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In the extended reading today, we’re looking at how you can tap into your twin flame’s energy! You can unlock the extended readings (as well as our blueprint to reaching union, access to the community and more right here.

In our twin flame collective reading today, we’re plunging headfirst into the swirling energies around us. Think of it as a roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences.

Kicking things off, the Knight of Wands bursts onto the scene. This card, all about passionate and rapid movement, sets the stage. What grabs our attention next is the Three of Pentacles playing a mirror game – a sign that many of us are walking in each other’s shoes, sharing similar paths.

A Coldplay tune whispers in the background, “Nobody said it was easy,” hitting the nail on the head about our current struggles. It’s a Dark Night of the Soul for some of us. We’re diving deep into soul-searching and introspection. Whether dealing with breakups, reunions, or crossing paths with our divine counterparts, one thing’s clear: we’re growing through the pain.

But wait, “there’s something missing.” This echo hints at a lingering sense of incompleteness in relationships or personal journeys. It’s like we’re all searching for that missing puzzle piece.

Karma’s in the driver’s seat here. It’s not just about reaping what we sow; it’s about learning and evolving from these experiences. Karma isn’t merely about payback; it’s a teacher. And for some, this lesson comes with a heavy price – emotional roller coasters, especially around family and children. These wounds cut deep but are crucial for our growth.

Despite the storm clouds, there’s a silver lining. These trials are milestones on our life’s journey, steering us towards karmic rewards. Yes, the road is bumpy, but it’s molding us, gearing us up for what lies ahead. “All is not lost,” Spirit assures us. This tough phase is just that – a phase. It’s a stepping stone to a place of better understanding, healing, and eventual blessings.

Now, about the advice from Spirit. The Base Chakra card speaks loud and clear. It’s all about staying grounded, finding stability in the eye of the storm. It’s also a friendly reminder to keep our cool, to stay anchored in our power. The message is unmistakable: “Help is on its way.” Whether through spiritual practices, prayers, or connecting with our higher selves and divine counterparts, support is within reach. We just need to open our hearts to it.

The card at the bottom, Rest and Reconsider, tells us to hit the pause button. Amidst the chaos, it’s crucial to take a step back, reflect, and recalibrate. It’s about unwinding and grounding our energy, gearing up for the next chapter of our journey.

So, as we forge ahead, let’s welcome the support and love from our twin flames and the divine. Help is just around the corner. And remember, the journey might be rough, but it’s carving a path to something magnificent – our divine union and the fulfillment of our sacred purpose.

In the extended reading, we’ll take a deeper dive into the energies of the divine feminine and masculine. Until then, sending waves of unconditional love and support your way.

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Blessed be!

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