The twin flame journey is a complex spiritual path. But do both twin flames recognize this journey? Does your twin flame feel what you feel?

Few things are simple on the twin flame path, and not only does awareness vary, but how your twin is going to respond to the awareness will vary too.

But on some level, they do know. They know before you ever physically meet. Your higher selves know the bond you share, and some element of that always filters through. Just often, not as much as we would like.

Can you discuss twin flame concept with your Twin if your not sure whether they know or not?


You Are Probably More Aware

The likelihood is if you are reading this, then you are probably the more spiritually aware twin.

Often one of you awakens before the other on the 3D, and something has brought you this far, at least. Most people have never heard the term twin flame, let alone experienced anything genuinely like that themselves.

But They Know Something

It’s impossible that even the most closed-off twin flame runner doesn’t see that there is something different here.

But this doesn’t mean they’re going to instantly start the same search as you do. Sometimes they’ll try to frame it in a way that makes sense to them, and this can manifest in many different types of ways.

We’ve talked about telling your twin flame how you feel, including the how, when and if you should tell them. Like many things on the twin flame path, giving a one-size-fits-all answer is hard.

telling your twin flame

Discussing the twin flame concept with your twin can be like trying to describe a color they’ve never seen.

They may not have the words to describe it, but they feel the connection. It’s an unseen thread that binds you together, a thread that can’t be broken by doubt or your runner denying the connection.

Why Don’t They See It?

What happens when one twin doesn’t recognize it? Why don’t they see the divine connection that binds them?

The role of the runner is often shrouded in confusion and misunderstanding and it’s important to understand how they feel (even if they don’t understand this themselves). The runner, typically the less spiritually awakened twin, may not immediately recognize the profound nature of the connection they share with their counterpart. This lack of recognition, however, is not a denial of the bond but rather a reflection of their current level of spiritual awareness.

The runner’s inability to see the connection is often rooted in fear and uncertainty.

The intensity of the twin flame connection can be overwhelming, stirring up deep-seated emotions and triggering unresolved issues. This can lead the runner to retreat, seeking refuge in the familiar rather than embracing the transformative power of the twin flame journey.

Implications for the Twin Flame Journey

The runner’s lack of awareness does not halt the twin flame journey; instead, it adds another layer of complexity to it.

It’s a call for patience, understanding, and unconditional love from the chaser, the more spiritually awakened twin. The chaser is encouraged to focus on their personal growth and healing, trusting that their runner twin is also navigating their own path of spiritual awakening, albeit at a different pace.

This isn’t to say you should just sit back and wait. Find the tools that resonate with you (such as twin flame meditation) and you can actively help to manifest your twin flame by guiding them toward the healing and work they need.

Remember, the twin flame journey is not a race but a journey of self-discovery and mutual growth.

The runner’s seeming unawareness is merely a stage in this journey. Over time, as they confront their fears and heal their wounds, they too will come to recognize and embrace the profound connection that binds them to their twin flame.

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