Twin flames have many things in common. They tend to have similar traumas, experiences, desires, feelings, and opinions, even if they might be at slightly different points in their lives. But do they need to have similar birth charts?

Similar birth charts can happen in twin flame couples, but they’re not a must.

Have you analyzed your twin flame birth charts? Use the twin flame birth chart calculator to see the overlap with your charts. All you need is your (and their) date of birth.

Are Twin Flames Birthday Or Chart Twins?

Birth charts are calculated based on your date, place, and time of birth. They are a collection of markers of your current 3D human experience. 

Twin flames don’t necessarily have the same birthdays, zodiac signs, or similar birth charts. It can happen that you and your twin flame share some common elements, but it’s not a must.

You could be born on the same date, for instance, but in different months or years. Or you could be born on different dates that reduce to the same number. But the fact that you don’t have these things in common is not a sign that you’re not twin flames.  

Your intuition is always going to be the best guide on your twin flame journey. If your higher self and your spiritual team send you signs and synchronicities as confirmation about your twin flame, that’s all you need to know.

The details of your birth chart or of your twin’s birth chart won’t contradict or conflict with your flame insight. But they will add valuable information into the mix. 

What twin flames will have in their natal charts for twin flames are interesting complementary aspects and planetary interactions. Just like your souls go together naturally, your natal charts will do the same. 

Your twin flame connection is based on a deeper bond. The details of your current 3D experience are relevant to this segment of your journey, absolutely. But there’s so much more about your journey that goes on and is based on things from higher dimensions and frequencies than 3D reality.

twin flame natal chart

What Role Do Birth Charts Play In The Twin Flame Journey?

By themselves, birth charts aren’t necessarily a confirmation of someone being your twin flame or not. 

But once your flame intuition guides you to the awareness of who your twin flame is, studying their birth chart and the synastry with yours can give you a lot of information about your current 3D experiences

You can find out a lot about your destinies by using a twin flame birth chart calculator. Someone’s birth chart may not be the equivalent of looking into someone’s soul. But with the help of the chart, you can find out how to better navigate your human experiences

As twin flames working on your journey toward divine union, you can use birth charts like a map to achieve your goals. Many aspects of a birth chart tell a complex story about how someone experiences, understands, builds, or reacts to things. 

Your energy mirrors your twin’s energy and vice versa. Your charts won’t necessarily be identical or mirror images of each other. But when you study both charts side by side, you’ll be able to make a lot of connections and understand your paths with more ease. 

For instance, there are valuable aspects in your birth charts that can help you accelerate your spiritual growth and development. You can find out likely areas where your secondary life purpose might come into play and how. There could be hints at how you could achieve your main life purpose of a divine union as well. 

Doing a deep dive analysis of your birth chart involves a lot of elements. You can gain a lot of wisdom and knowledge by doing numerological, astrological, and intuitive deep dives. It’s a bit like a cheat sheet for your own growth and development but also for your twins and your connections. 

Making The Most Of Your Birth Chart Information 

Once you’ve got the details of your birth chart and of your twins, you can do a lot with that information. It’s not going to bring a magic solution to all of the problems along the way toward divine union. But it can be very helpful in coming up with a tailor-made approach to achieving your goal of divine union. 

1. Gleam Information About Your Strengths And Issue Areas 

Sometimes, it can be tough to pinpoint our own strengths and issue areas or those of your twin. The birth chart can help you see things from an astrological perspective. It can open your eyes to things in a new way. 

You can work on yourself and on your twin flame connection by leaning on the strengths you discover in order to resolve more of the issue areas

2. Work On Healing Potential Setbacks Stalling Spiritual Growth And Development 

Maybe not all the shadows, inner child issues, traumas, or karmic aspects at play in your journey will come out in your birth charts, but some will. And you could realize some of them that you hadn’t really considered before. 

You can speed up your progress by working on resolving these issues so you can overcome the setbacks.

3. Come Up With Stimulating Activities And Interests That Support Raising Your Frequency 

Looking at the charts can help reduce some of the guesswork. Once you and your twin connect, your energies are going to mirror each other. Look for activities that promote a higher frequency of connection. 

Things that stimulate your curiosity, inquisitive nature, and thirst for knowledge and wisdom are going to help you connect at a higher level

4. Manifest Progress On Your Journey

You can use birth chart information to manifest progress on your journey. Look for special influences in your chart and in your twin’s. 

You might both be very influenced by the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, or other planets. Focus your manifesting efforts on the astrological events and aspects that work with those planets

5. Support The Surrendering Phase 

Your charts can help you both with the surrendering phase. For some twin flame couples, it’s a particularly challenging step in their twin flame relationship. You can work on making progress on it by applying the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to the info you get from the charts and your intuition.

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