you is through signs and synchronicities

The signs and synchronicities you might see when your mirror soul communicates with you can be very different from one twin flame relationship to the next. They can also differ from one phase of your twin flame journey to the next.

These signs can be almost anything and everything. They can be objects that jump out at you or that you encounter in some unusual or uncommon places. Or you might see them in usual or common places but in a context or at a particular moment in time that connects to something else. 

For instance, seeing feathers might not be so out of place when you’re in a park. There might be pigeons and other birds around, so a feather isn’t so unlikely. But seeing a feather on a candy wrapper, for instance, or right next to a light post could reference something particular to your twin flame relationship. 

Everyone else around you could see the same thing and not get anything from it. But for you, specifically, it might connect to a special moment, situation, or joke you and your twin flame had. And it might be their way of communicating that they’re thinking about you, too, even if you’re in a no-contact situation at that particular point in time. 

Other signs and synchronicities can include twin flame numbers, song lyrics, movies or TV shows, or locations that have a special meaning for you, for your twin, or for your twin flame relationship.

twin flame signs

2. You Receive Messages In Your Dreams Or Astral Travel

Part of the twin flame communication goes on during your sleep. It can happen in your dreams or when you do astral travel

Part of the reason for that is the fact that your energetic field is more receptive while you sleep. Your twin can reach out spiritually or via telepathy with more ease during your sleep. 

Because twin flame life experiences are often similar, you can meet each other in dreams related to your common experiences very often. When that happens, it’s often not a result of either your or your twin’s consciously aware intention

But you can still exchange important messages at such times. That’s primarily because your higher selves communicate with more ease and exchange messages through your dreams easier than through 3D reality. 

In other cases, the messages can be consciously aware. They can be a result of trying to do lucid dreaming, for instance. Such messages are equally as important. 

In fact, there are no forms of twin flame communication that aren’t important, regardless of the way through which they are exchanged. 

3. You Suddenly Feel Drawn To A Particular Place Or Activity 

As twin flames, you have a particular energy signature that’s unique to you and your twin. Whenever one of you goes to a place or practices some activity, you leave your energetic mark on that. 

You or your twin will feel a natural pull toward that mark. That’s why you might find yourself suddenly drawn to particular places or activities that connect to your twin. You might go there or do that for the very first time yet still feel a sense of familiarity. 

Whether you haven’t made 3D contact yet or you’re in a no-contact type of situation, your twin can send you messages through the energy mark they leave on things. These messages are subtle and will only make sense to you. 

4. You Have Feeling Or Thoughts That Don’t Feel Like They’re Yours

One of the most common ways in which your mirror soul communicates with you is through telepathy or empathy

Through your energy cord, you are constantly exchanging information. This goes on in the background of your mind and heart, with or without your conscious awareness. When you catch segments of thoughts or feelings, it’s likely they came through without your twin intending to send you those messages. 

As your bond grows stronger, you can receive these messages with more ease and clarity. Your mirror soul can start to send them intentionally as they grow and evolve spiritually

This type of communication goes on regardless of the status or progress of your twin flame relationship. Of course, the more advanced you are with the process of harmonizing with a divine union, the easier it becomes to communicate intentionally through telepathy and empathy. 

twin flames meditating

5. You Receive Messages During Your Meditation 

Aside from the sleep state, one of the most receptive states of mind is that of meditation. That makes meditation one of the likeliest ways for your twin flame to communicate with you. 

When you register someone appearing in your meditation, or you start to hear or feel things that originate from a very familiar source, it’s your twin communicating with you. This is less likely to happen without your twin’s conscious awareness, but it can also happen that way. 

The fact you communicate is a sign that you’re working on harmonizing with your divine union frequency. It’s a sign that you’re moving things in the right direction.

If you’d like to consciouly tap into what your twin flame wants you to know, you can get a DM to DF for twin flames channeled message here.

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