When we started writing about twin flames (it feels like a long time ago now). It felt like nobody had ever heard the term, and trying to explain it to someone was an uphill task. Now, things have changed somewhat.

We have celebrities talking about the journey and people using the terms ‘soulmate’ and ‘twin flame’ interchangeably (which isn’t technically accurate, but we’ve learned to pick our battles). But does everyone have a twin flame?

Is the connection as common as it seems to be becoming?

In short?

Not everyone has a twin flame. Not everyone is a twin flame. You can’t become a twin flame soul. You either are one from the get-go, or you’re not. And if you are one, you do have a twin flame divine counterpart.

The real connection is incredibly rare and the journey is very often full of doubt and uncertainty. This is exactly why we have tools like our twin flame test.

To some, the twin flame journey sounds like a romantic adventure that ends up leading to a happily ever after. It’s especially true for those who aren’t twin flames or who haven’t learned much about what it actually means. 

If you are a twin flame soul, you know the adventure is much more on the challenging side than on the romantic one. And the happily ever after, though it comes in the form of the final merging phase, is most likely way ahead in the future

What’s in the present is the incredible amount of work required, including healing, growing, evolving, and ascending

Not All Souls Are Flame Souls 

All souls are spiritual. All souls can grow and evolve. But there’s no amount of growing and evolving that will make you a twin flame soul if you’re not one from the moment you were born into this 3D experience.

Whether you are or you aren’t a twin flame, only you and your twin truly know. You higher selves know, your spiritual teams know, your higher power and the Universe. 

If you like the idea of twin flames because it sounds so romantic to find your one true love, it’s more likely than not that you’re looking at the concept from the outside. 

As a twin, you’re more likely to focus on wondering why does the Universe keep twin flames apart than on admiring how romantic the concept sounds. 

Sure, a twin flame relationship has its very romantic moments. It’s a bliss unlike anything else. It’s a passion that’s unparalleled. But mostly, it’s incredibly hard work that goes on for lifetimes and lifetimes

There’s a lot you can read on the topic of twin flames. There are also lots of gurus, psychics, and service providers that can help you get your bearings in the situation or find out more. It’s a great idea to ask for help and try to find out more about your situation. 

But you should also tread carefully when it comes to getting spiritual help. Just because someone identifies as spiritual, it doesn’t mean that they’ve got your best interest at heart.

We’ve recently seen situations where the miracle of twin flame bonds was used to achieve goals that were not spiritual or high vibrational in the slightest. 

Any Soul Can Have Soulmates, But Not Everyone Has A Twin Flame

twin flame vs soulmate

Only twin flames have a twin flame counterpart. Pretty much any soul can have soulmates

Some souls have multiple soulmates that become part of their 3D human experience. They can play different roles in your 3D life. Some are romantic, some are not. Soulmate connections are based on soul contracts, similar to twin flame bonds. 

Whether you’re a twin flame or not, soul contracts play a massive role in your life journey. Through them, you connect with your soulmates and significant events, situations, or frequencies. 

Every one of us has a 3D experience that’s peppered with meaningful presences. We tend to meet one or more soulmates, depending on our journey through life. 

If you’re not a twin flame, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience a magic love or a magic bond with someone. All souls can experience that as long as they open up to that frequency and persevere instead of getting discouraged. 

Twin flames encounter soulmates during their human experience too. They are part of the twin flame soul contracts collection. 

Just because you’re not a twin flame, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience incredible chemistry and passion. It doesn’t mean that you won’t go through an uplifting and enriching romantic soul contract. It just won’t be a flame soul contract, but a soulmate soul contract

As a spiritual person, you will work on your growth and development during your human experience. You will evolve and can experience powerful spiritual awakenings and quantum leaps of evolution. Not being a twin flame doesn’t negate your high frequency or your chance at a powerful spiritual journey

Don’t make the mistake of seeing the twin flame status as a degree of excellence that makes you not have it any less worthy. All of us sign up for a human experience to grow, evolve, and enrich ourselves and the world around us. 

We give it our all and do our best, whether we’re flame souls or not. 

Making Progress On Your Life Journey Or Twin Flame Journey

Your soulmates are going to play a key role in your spiritual progress. If you’re a twin flame, then your mirror soul is going to be your partner, supporter, and guide as you work on harmonizing your energies to achieve divine union.

Whether you’re a twin flame soul or not, you still have a meaningful life purpose. You can lead a spiritually fulfilling and uplifting human experience. You can experience a spiritual awakening and work on your ascension

As a twin, you are likely to go through more challenging and demanding phases in order to fulfill your life’s sacred mission of achieving divine union. But you also benefit from the precious help of your divine counterpart so you can make progress together. And if you’d like some help with that, you can try the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to boost your progress. 

Whether you’re working on your life journey or on your twin flame journey, your progress depends on your spiritual growth and development. It’s up to you how you go through your human experience. And whether you’re a flame soul or not, it can be a blessing and a thrill.

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