Embrace the power of essential oils for twin flames. Whether you use them in aromatherapy, rituals, or massages, essential oils can be the gateways to powerful breakthroughs in your twin flame connection.

To be clear (before you get your hopes up), using some oil will not complete your journey for you (if only it was that easy), but it can help your existing practice and push it further.

Some people like to add a couple of drops of essential oils into their spiritual baths, along with cleansing salt, for instance. If you use twin flame meditation or Reiki (which you should), you can combine a little essential oil into these practices to push things even further.

It’s like adding some spiritual gas to the fire you’ve already got going.

Before you use any of them on your skin or in your space, just make sure you’re not allergic and can tolerate them well. Do a 24-hour test before using any new products on your skin, however organic they might be!  

1. Frankincense 

Frankincense is a powerful protection essential oil. Much like incense, it works to cleanse and protect your space and your energy

As twin flames, you run into many types of lower vibes throughout the day. Some of these energies can come from unhealed shadows, inner child issues, wounds and traumas, or karmic debts

Others can be unintentional byproducts of heavily populated or stressful environments. And in some cases, some can be intentionally malevolent or aggressive energies. 

2. Sage 

Sage is a wonderfully cleansing and protective essential oil. Much like Frankincense, it helps you to keep your energy and your environment as highly vibrational as possible. 

Sage is particularly good for your sacred space, altar, meditation space, and for your bedroom. It promotes the flow of positive energy. That helps any healing process you’re going through and boosts your spiritual protection

twin flame oil

3. Lavender

One of the key things you need when you’re on your twin flame journey is balance. Lavender is very good at promoting and protecting balance

It works wonders for your emotional balance and promotes balanced energies in your twin flame connection. That makes Lavender a very useful essential oil for your separation phase in particular. 

You can boost its power by using it together with Rose Quartz for twin flames in particular. The combined healing and supportive energies of Lavender and Rose Quartz will promote unconditional self-love and love in your bond

4. Clove 

The Clove essential oil is a powerful protection and cleansing tool

You can fend off a lot of low vibes by dabbing a bit of close essential oil on your shoes, on the frame of your doors and windows, and beneath the mirrors or reflective surfaces in your home.  

Clove essential oil can be particularly useful when you’re going through sessions of energy healing. It keeps your energetic body safe from any unwanted energies and helps purge the lower vibes from your energetic field and that of your twin flame bond. 

5. Lemongrass 

Lemongrass is a powerful protection and promotes higher frequencies even in times of distress. Its soothing and refreshing scent can be very helpful when you’re going through any form of recovery, physical, emotional, or spiritual. 

It also raises your vitality levels, so it can be very useful during separation phases like no contact or when you’re going through twin flame relationship issues. 

6. Rose 

Rose essential oil might be considered one of the most romantic essential oils you can use. 

And the twin flame journey is the most romantic type of connection you’ll ever experience as a flame, after all. Not all of the time, true. But there’s nothing as enchanting as twin flame romance, let’s be honest. 

The Rose essential oil promotes emotional connection and deep emotional healing. It also boosts fertility and is particularly supportive for Divine Feminine energies throughout the twin flame journey. 

7. Sandalwood 

Sandalwood essential oil is the key to deep healing of the spirit, heart, mind, and body. It works particularly well for raising the vibe of Divine Masculine energies.

Sandalwood promotes the releasing of attachments and making spiritual progress. It’s a powerful combination that is very supportive for your twin flame journey.  

Due to its vibe, Sandalwood works very well on your Root Chakra in particular. It helps ground your energy and promotes stability and balance

8. Musk 

Musk is one of the strongest essential oils for supporting twin flame passion. Musk raises the vibe of your Root Chakra and supports the energy of sexual union

If you know anything about twin flame sex, you know it’s a unique experience. Musk supports that level of high-vibe sacred sexuality. It raises the vibe of your passion and brings your bond to new heights

Due to its earthy and seductive scent, Musk is often used as the basis for many perfumes and cosmetic products. Much like Sandalwood, it blends very well with other fragrances. 

Its energy is supportive and encouraging but not overpowering

9. Patchouli 

Patchouli has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac. It engages your romantic vibes and supports the blending of Feminine and Masculine energies

It’s an excellent idea to use the Patchouli essential oil in your bedroom in particular. Whether you’re in a twin flame relationship already or you’re still manifesting your twin in the 3D, Patchouli intensifies your magnetic power

When you combine the power of Patchouli with your power of manifestation and your naturally magnetic effect on your twin flame, you get a very good chance at manifesting your twin flame connection in the 3D

Once manifested, it supports the healing journey by optimizing your connection and consolidating your foundation as a couple

10. Jasmine 

When it comes to essential oils for twin flames, Jasmine is a powerful choice. This is one of the best essential oils for supporting divine connection. It raises the frequency of your bond and guides you toward achieving a harmonious divine union

Add Jasmine essential oil to your efforts to fortify and further develop your divine union. Add it to the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to give your spiritual work a powerful boost.

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