When it comes to monadic twin flames, opinions are a bit, well…split. We’ll talk about the two main ideas circulating around in the flame community. 

The twin flame journey is a deep spiritual experience guided by your intuition. It’s up to you, your twin flame, and your twin flame collective to come up with your own perception and understanding of the term. 

The Meaning of Monad 

A monad is a single indivisible unit. In a spiritual sense, it’s like the atom of the soul. 

It’s the origin point of a spiritual entity or of a soul. In relation to the twin flame journey, the monad soul is the original spiritual entity from which the twin flame souls break off. 

When you think about that, the monad soul becomes the end goal of the twin flame journey and the result of the high vibe divine union which leads to merging. When the twin flames merge, they form the monad from which they came. 

Monadic Twin Flames As A Point Of Origin

One of the easiest ways to understand the notion of monadic twin flames is by thinking of the point of origin of the twin flame souls.

Twin flames share the same energy signature precisely because they originate from the same higher vibrational entity. That point of origin for the twin flame collective is the flame monad soul or entity. 

By that very definition, these souls have gone through numerous human experiences. They have a lot of karmic history under their belt. And they’ve also done a lot of healing and growing.

Monadic Twin Flames Versus Split Soul Twin Flames 

Some members of the spiritual community make a distinction between monadic twins and split soul twins

They see split soul twins as twins who come from the soul segments of a monad which has divided more times over. Monadic twin souls are the two final segments that through union achieve the merging phase.

There are also some views that support the idea that split soul twins originate from different monads. We think that would make those souls soulmates, actually. We’ve talked before about twin flames vs soulmates vs karmics

If you think about it, definitions are just a way to process ideas or information. Don’t fall into the trap of human conventions getting in the way of your growth or lowering your vibe

However you or someone else defines something, it’s the essence of your spiritual growth that truly matters.

Monadic Twin Flames As A Phase Of Growth 

One way to understand monadic twin flames is through their progress on the twin flame journey

If you consider the monad as the origin point of those flame souls, then it’s the end goal of their journey. Through their divine union, they achieve the merging phase and become that monad. 

So the twin flames that got to the monadic phase are one step away from merging. 

By considering that, these souls are the most high vibe flames. They have made a lot of progress on the journey. Their frequency is high. They can tap into an infinite source of wisdom and knowledge

While they are still in the 3D, these souls shine a very bright soul light. It’s very likely that many members of the collective gravitate toward them. But not only members of the flame collective. 

Since these souls have made a lot of spiritual progress, they’re also working intensely on their lightworker life purpose

Everything and everyone they come into contact with in the 3D and in the spiritual realm receives energy upgrades. They plant high vibe energetic codes into the realities they come into contact with. 

They heal and uplift the frequency of all the realities they interact with. 

You may or may not meet these souls in roles of community leaders, healers, or teachers. Don’t take such roles to mean that soul is necessarily the monadic soul vibe. 

These souls could just as well choose to live more ascetic and secluded human experiences in their final stages before the merging phase.

It’s All About Your And Your Twin Flame’s Journey

Don’t take the monadic twin flames phase to be a must-have point on a to do spiritual list. It’s not a race or a competition. 

The journey is full of exciting notions, phases, and ideas. There’s a lot you can learn. The exchanges of ideas and the notions that you work with can help you grow a lot. 

At the same time, don’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of definitions or in the ideas or perceptions of others. Ultimately, it’s all about you and your twin flame. Whatever helps you grow toward your divine union is awesome. 

In the Bright Flame unification blueprint we’ve put together a set of tools that can hopefully support your progress on the journey. 

There are many ideas, notions, stories, and lessons you can pick up along the way. Explore, learn, and also give yourself the space to wonder and question things. Growth is not a linear process. It’s got ups and downs, leaps and pauses. 

While many twin flame journeys go through very similar phases or milestones, each journey is in fact unique. Even the same milestones, phases, or ideas can seem very similar to someone but could be perceived, understood, and processed very differently by different twin flame couples. 

If some of the information you come across doesn’t support your growth, simply release it. You don’t have to conform to anyone’s definitions or expectations when it comes to your twin flame journey. It’s a deeply personal experience that only you and your twin flame can truly understand fully. 

What we’d like to state firmly is our belief that there’s no wrong or right way to understand or process ideas or information from a spiritual point of view

Ultimately, the most important thing is not the bottom line of a definition. It’s all about the spiritual experience you go through while you wonder, learn, contemplate, and ascend toward your divine union. 

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