I had just started my freshman year of college. I had just gotten out of a very toxic relationship and was rather down. I was searching for something different new hobbies to make friends, etc. Suddenly I felt the strong urge to do something I would never EVER have done.

I emailed an ultimate frisbee team asking if I could join. I had never played in my entire life, nor had I ever shown interest in it. This was something I HAD to do for some reason. Again 100% out of character for me.

Tip: For anyone who didn’t know, experiences like this are not uncommon for twin flames. Your hobbies and interests reverberate through your connection.

I emailed the team asking if I could join with no experience. I got an email back within minutes from not one but both team captains (one of them my twin) encouraging me to join, so I did. I didn’t realize until I showed up that I was the only girl out of 40 other male players.

You could say I could have had my pick of the pack, but there was only one guy I felt physically drawn to, and that was my twin. When we made eye contact, I felt like I could feel him deep inside myself. Like I knew him and knew his feelings, it was extremely odd and something I never experienced.

I guess you could compare it to being in a room full of people and only feeling like you’re the only two people there.

A week or two went past, and I attended my first team party. He was shy and kept his distance, but he didn’t get a chance to come over and talk to me until he had a few drops of “liquid courage”.

After that, we talked for hours. It was like talking to a version of myself. Everything we said was the same. Same hobbies, same interests, same beliefs. It was extremely surreal. Growing up, we even had the same class number (#13).

That night he invited me to stay over (as did many other team members). He took me back to his bedroom, where we just lay there (sleeping only). The next morning he woke up and kissed me, and it was so amazing. I can still feel it today. We stayed in bed talking to each other all day.

I will take a brief moment to pause and explain a little about my twin and how EXTREMELY out of character this was for him. He was 21 then and had never kissed a girl or had a girlfriend. He was good-looking and never went after girls.

His friends all told me they thought he was gay up until me. His reasoning was the other girls just weren’t right, and he wanted to make sure he found the “one” and didn’t want to waste time. So no, he wasn’t a “player”.

Back to the story…..He told me that when I sent that initial team email, he looked me up and saw my picture and instantly felt drawn to me and couldn’t explain it. He said he just knew. The next few weeks were the most amazing weeks of my life.

We did end up sleeping together, etc. He accidentally told me he loved me on our second date when I got out of the car. When he smiled at me, it would melt me because I could feel how happy he was deep inside my chest.

When he would just get close to me, not even touching I could feel my entire chakra vibrating. The very tip of my head all the way down to my bottom would vibrate/tingle, and it would be the most AMAZING feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

I’ve never been able to replicate it with anyone. This is what stands out to me. It wasn’t anything close to the “butterflies in the stomach” it was on another cosmic level. I’ve never been able to replicate any of these feelings.

When I was with him, I felt life changes like I wanted to help people and do humanitarian efforts. He, for whatever reason, inspired me. He’s the reason I found a love in healthcare. I also quickly discovered I could “read” or feel his thoughts.

I could tell what he was thinking without him having to say anything. This love was short-lived and like someone had flipped the switch off. One day out of the blue, he took me back to his apartment. To a normal person, everything would have seemed fine.

He insisted on holding my hand as we walked. He smiled like he normally did and kissed my hand. However, I knew… I felt it… he was taking me back to break up with me.

I wanted to run far away, but instead, I held his hand and went with him. He did indeed break up with me “because he felt like I liked him more than he liked me. He wanted to make sure I was with someone that loved me soooo much and didn’t think it was fair to me.” blah blah blah.

I didn’t take it well, naturally. I stormed out of the apartment and then came back, and he held me in his arms, crying with me. No one saw it coming. It was bad. He hid in his room for weeks and only came out for class. I, on the other hand was in denial and ignored my feelings. I also for whatever stupid reason thought I should stay on the team because I had made friends with all those guys as well.

The next two years were awful. I chased him, and he ran. We were always at practice together and always at social events, so you could imagine how difficult it was. I was depressed and stupid and got too drunk one night, and he ended up at the same house and cleaned up my vomit and slept beside me all night, and that’s how we spent new years.

If I asked someone for meds at practice for a headache, he was always listening and asked me what hurt and insisted on me telling him.

One day (1 year after we broke up) I was upset and texted him something like “I just need to talk to you now, blah” and he jumped on his bike and bolted to my house ran into my house and came to make sure I was okay. He held me in his arms while I cried.

I lost my grandparent, and he was always the first to say sorry and make sure I was okay. One night I was stupid again drinking and wandering off. It took a while for people to find me, and he texted me in the morning, telling me he was worried and glad I’m at home.

He was always there for me…

I could ALWAYS feel and sense him just watching me…constantly watching me. I could feel the pain he was feeling in conjunction with mine. We would just stare at each other from across the field. He also always knew/called me out if I lied about something and I have NO idea how he always would know.

Anyway, the next year a couple of girls joined the team. With girls there is drama, and the guys were pushing him toward another girl. I decided it was too painful and I felt like I was making a fool out of myself. I decided to cut all ties. I deleted everyone off social media and left the team for good.

A couple of months later, I found someone new (my husband). The day I put “in a relationship” my twin put himself in a relationship with that girl. My friend told me it was within a minute of me doing it. Anyway, his didn’t last. I caught him a couple of years later looking at my profile.

I moved on. I put him in a box deep inside myself and locked it away. I thought about him a lot at first, and as years went by, I thought about him less until it wasn’t at all. Here I am today, almost 9 years later.

Then one day, he popped back into my head out of the blue. I got an overwhelming feeling of him and how he made me feel. It is completely uncontrollable. Some days I’ll push him out, and he’ll come right back like I can’t get rid of him.

So naturally, I looked him up on social media, and he had just gotten married (to a woman that looks freakishly similar to me). He got married on 3/13, which is also my birthday, and both of our lucky numbers are 13.

At that moment, I said “that’s it!!!!!” and got on the internet searching for the weird numerical sequences and why I could feel such intense intense feelings for someone in a relationship that was over so quickly. I thought I was going nuts. Then I discovered twin flames and everything started making sense to me.

Since then, I have been seeing 11:11 everywhere daily. I’ve also seen 3:13 frequently as well. I also found out that he writes on his blog. Last Christmas, I was advocating for people to buy local, etc. I went onto his blog, and he had just written an article about the same thing.

Seems we are still on the same frequency. Lately, I’ve been very motivated to eat better, try new things like yoga, etc. Feel like I want to help people.

I don’t know why I’m feeling this way all of a sudden out of nowhere. I do believe I have found my twin. I’ve been having these dreams with him, and they’re crazy. They feel real, and I can remember everything in them. I wake up feeling like I need to interpret something or just feel like it was so real, and can still feel what I was feeling in my dream.

Sometimes we have a good time. Others, he’s there, and I’m right next to him, but I can’t get him to look at me. I don’t like the way we left things. We kind of left on bad terms due to outside influences and the drama.

I guess I’m curious about what comes next or if something does. Why, all of a sudden 9 years later, I’m having this overpowering transformation.

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