Natal charts are far more than a beautiful piece of celestial artwork (although they do look great on the wall). But what are they, why do they matter and (most importantly) how can they help the twin flame path to union?

At its simplest, a natal chart is like a snapshot of the cosmos at the precise moment of your birth. It’s an astrological blueprint that reveals the positions of all the planets, sun, and moon, each signifying different aspects of your personality and life.

A natal chart doesn’t (just) offer insights about you as an individual. It can also highlight the dynamics of your connections to others (like your twin flame). It helps you find shared patterns, challenges and strengths and can paint you a roadmap to reaching union.

Much like the rest of your journey, your natal chart is uniquely yours. There’s no right or wrong to what you do with it, but it can offer some real growth, understanding and a deeper awareness of your path.

Would you like us to break down your natal chart and interpret it specifically to your twin flame path? You can use our twin flame birth chart calculator.

How Twin Flames Can Use Natal Charts

twin flame natal calculator

To speed up your path to union.

We use astrology in our weekly energy forecasts, but your Natal chart is a little different.

Based on your date, time, and place of birth, you get a full map of your houses, planet placements, and the planetary aspects. It’s a much more detailed and personal analysis than simply knowing your Sun Sign. 

Your natal chart can help you understand what karmic aspects you might be dealing with in various areas of your life. It can guide you to understand what your individual life purpose is alongside your twin flame journey. 

By studying your natal chart, you can work on lessons and boost your strong suits. It can help you make a map of your life journey, which can support you in making great progress on your twin flame journey. 

If you have the details for your twin flame as well, you can also analyze your synastry chart. That’s the combination of your individual charts and the aspects that result from that. That’s going to be your map for your connection’s journey during this 3D experience. 

It can be a very powerful tool for you to make progress towards your sacred destiny of achieving divine union

Accurate Birth Information

If you’re having someone do your natal chart for you (like using our birth chart calculator) then you don’t need to worry about interpreting the information, but you do need to be as accurate as you can with the information.

Astrology is often seen as an art form guided by cosmic forces, but it’s also a science that demands precision. In the context of natal charts, the accuracy of birth information isn’t just a detail; it’s the very foundation of an insightful and meaningful reading.

The more information you’re able to give – the better. If you know your twin flame’s details, that means we can dig deeper and gain more insight.

The date and place of birth are essential to fully map the celestial events of your birth. A slight inaccuracy can lead to a drastically different interpretation. The time can help if you know it, but it’s unlikely to make a huge upset which is why most interpretations will have the time as optional.

Go Beyond Just the Sun Sign


While many are familiar with the concept of Sun signs and their role in compatibility, the intricate dance of a twin flame relationship requires a deeper astrological understanding.

Looking beyond the Sun sign, we can uncover layers of connection, affinity, and learning that form the very fabric of this profound bond.

If Sun signs are the broad strokes in the painting of our astrological selves, then the Moon, Venus, Mars, and other placements are the fine details that bring the picture to life. In understanding twin flame compatibility, it’s these subtler aspects that hold the key to unlocking a richer understanding of the relationship’s dynamics.

Using Natal Charts as a Reflective Tool

Natal charts are more than just a road map to understanding your personality and connection to your mirror soul.

They can (and should) be a profound meditative tool, allowing us to reflect on our inner selves. By contemplating the unique cosmic alignment at the time of our birth, we can gain insights into our spiritual essence and discover paths to personal growth.

Imagine holding a mirror to your soul, one that reflects not only your physical appearance but your thoughts, desires, fears, and potential. This is what a natal chart can offer. Through its complex symbols and planetary placements, it serves as a reflective tool, allowing us to see deeper into our true selves.

Sometimes this means confronting parts of ourselves that we would rather not face. A natal chart isn’t always just good news and sometimes will tell us things that we need to work on.

Our ego often leads us to react to this as if we were being attacked but the interpretation of your chart is there to help. Not to hinder. Allow yourself to meditate on the results of your chart and be honest with yourself about what resonates with you and anything you might have been hiding from.

Consulting a Professional Astrologer vs. an Online Tool

Navigating a natal chart’s celestial complexities can be fascinating and bewildering. While many tools are available online for generating charts, none of them have ever really focused on the twin flame journey.

You can take the time to study astrology and decipher the meanings yourself, but this can be time-consuming and (worse) doing readings yourself can allow bias to slip into your interpretations.

Our natal chart calculator focuses heavily on twin flames and draws on our collective experience in deciphering the symbols, angles and patterns that hold meaning for your path.

That said, there’s something to be said by working with a professional astrologer in person. We would suggest finding someone familiar with the twin flame journey, and working with someone in person can often have a heavy pricetag – but it does give you the time with them to ask questions.

Neither is right or wrong, just personal preference.

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