In the twin flame path, we often talk about the idea of twin flame separation. An intense and often painful period (or periods) where your energies repel and you both physically separate. But is this separation phase mandatory or merely a common pattern?

Do twin flames always separate?

My twin flame and I met nine months ago while travelling. We started to travel together and have been together every day. We don’t fight… everything is just perfect. I also see that separation is one of the stages and everyone talks about it. Is it definitely going to happen? Do we have that in our future?

In our experience, separation is a normal part of the journey but not the rule. The vast majority will experience it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely going to happen.

Twin flame stages are guidelines. Not rules. Every single journey is unique and while some overall principles are universal, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to go through separation.

Don’t Hide from Separation

But don’t cause it either.

twin flame separation

We often look at separation as something wrong or to be avoided, but separation is often an important part of the journey. Sometimes, by trying to avoid it, we can actually slow down the path to a true union.

If you’re happy together, don’t go looking to start a fight. The two of you might have already done enough work to move forward. But please don’t create space between the two of you simply for the sake of avoiding separation.

Separation gives you both the time and space to heal. To prepare for what comes next. To reach true union.

What’s that old clichè… sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

And this stays true for twin flames. Sometimes you need to go through this period of figuring things out before you are ready for what comes next.

All too often, we blame the twin flame runner for not ‘getting it‘ or causing this to happen. But the reality is you are mirrors of each other, so separation happens because neither of you is ready.

Why it Seems Mandatory

We often feel like the separation stage should be mandatory because we often talk about it. It’s such a painful part of the path it can feel all-encompassing. In the last fortnight alone, we’ve covered:

It’s no wonder you might feel like it’s always going to happen. It’s a popular topic in twin flame communities and an incredibly impactful one.

We’ve seen people start to worry because they haven’t been through separation yet. They start to assume it’s going to happen at some point because it’s so prevalent for everyone else.

It might be that separation is in your future. It might be that the two of you are incredibly lucky and you’ve already done enough work in your past lives together. Don’t force it. Go with the flow and follow your intuition.

Find Your Happily Ever After

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