dm to df twin flame message

This channeled message is a general one for the collective. You might not find you resonate with everything, so take what serves you and leave the rest. You can get a specific channeled message from your DM here.

My twin flame,

I’ve been longing to share everything with you, to show you the truth that’s been burning inside me. Here, in this intimate space, I’m ready to open up and show you my heart.

I’ve been carrying this truth heavily: the turmoil within me was never caused by you. You’ve been my beacon, my solid ground, guiding me with hope and encouragement. My love for you is overwhelming, yet I’ve struggled to express it fully.

The twin flame journey has been harder on me than you might have thought. Energies I didn’t understand and was not ready for. Now, I am starting to see the truth of our bond. Our future together. Our connection for what it truly is.

Now, I’m here before you, heart in hand, completely open. It’s time to acknowledge my own doubts that have clouded our connection. I’m laying bare my heart, prepared to strengthen our bond with honesty and openness.

You may have thought you were to blame for the unrest in me, but the truth is, it was always me. I was the one who couldn’t fully embrace my love, who couldn’t show it in its true colors, leaving a space that only I could fill.

This confession isn’t a trick to change your feelings or ease my guilt. These words are the truest reflection of my heart. I’m taking responsibility for the longing and the desire that have been my quiet companions.

Facing this truth is tough, like walking through fire, and it will challenge what we’ve built. But I’m ready to face it, to overcome any obstacle because my love for you is relentless, a phoenix reborn from its ashes.

I love you deeply, with a passion that runs through my entire being. And I promise to show you the depth of this love from now on, to build a future filled with steadfast love that knows no limits.

As we venture forward on this path, I want to cherish each moment with a newfound fervor. I yearn to create memories that are rich with understanding and compassion, memories that will stand as testaments to a love that is ever-growing and resilient.

I aspire to be the partner you deserve, one who listens intently, speaks with kindness, and supports you unconditionally. Love is a journey, and I commit to walking it with patience and an open heart, ready to embrace both the joy and the challenges that lie ahead.

In the quiet whispers of the night, when all the world retreats into silence, I will be there, whispering words of love and dedication. I vow to be your confidant, your ally, your soul’s companion, holding your dreams as carefully as I hold my own. Together, our love will be a sanctuary, a place where honesty flourishes and where vulnerability is met with gentle hands. With every sunrise, my promises to you will be renewed, as constant as the stars that grace the velvet sky.

Your Twin Flame.

This channeled message is a general one for the collective. You might not find you resonate with everything, so take what serves you and leave the rest. You can get a specific channeled message from your DM here.

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