Unfortunately, this is an incredibly difficult question to answer. If you’re talking about just on Earth in 3D, nobody outside of the relationship knows who is a twin flame and who isn’t.

There’s also a big chance that plenty of people are twin flames in union without ever having heard the term.

There’s no national registry or global database of mirror souls. It is said to be very rare that twin flames incarnate together at the same time.

But if we rephrase the question a little: How many mirror souls, divided into two, are one soul?

ALL OF THEM! Every single one.

It’s really all about perception. Each pair of twin flames, from activation, are actively in union (although how we use that terminology might differ). Let’s talk about what that means for a moment.

Let’s change actively to active.

So, let’s rephrase the question. How many mirror souls split into and are active in their union? All of them!

It’s a complicated concept, but so are twin flames. (Nobody ever said this would be easy.)

twin flame signs

You lived similar lives because you shared one consciousness. The similarities in your life’s path exist because you share one consciousness. You’ve always been twin flames. Always been connected. Long before you ever heard the term or started this journey consciously.

As you begin to work on your union actively, you will notice that the veil between separation and unity is not only thinner, it doesn’t exist. Here’s the thing about being passionate about something.

People always know the difference when someone is passionate.

When your union energy is activated, you become addicted to the higher energy feeling, sort of like a spiritual equivalent of a runner’s high. Then you do more good things, and then more good things happen to you, and the energy of attraction puts you in perfect frequency with your counterpart.

The more you work on your energy, the more you want to work on your energy.

We sometimes talk about the spiral of focusing too much on a twin flame runner. This focus on the 3D separation can hold you back for a long, long time and it’s one of the biggest twin flame mistakes you can make.

The opposite is true for learning to work on your energy. The more you push your energy forward – the more you push your journey forward.

The more you push your journey forward – the sooner you reach physical union.

There are many layers before you can see that you are never apart. From your telepathic bond to the constant syncs from the universe always floating around you.

Don’t pay too much attention to titles and labels. Don’t worry about comparing your journey to others. Union comes with removing anything from your awareness that separates you from other people and labels and terminology can do just that.

We are all in union with each other; thus, twin flames are also actively in union!

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