They share an endless love, but do twin flames get married as part of the twin flame journey? Does separation end with a walk down the aisle?

We often see confusion and misguided ideas when it comes to the twin flame journey. We’re (possibly) even going to ruffle a few feathers with this one, but that’s because it matters.

Most of the time, it’s just a matter of shifting perceptions to see things from a higher spiritual vantage point. But every now and then, some people – especially from outside the actual flame community – muddy the waters intentionally

Does Marriage Mean Divine Union? 

Marriage does not necessarily mean divine union for twin flame relationships. By the same measure, a lack of marriage in a twin flame couple doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to achieve your divine union. 

The question of marriage between mirror souls tends to come up often. A lot of the time, it becomes part of people asking themselves: “Does everyone have a twin flame?” 

Marriage is a convention and a ritual. For society, it’s a convention that gives the spouses liberties and responsibilities regulated by social and legal norms. In religious terms, it’s a ritual that connects two people at the soul level. That also comes with its own liberties and responsibilities as described by the rite in which you get married. 

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In that sense, marriage is often seen as the synonym of a relationship reaching its full potential and its final form.  

Because of that, if twin flames do get married, it says a lot about the social and even religious conventions they’ve entered. But marriage, in and of itself, doesn’t say that much about the spiritual progress or the level of harmony between the souls. 

Depending on how spiritually advanced the twins are when they do get married, twin flame marriage can become the equivalent of a harmonious divine union. But it doesn’t have to necessarily mean that. 

After all, the twin flame relationship pattern is often of the on-again/off-again nature. A marriage phase can play into that, too. And if that happens, then you haven’t actually reached a harmonious level of divine union energy. 

As hard as it might be to separate things, marriage and divine union can happen at the same time. But they’re not the same thing

Can There Be A Divine Union Without A Marriage?  

Absolutely! The phase of a harmonious divine union can happen in a twin flame relationship that doesn’t follow social or religious customs and rules. 

The twin flame soul tie is an unbreakable bond. It travels through time and space and goes through numerous frequencies. 

Your twin flame bond experiences many ups and downs throughout lifetimes. It has become part of many cultures and religions.

It has become a very diverse and multicultural energetic space. That’s why you can make amazing progress toward your harmonious divine union phase without following the particular norms and habits of a culture, time, or place. 

That’s not to say that a divine union would in any way exclude or affect a marriage. It’s not a matter of either or. In fact, marriage and divine union are things that happen at different levels of our 3D reality

You could see marriage as the pinnacle of success for a romantic relationship. But other people might not see it that way. Either way, marriage is a 3D sacrament. It connects those souls during a particular lifetime. 

As twin flames, you are connected at the spiritual level. That’s a level of existence that has a higher vibration than 3D reality. That’s not to say one or the other is somehow better. They’re just different things. 

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Conventional Ideas Or Forms Don’t Define Your Twin Flame Journey  

As twin flames, you are citizens of the Universe. Even though you’re born into a particular time and place as part of your 3D experience, your roots are planted in a different level of existence

At your level, conventional ideas or forms don’t necessarily apply to you. You can choose to honor them during various lifetimes, sure. But you and your bond exist outside of or parallel to regular marriages

Consider this: when you and your twin flame find each other, you will be very attracted to your divine counterpart. You’re very likely to get into a relationship at that point. But at the time, you might be spiritually young and still not evolved enough

You and your twin could even get married very soon after meeting. But if one or both of you hasn’t experienced the spiritual and flame awakening, you’re not consciously aware of the nature of your bond. You may not be consciously aware of the depth of your bond either. 

Simply because you both said “I do!” at that point won’t make your relationship a harmonious divine union frequency. In order to have that, you both need to be consciously aware of your bond. The marriage could lead to that, sure. But it doesn’t have to do so necessarily. It might not. 

Your divine union frequency exists at a higher vibe. It’s a bond that isn’t necessarily above or below a 3D marriage. It’s simply something different. In a way, it exists parallel to the regular 3D levels of connection. 

Could you and your twin flame get married?

Of course, you could. You could also separate or even get a divorce at one point. When you reconnect, you may forgo conventional labels or practices, for instance.

That wouldn’t make your divine union any less valid or powerful at that point. 

What makes your bond a success story won’t be the marriage certificate in and of itself. Your success is all about managing to harmonize your energies and achieve divine union frequency. And that takes spiritual work and healing. If you could use some help to get there, try the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint. It can support and guide you so you can make progress toward your wonderful and blessed divine union.

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