You’re mirror souls, but do you look the same in the mirror? Do twin flames look alike? When I first started hearing people ask about the physical similarities (a very long time ago) I originally thought it was just people confusing the terminology.

I thought people heard ‘twin flame‘ and confused it with ‘identical twin‘.

In reality, you’re obviously not going to look the same. But you might be surprised by how many common traits you and your twin flame actually have. 

Do Twin Flames Look Similar?

You and your twin won’t necessarily look alike. If you do have some features in common, it’s more a matter of coincidence

For instance, you could both be taller or shorter than others. You could both have blue or brown eyes. You could both have dimples! That would be awesome. But having these things in common doesn’t actually make or break you as twin flames. 

If you look at the 31 signs you met your twin flame, you’ll realize there’s little to do with appearances. It’s never a good idea to judge a book by its cover anyway. But when it comes to the twin flame journey, all of the important things go way beyond the looks of the vessels your souls are inhabiting during this human experience

That’s why you’re going to find out that you and your twin flame have a lot of things in common. But how you look is not necessarily going to be among those. 

And yet, you’re very likely to learn that people who know both of you tend to say you’re so very similar. Some could even say that you look so much alike, even though objectively, you can clearly see that you don’t. 

How can that be? Well, it has a lot to do with how the brain works and how your twin flame bond works. It might seem like a strange combination of factors, right? But it makes perfect sense once you think about it. 

On an energetic level, you and your twin flame are not only alike but identical. You’re one and the same energy signature, and soon you’re going to be one and the same energy. 

That means that when people perceive you, they perceive your looks at first glance but they also perceive the deeper level of your essence. They perceive the energy signature of your soul, which is unique. Even if that doesn’t happen at a consciously aware level, their subconscious and instinct put you into the category of “same“. 

The brain, which loves things to go together in the same category and process them quicker, makes the connection between you and your twin and labels it “alike”. So you can end up hearing again and again that you, say, a blonde, slender, blue-eyed, tan person, look so very much alike your brunette, plump, brown-eyed, light complexion twin flame. 

In fact, it’s not your actual looks that make people see you as so much alike. It’s everything else that you actually do have in common. And a lot of your twin flame physical attraction is also influenced by everything you do have in common with your mirror soul. 

Common Traits You Could Have With Your Twin 

We’re going to talk about a few things you might find you have in common with your twin flame. Don’t take any of these things as must-haves, though. Every twin flame connection is unique and has its own path

If you don’t have many or any of these things in common, it doesn’t mean you’re not twin flames. If your intuition, higher self, twin’s higher self, spiritual team, higher power, or the Universe has confirmed that this person is your twin flame, then they are. Things in common are an added bonus

1. Similar Behavior, Speech, Cultural References

You might find that you and your twin have a lot of things in common when it comes to behavior, speech, or the cultural references you tend to use. You don’t have to live in the same area or even in the same part of the world for that to happen. 

You’ll naturally gravitate toward very similar if not the same types of movies, TV shows, books, music, foreign languages, or behavioral patterns. A lot of that will also be based on the shared types of experiences you go through in life as you mirror each other’s energy, feelings, thoughts, and so on. 

2. Similar Priorities And Interests  

Don’t be surprised if you’ll realize you have the same or very similar priorities and interests. You might both be into taking care of your health, learning foreign languages, baking, or DIY projects. 

Your energies reflect each other so you’ll find you gravitate toward very similar or even the same things you put first and the same things you want to try out. 

3. Similar Impression Created On Those You Interact With 

The way you behave and react to things is largely based on who you are at your soul level. And as twin flames, who you are at the soul level is the same energy. 

You’ll both most likely be similarly empathic, supportive, communicative, kind, considerate, and so on. After interacting with you, people are very likely to feel struck by the similarities between you and your twin.  

You’ll both create a very similar type of vibe around you. That’s your soul’s energy radiating out into the 3D world. And that is unique to you and your twin flame.

4. Similar Tastes In Style, Fashion, Tech, Decorations, Living Circumstances  

It’s very likely you’ll find out that you both love living in apartment buildings. Or maybe you’d both love to live out by the sea or in a cabin in the woods. You’d most likely decorate the place very similarly! 

Even though you don’t have to wear the same clothes, you’re probably going to have similar styles. You might like the same type of phones, smartwatches, laptops, or even drive the same car. 

That’s your intense likes and dislikes traveling through your energy cord. You’re constantly exchanging information. 

5. Similar Tastes In Leisure Activities, Vacation Spots, Hobbies 

People could feel you’re so much alike because you have vacation or hobby stories about the same or similar spots. You’re probably both into the same or similar hobbies, like the same sports or even sports teams, and you probably tend to spend your free time doing pretty similar things. 

All of that helps your relationship so much amazing progress in such a short amount of time. But you can use the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to accelerate that progress even more.

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