Are you questioning the future of your twin flame connection? Do they always come back? The question is not whether they do or don’t come back. The question is, when do they come back?

Once you embrace the spiritual core truth of your twin flame journey, you’ll understand why and when your twin comes back. 

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Why Do Twin Flames Always Come Back?

The truth is that twin flames can’t really stay away from each other for too long. While you’re in separation, it might seem like it takes a lot of effort to get together and make progress toward your divine union. At least from the so-called chaser’s perspective, right?

If you look at it from the runner’s point of view, staying away from their twin is a constant struggle. Ironically, runners are perhaps the best-suited twins to answer the question: “Are twin flames destined to be together?” Yes, for sure! 

When you were born with a burning desire in your soul to be close to your twin, it’s incredibly difficult to resist it. Sure, you can delay it or slow down the pace here and there. But in your heart of hearts, you always crave their proximity

Part of the reason why twin flames crave their mirror souls so much is that your soul has an energetic memory. Your souls have the same core energy

During one lifetime or another, your souls take on a slightly different vibe, sure. It’s part of your relationship blueprint that you’re working on during that lifetime. But as you go through life and grow, you’re raising your frequencies and getting more and more in tune with each other. 

As that happens, the energy of your souls gravitates toward your mirror soul. Extremely similar frequencies stick together. They attract each other and are magnetic to their equals for sure. 

The more progress each of you makes in your human experiences, the more you grow. And the more you grow, the more your souls long for each other. It’s almost inevitable. 

So it’s not a question of whether or not your twin flame comes back to you or you go back to them. It’s more of a question of when the divine timing and your growth and development make it all happen.

When Do Twin Flames Come Back? 

Every twin flame journey is unique. There’s no fixed timetable in effect. Twin flame journeys are not races. You can’t rush a divine union; only build it one steady step at a time. 

Each twin flame and their divine counterpart can activate different timelines in their journey. But once one of you activates one, the other one has to catch up to that frequency

If your twin was having some issues with a slower timeline, activating a speedier one is not going to lead to a lot of progress with your journey. 

That’s because your twin flame comes back to you, or you go back to them once you’ve made enough spiritual progress to ascend to a higher frequency

Each of you does the growing throughout your 3D experiences. Some of the most triggering events in your life lead to growth and development leaps. It’s not necessarily a comfortable truth, but it is the truth of the twin flame journey. 

The growth and development are a must in order for the separation phase to come to an end. At the same time, the need to get back together with your twin is so strong you might jump the gun one or more times, even. 

That’s why you see those on-again, off-again types of dynamics in twin flame relationships. Those are the cases where the longing won out over the growth process at that particular point in time. It doesn’t mean you won’t make that progress in the near future, though! Don’t get discouraged. 

In fact, you’re jumping the gun because you’re so close to harmonizing with a divine union. This is precisely the moment when you need to focus on your spiritual growth. That’s what will accelerate your progress.

If you’d like some help with that, we’ve put together the Bright Flame Unification Blueprint to help you out. The more you work on growth, the more seeds of growth you plant in your twin’s energy. 

They’ll make the most of those seeds when they’re ready for it. That’s up to their own divine timing when it comes to their growth and development

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What Can You Do To Make Your Twin Flame Come Back

The worst thing you can do is to try to chase a reunion (this is what we talk about when someone asks about twin flames breaking up). That never works. The true return is the one your twin does with their whole heart. What you want to do is to embrace the reunion when it happens.

Don’t worry about when or how your twin is coming back. You don’t want them worrying about when or how you’ll come back to them, either. 

True progress on reunion comes from spiritual growth and development. You work on healing your wounds and clearing your energy. Practice good spiritual hygiene by doing regular energy cleansing, grounding, and charging.  

Try out any spiritual practice you feel called to. Whether it’s praying, using spells, meditation, yoga, or anything in between, try it out. It’s a journey because it involves a lot of exploration of self and the spiritual universe all around you. 

Enjoy the ride. Work on your self-love. When you love yourself, you love your twin. And you love your twin unconditionally. That’s how you need to love yourself. 

When you achieve inner balance, you give a super-boost to your divine union. When you’re in balance with yourself, you’re creating balance with your twin and encouraging your twin’s inner balance at the same time. 

Don’t get discouraged by 3D signs of progress or lack thereof. Remember, you’re on a spiritual journey that involves efforts throughout lifetimes.  Your unbreakable bond is going to achieve divine union. It’s only a matter of growing and divine timing.

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